10x Thinking For Agents: How To 10x Your Mindset To 10x Your Growth

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If you feel stuck at a certain income level in your real estate business year after year, it likely means you need an entirely new framework to break through to the next level. As I always say, “What got you here, won’t get you there!”

Exponential growth requires exponential thinking. In this post, I’ll share my formula for 10x thinking so you can completely transform your mindset and accelerate your income.

The 10x Framework

If you want to 10x your business, the key is to continuously increase the quality and decrease the quantity of everything you do. Counterintuitively, in order to go ten times bigger, you actually have to do fewer things.

It’s about defining and choosing your own minimum standards, then progressively raising them over time. I like to use bank accounts to illustrate this idea.

Everyone has a number that when you hit it, you feel safe financially. And on the other side of the coin, everyone also has a panic number that motivates you to hustle until you surpass it.

For example, let’s say your average monthly income is $10k. When you hit those $12k months, you feel safe. But when your monthly balance drops to $8k, you scramble to get more business.

No matter your success level, you ride this rollercoaster between two financial milestone numbers. Your goal is to raise both thresholds over time, so your new normal involves bigger projects and income.

There are five big shifts for activating 10x thinking in your business:

1. Think Exponentially

10xing your business is a completely different ballgame than doubling your business.

Recently, I did an exercise with a friend where we wrote out ideas to solve a business challenge.

Our goal was to approach a specific challenge in our business from different angles.

We got out our post-it notes, sat down, and thought about how we would solve the problem if we wanted to double our business revenue over the next 12 months.

We wrote down dozens of potential solutions and ideas.

We then asked ourselves the question, “What would the solution look like if we wanted to 10x our business revenue over the next year?” 

Suddenly, the answer was crystal clear. The 2x ideas were small tweaks and manual tactics. But when forced to come up with  10x ideas, we both arrived at only one solution: completely changing the fundamental business model.

10x thinking will allow you to arrive at solutions you’d never even consider, ones that force you out of your current mode of thinking.

Thinking exponentially unlocks a whole other level. 

2. Preparing for 10X Growth

A crucial aspect of 10X thinking is preparing ourselves and our businesses for the growth we desire. It’s not enough to wish for a hundred new deals if, in reality, you can only handle ten.

Do you have the necessary infrastructure and delivery mechanisms in place to support your goals? If not, it’s time to start building.

3. Embrace the Uncompetitive Space

In the real estate industry, everyone competes at the same level, trying to run faster on the same hamster wheel. But there’s far less competition when you set radically bigger goals than your peers.

Detach from the middle-of-the-pack mentality to enter the wide-open possibilities of the top.

If you aim for 10x while others shoot for 10% growth, you will stand out against the competition.

4. Ruthlessly Eliminate Task Switching

Non-stop task switching annihilates productivity. 

Batch your tasks, limit distractions, and obsessively prioritize your most important money-making projects. Checking your email 100 times kills 10x growth, while deep focus fuels it.

The best part? Achieving a 10x income doesn’t require you to be 10x better at everything. You just need to be 10-20% better in your unique zone of genius. 

5. Ask 10x Questions

One of the best ways to start activating 10x thinking is through the power of 10x questions.

For example:  “What would need to happen to 10x my best year’s GCI?”

 Train your brain to start thinking 10x by asking bold questions:

  • Which niche or market segment could I master and charge a 10% commission?
  • What if I flipped 100 homes a year through a renovation team?
  • How could I sell $500 million in commercial real estate?

These “impossible” questions unlock a new level of creativity, possibility, and vision.

To end this post, here’s a simple exercise you can do to accelerate your 10x growth.

Write yourself a dream cheque for 10x your best year ever OR your highest commission. Place it somewhere visible, even as your phone’s lock screen. (If you don’t have a checkbook, pretend you’re sending yourself a bank transfer of that number and take a screenshot!). 

Use this wild goal as a guide for your daily decisions and habits. Review it constantly as a reminder of the exponential success you’re creating, no matter how improbable it seems in the present moment. 

Your capacity for greatness is far higher than you realize. Past income milestones once seemed impossible too. The sole barrier between present reality and 10xing your business is your own limiting beliefs.

Remember …you have permission to think exponentially bigger.

It’s time to define and systematically raise your minimum standards across the board.

So write down that audacious number, choose the 20% income-producing activities you’ll focus on to fuel your growth, and then detach from scarcity to create your 7-figure real estate business.

Now you understand the core principles of 10x thinking. But growth happens through action, not theory.

The Listings Lab provides the perfect environment to activate 10x growth as a real estate agent. Within our flagship program, you’ll receive:

🔥 A proven framework for predictably generating highly qualified inbound leads. This fuels exponential growth without hustling or sacrificing freedom.

🔥 Permission and support to think exponentially bigger. Surround yourself with other ambitious agents who normalize  10x thinking.

🔥 Tailored mentorship for putting 10x concepts like dominating your niche and creating relationships at scale into practice. 

The Listings Lab is the easiest way to scale your business to seven figures without the hustle or old-school salesy tactics. Implementing these concepts with our mentors at your side maximizes speed, accountability, and results.

Ready to 10x your real estate business?

Apply today to book a call with our team to see how we can help! 

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