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Stuck at 6-Figures In Your Real Estate Business?

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Hi, I’m

Jess Lenouvel

If you’re like me, you probably got into real estate for 3 reasons: unlimited income, freedom, and to help people.

I quickly built a 7-figure real estate business. And it was awful.

I got stuck on a hamster wheel, making hundreds of calls a day, sacrificing time for money, which bottlenecked my income potential.

Creating any kind of freedom was impossible because I’d built a golden cage that demanded 24/7 hustle. It actually wasn’t a real business because I had no systems or team to support me.

And because I didn’t scale myself, I became exhausted and couldn’t help people to the best of my ability.

Most of all, I felt ashamed—like an imposter doing it all wrong and disappointing the people closest to me. I wondered if the business was really for me. What I was doing didn’t feel good, but I didn’t know a path forward.

Can you relate?

If so, the good news is it’s not your fault. It’s no accident that so many agents struggle and fail. The model is broken.

We’re taught to pick a zip code and be everything to everyone.

We’re told to cold call for 3 hours a day—who has time for that? We’re taught to call and call and call until that person says, “Okay, I’ll talk to you” or “Leave me alone!”

We’re conditioned to hustle 24/7, door knock, print flyers, and buy billboards with giant pictures of our heads.

It’s super old school, expensive, and inefficient. We treat the industry like we’re still selling vacuum cleaners door to door (but even the vacuum companies don’t do this anymore!)

Imagine if a stranger approached you in the street and said, “Hey, can I kiss you?” You’d probably feel weirded out, right?

Unfortunately, that’s how most agents market themselves today—they try to close the deal without building any kind of long-term connection.

What if I told you that there was another way forward? A better, easier, more strategic path to getting more real estate listings?

It took a lot of trial and error to bring a unique and modern approach to real estate marketing, but eventually, I figured it out.

First, stop being all things to everyone. 35 years ago, my mom picked a niche—real estate for doctors. She completely dominated and never had to prospect again.

Second, shift your mindset: You’re not an agent; you’re a marketer.

After getting my real estate license at 21, I got a giant grey pager. I felt so cool and legit. Imagine if I pulled it out at a party today—would it be effective when everyone else is glued to their smartphones?

The way we communicate has changed. The old tactics worked when there was no internet.

Now, with the internet, you have to leverage where people’s attention is. Social media is one of the easiest free ways to do this; it just has to be done right. And it doesn’t take a lot of work.

While most agents just focus on acquiring the lead, The Listings Lab Method uses a nine-point psychological sequence to transform a stranger into a client using content.

Rather than having 300 one-to-one calls that drain the life out of you, you could make a video that reaches 1000s of people.

People only move every 3-7 years. When you give them a reason to follow you the rest of the time by authentically providing value, you’re always top of mind.

When you become the big fish in a small pond, the result is magical—as people are ready to list their house, there’s no other option but you.

Real estate is like natural selection. The agents who thrive are the ones who adapt. What got you here won’t get you there.

When you become a good marketer, you no longer have to chase and eliminate the competition.

Would you rather chase clients with old-school marketing and stay stressed out on the hamster wheel?

Or do you want to attract clients by working less and finally getting the unlimited freedom, income, and impact you deserve?

Create success without sacrificing freedom
by learning how to leverage the right tools.

When you become the big fish in a small pond, the result is magical—as people are ready to list their house, there’s no other option but you.

Real estate is like natural selection. The agents who thrive are the ones who adapt. What got you here won’t get you there.

When you become a good marketer, you no longer have to chase and eliminate the competition.

Create success without sacrificing freedom
by learning how to leverage the right tools.

The Listings Lab Programs

Regardless of where you’re at in your real estate business, you probably feel overwhelmed, burnt out, stressed, and confused.

Maybe you previously hired a marketing company but got poor results for a high cost.

Secretly, you feel like an imposter. (I’ve been there, and it’s horrible!) You may lack confidence and feel embarrassed because you don’t know what you don’t know. Your business is stuck.

But you’re also excited about the possibility of what you can create.

We firmly believe that with a scalable business model and omnipresent marketing strategy, you can lay the groundwork for a 7-figure business, drive sales, and attract dream clients who will stay loyal.

If you have an open mind, are prepared to put in the effort, work smarter, and show your true self, we’re confident that our programs will change your life, like they have for over a thousand other agents, just like you. Just click below on where your business is at, and we’ll take you to the program that will serve you best.

Stuck at 6-Figures?

The Listings Lab

You’ve built a growing real estate business, congrats! But, despite the grind and stress, your business is not meeting its potential.

Your only source of advice has been the real estate gurus who emphasize hustle, overworking, cold calling, and door knocking. That’s just how the industry is.

But you’re going through the motions, wasting hours a day chasing leads without really knowing where your next deal is coming from. It’s not sustainable. It feels pushy, inauthentic, and annoying. And it only leads to working with clients you don’t like and who don’t respect you.

You know you’re capable of more but don’t have the bandwidth to take on more work.

The Listings Lab is our flagship mentorship and training program. It teaches you how to nurture a consistent lead generation machine (using organic traffic and paid advertising) to scale your revenue exponentially.

We’ll guide you through the whole journey to stay top of mind for your ideal clients and become the biggest name/expert in your market.

You’ll automatically and predictably generate highly qualified leads to quickly scale and stabilize your business beyond $800K/year—all without giving up control of your vision, burning out, or tripling your stress. That way, you can enjoy more freedom and a better lifestyle.

You’ll get a ton of support with weekly group mentorship calls, lifetime access to a private, members-only community, and course content that updates as marketing changes (which is often).

You’ll learn to create powerful relationships at scale, attract strangers to you as their one and only choice to list their home, and leap to 7 figures by working less.

Multi 6- or 7-Figures?

The 7-Figure
Agent Collective

The GCI of your business is at least $200K/year. People may say you’ve “made it,” but you know your business is capable of way more. It’s operating at a fraction of its potential.

You’re still a single agent, or you have a small team that’s ineffective and forces you to wear most of the hats. All your time goes into the business, and you neglect the things you really want.

Shifting from agent to CEO has become a painful struggle. You want to grow and scale your income to multiple 7-figures, but working more is impossible and not even desirable. You’re barely keeping your head above water…it’s only a matter of time before something breaks.

The 7-Figure Agent Collective is a high-level year-long mastermind with 1:1 mentorship that gives you the roadmap to leverage a team of A-Players with proven systems to scale your business beyond 7-figures.

You’ll learn how to build and lead a team and implement systems that handle all the draining stuff you don’t like, so you focus on what you do best.

Build a business you can feel good about and proud of. And win back more free time to focus on the things that matter to you.

Below 6-Figures?

The Accelerated Agent

Maybe you’re new to the business and just spent $5-6K getting your license, so you don’t want to spend even more money on generating leads.

Or you’ve been around for a few years, but your business is stuttering below 6 figures, and you haven’t figured out a way to grow your database.

Perhaps the real estate gurus have told you to door knock or cold call, but it’s not working, scalable, or fun.

Presumably, you’ve tried social media—most of us have a Facebook profile, right? But you can’t figure out how to make it work for your business, or you don’t even know where to start.

You want to grow your revenue, scale your business sustainably, and hit the 6-figure mark, but you want to market in a way that feels good and not pushy or annoying.

The Accelerated Agent will help you narrow in on your niche and leverage social media marketing, mainly Facebook and Instagram.

Using proven psychology strategies, you’ll build long-lasting relationships and attract a consistent flow of your ideal client who is thrilled to work with you. This means you’ll ditch the clients who only work with you if you’re the cheapest or pick up the phone fastest.

You’ll also get a ton of support with monthly group coaching calls and lifetime access to an exclusive Facebook community.

Here Are Some of Our Members Who’ve Grown Their
Real Estate Business Quickly Using The Listings Lab Method

Just got to the airport and about to fly back to Alberta ☺

Its been an intense 4 days and physically I'm exhausted!! Mentally... I feel like I just RECHARGED X 1000.

I'm super pumped my best friend got in board. So excited for her !!

It was a pleasure meeting all of our members. Such incredible, amazing people.

What Ara said... And...

The last few days were fabulous. Jess, you're amazing. Yves and the entire LL team are equally amazing. I've told you that many times and you are leading a revolution within me.

Like a lot of us I've been to the cattle ranch real estate conferences that turn into a giant pushy pitch fest. You create the antithesis of the industry. A deep, connected, rich community of heart centred Realtors.

The last few days were a lot. You gave us so much and I have even more focus to build my online marketing machine.

Handed in my lease termination on my retail office storefront that I also designed and I love the space.

Doesn’t fit with my plan anymore. It was hard to close the office but it’s a big win for a couple of reasons: overhead, safety. Also got a referral and more business from my landlord in the discussion. So a WIN on overhead and more business from my landlord who is letting me out early […]

After one quarter of employment, I can finally and confidently say I made an aligned hire!

Some of y’all know about the drama I had on my team Q1/Q2 of this year. Where I felt like I was the mother of a teenage daughter who wanted to talk back and party too much. Somehow it made me feel like a failure or that my internal “picker” was off or something. MANY […]

I've got a couple of what feel like big wins for me.

I’ve brought on a VA company for transaction coordination, I know I’ll still need someone to do other jobs but I’ve been resisting this for so long that I’m pretty pumped. I’m about a month in and it’s been super fantastic so far. I’ve also ordered a couple of different meals kits to test at […]

My partner agent just got his 5th buyer under contract today since starting in August, a month before I went out on maternity leave.

He closed his first transaction ever yesterday.

Our VA just loaded his very first listing.

It was a bit of a bumpy ride but we got it done.

We just had a huge win.

The meeting this morning I was so concerned about went really well. #1 change is that the agent showed up for his meeting ahead of time. Then he owned his failures, agreed that he needs to and wants to change, and was happy to put a plan in place to make it happen. He is […]

I had a couple wins for me last week.

 I started engaging old leads and looking forward to what that brings. But I also read an entire book last week. I just sat down one day and read the whole thing. Something I used to do prior to real estate but rarely do now. It was for business but I gave myself the luxury […]

LOL!! Well, we have a challenging listing and recently had to have a hard conversation with our clients about reducing the price.

We’ve been on the market for 35ish days and have had over 8 showings and 2 lowball offers. Our clients were very reluctant to reduce the price, but the market was speaking loud and clear. Jeff and I had a conversation with @Ashley and @KaraLee who gave us amazing advice and guidance around language., mindset […]

Can I post a celebration?

@Brooke Rodriguez – Team Kelsey is officially over to the team as founding member, I’m over the moon. She’s the kind of agent I dreamed about having on my team! She’s tenacious, witty, and a natural leader. We are so stoked!

Just want to share something with you guys.

I was dragging my feet through TLL and joined 7FA. Before I starting posting content I had started a new FB page for myself as I have one for my team that has 600 likes. But wanted this one to be just me, so it’s at lke 15 likes as I haven’t invited all my […]

Bravely entering the world of hiring my first admin/ops person.

Down to 4 candidates! And have made some headway on my bigger company vision. Keeping the dream going!

I enjoyed today's MM (my first one). Its so nice to see and hear from other likeminded pros sharing and caring.

It reminds me we aren’t in this alone and all striving for greatness and HARMONY 😉 @Ashley I really appreciated the prompts you shared and made me rethink my branding and website (along with all the other  great tidbits you shared) @Jess you normalize and center me with sound and logical advice and are inspirational […]

My lead buyer's agent just closed on a purchase for a client that is the record residential commission for our office.

Price point $4.3MM!

I'm in Portugal and just finished dinner with my wife. My real estate business is working for me...

Got an email that more eXp stock has been awarded to me because another agent closed a deal Have a team member who helped handle my closing for me today Had another agent in my sponsor group show a place to a buyer and need to write up the offer Coordinated a home inspection from […]

I sold a listing tonight that me over my earned income from 2019.

When I moved to Victoria in March I never imagined that I would pass my income from last year. So grateful for this amazing community and all the support I get from it.

A couple of months ago @KaraLee and I were discussing goals.

I told her that I was going to complete 7 transactions so that I could buy myself a Q7. I completed 6 and have 2 listings that will sell. I’m not much for visualization–my mind won’t stop long enough to focus but I had been reciting “7 Ends – Q7” and guess what?

I have couple wins to share.

This is the first year that I actually hit my GCI goal…and it felt reasonably easy. I have a stretch goal which I came very close to hitting. This past year is the only time where I have been totally “arms open” to coaching, learning and growth and have recognized real change in my mindset, […]

After twisting myself in knots I finally listened to @karalee and hired the VA.

She’s amazing and after 2 days she’s already solved many of my points. Game changer is an understatement… now I’m planning the team expansion. And I swear there’s something magical happening … people reaching out … clients calling …. The perfect houses are appearing. I’m starting to get run off my feet …. love it!!!

It's been a busy week, but I'm stoked!

Converted 2 ad leads. Asked for help on fb ads and how to achieve growth with IG account as per the IG training. Successfully on-boarded the ISA and he’s already converting leads to appts. Successfully TOOK OFF Sunday. AND Successfully on-boarded my second agent. It’s coming together!

I started the 7FA program in about July.

It was my Broker who sent my first hire my way. This second potential one had also come from my broker. The ISA … that’s was a fluke. He was my ISA when I had a lead gen company …. The company closed so he approached me. He was great at converting to appointments so […]

Thank you @karalee for the awesome idea.

The agents loved this!

Here's what's what. @Jess and @Ashley are the center of my world right now!

Four months ago or so I was struggling to make ends meet. There was a panic button and I’d pressed it! These two got on a call with me and spent 75 minutes getting shit right in my head. Following that I’ve focused on getting my ads running but more importantly connecting with my sphere […]

I just hired my first full time admin #confettitime

Big shout out to @Yves.

Thank you so much for your input and time today. So appreciated.

Appreciation post for @Ashley

Who coached me through a doozie this afternoon!!

Props to the one and only @Ashley I've been struggling to get my ads targeted correctly.

I so happened to have my 1:1 with Ashley yesterday. She gave me the run down on this, keyed in on a couple things I was missing then swooped into my ads and made some pretty big changes to the targeting. Today looked at the leads that had come in ad I've gotten 15 new leads on one listing with a cost per lead at $1.78; I've had 5 ok conversations just this morning...

I beat out 39 offers tonight for my buyer client we won!!

I'm so grateful and happy for my clients. @jess I used your advice from the Buzz conference when I was prepping the offer with my buyers - I told them to get ready to set a new record price and be prepared to play to win - sure todays price broke the record but who wants to compete against tomorrows prices!! Thankful we got this one it's tough out there.

We finally sounds an amazing assistant!!!

Yay!!! @Stacey Fulton and I are so excited. I could cry from happiness.

Leaving the venue was hard for me today.

I honestly feel like I need to re-enter into normal society now.

Felt like I was in a different state vibrating higher than normal humans since Tuesday.

Normal tasks seem so mundane. Emails that used to bother me, don't. I'm calm. I'm focused and I don't feel the usual post conference anxiety.

Just paid up all my taxes (finally) and the amount totaled more than my income my first 3 years in this business combined.

F**cking Hooray! Also got the bank draft for a 25k donation to my fav charity from the sale of a home. DAMN THIS FEELS GOOD.

Win / Accountability: I took a little break from my entire business for a few months. I considered it a vacation.

I'm back as of today. I turned my ads back on at 2 PM PST (today); it's now 7:30 PM PST (5 hours).

I've received three DMs with qualifying questions and ONE INCOMING PHONE CALL, and she's getting a lender intro in the AM!

Let's not forget the 13 leads that came in!

I have to share this because it's been a year since I signed up to the Listings Lab.

December 1, 2020, I was exhausted, frustrated, and upset that my Business was running me to the ground. I had the worst year in my business. It wasn't fun anymore. I had demanding clients that I felt I had to cater to and who didn't really see my value...

“Hi! Wanted to share a great weekend win.”

Over 5 years ago I was in a coffee shop with my daughter who was just a few month old at the time. I met a woman who had also just had a baby. We talked for a bit about sleep training and that was it. Two days ago she messaged me on Facebook and asked I could help her family buy their first home...

First firm deal through lead gen.

Out actively with #2.

Listing coming in 2 weeks through content.

New buyer from content on the way.

Couple in the pipeline.

Just finished my email sequence and have a great lead form ad going already.

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The real estate industry still insists that you have to hustle, grind, and struggle to succeed. The old way can still work, but it’s draining, inefficient, and unscalable—leaving you trapped and sacrificing the things you love.

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