The Listings Lab Live Miami - Feb 26, 27, 28, 2024

The most transformative event in Real Estate 

The Listings Lab LIVE Miami


A 3-day Live Event for Real Estate Agents
with Jess Lenouvel

Over 3 days, Jess will guide you through her proven process to scale your business to
7-figures that is in alignment with your vision

...without needing a huge team or becoming a victim to your calendar

February 26, 27, 28, 2024

Miami Marriott Biscayne Bay

Lakeway Resort & Spa, 101 Lakeway Dr., Lakeway, Texas, USA

The Listings Lab Live will give you a custom blueprint to scale your real estate business to


having to work 24/7

With this proven model, your 12-hour work days are behind you. You’ll be able to streamline your days, grow your team with confidence, and leverage the power of automation and systems —so you can stop running around town feeling burnt-out and get back into doing things that will actually grow your business, while having more time and freedom.

Having a gigantic team

You don’t need a huge team to grow a 7-figure business. You need motivated, efficient, skilled people who are enrolled in your vision and excited about helping you grow your revenue and your impact in the community. A few of the right people working towards a common vision is better than a massive team that comes and goes.

making Costly mistakes

Whether it’s partnering with the wrong people, spending tons of money on lead gen companies for terrible leads, or not making the right hire, you don’t have any more time or money to waste. With the right systems and strategy, you can fill “money leaks” and maximize your profit.

Having to chase or hard sell

You should never have to feel like you’re competing for listings, for team members, or for the best clients. And you shouldn’t have to be strongarmed on commission, make a bunch of concessions, or cancel on dinner plans with your family (again) for a client.  By using the right lead generation and nurture strategies, you’ll attract clients that are enthusiastic about working with your team.

doing everything yourself

Being a one-person show is exhausting. Agents get stuck in the trap of thinking that they’re the only people who can run every aspect of their business… which isn’t scalable. You are the CEO of your business, which means your time is better spent on higher level tasks. We’ll show you how to take the genius that’s in your brain and turn it into a repeatable, scalable system that allows you to focus on growth while you can delegate much of the execution.

Real change happens in the right environment

We met Justin Loncaric for the first time when he came to The Lisintgs Lab Live in 2020. For him, it was a last resort for his business and he didn’t know what to expect. He knew he needed something to change, but he didn’t know what or how. 

Those 3 days at TLL Live sparked the change that would lead him to becoming not only a better, smarter business person, but also a happier human being in general. He showed up to TLL Live with $29 in his bank account and the actions that he took at the event for his business allowed him to reach 7-figures within a year… and he has stayed there ever since.

Hear Justin reflect on his journey since then and how he is still finding transformation at TLL Live events now…

...This is your invitation to do things the right way

The Listings Lab Live is THE event for real estate agents who are serious about changing their lives by changing their business.

You’ll get 3 days of actionable, proven, cutting-edge strategies you can implement in your business immediately to start scaling to 7-figures without sacrificing your time and freedom. Because let’s face it… you’ve already sacrificed a lot. You got into this business to have an impact on the lives of others, yes… but also because you wanted more. More freedom. More income. More time to spend doing what you love with the people you love.

At The Listings Lab Live, you’ll get in-person coaching and exclusive access to never-before-seen strategies on what’s working in real estate marketing right now. There is no “fluff” here; just tactical, actionable strategies you can use to grow your business.

TLL Live is designed to help you build the business of your dreams...

One where you have financial freedom, where you have the freedom to take time off to enjoy your life WITHOUT the fear of your business going up in flames.

You get to build your business based on YOUR unique vision… and we’re there to guide you through the steps on how to do that. At TLL Live you’ll discover so much more about your own business and uncover holes and gaps you never knew existed. You’ll leave with a PLAN—a plan to grow your company, grow your brand, and most importantly achieve your VISION of 7-figures…without becoming a captive to your business.

At TLL Live, we want to SEE you take action - not just consider it

You know how you’ve attended real estate events before and you get all amped up? …and then two weeks later you’re back to your old tricks? Here’s the thing… A lot of real estate events don’t give you everything (or often, nothing at all) you need to ACTUALLY make things happen. They give you just enough to consider making a change in your business. But not the NEXT STEPS.

We’re committed to not letting that happen.

Consistent Action is one of the most important parts of growing to 7-figures.
You won’t just leave TLL Live on day 3 with notebooks full of strategies that end up collecting dust on a bookshelf. You’ll actually implement some of what we teach DURING the event so that by the time you leave, you’ll have ALREADY started to set the foundation. We want to see change happen in that very room…

That way, you’re building on momentum. The hardest part is starting, and we want to make sure you’re not starting when you get home, you’re continuing on the massive action you’ve already taken.

By the end of The Listings Lab Live, you’ll finally know how to build the business that you've always wanted WITHOUT burning out, having a huge team, or sacrificing your time and freedom

Imagine it's New Year's Eve... The last day of 2024...

“I’m in The Listings Lab and to go through the process and
learn so much from you guys and to meet you guys in
person, I knew it was going to be life
changing and I couldn’t resist it!”
Felicia Harvey

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The Listings Lab Live isn't your average real estate event...
It's so much more.

Real growth doesn't just come from business strategy… It's much more personal

Odane and Justin attended TLL Live events in 2023 and they were impacted and inspired on a deeply personal level…

At The Listings Lab Live, we focus on equipping
you to grow in 6 key areas:

Vision and Leadership

So many agents build themselves a golden cage – a business that does well but leaves them feeling trapped. Your business should be a vehicle to get to the life you’ve always dreamed of. In this section, we’ll focus on setting a powerful, connected vision for your life and share the process to get down to the actions that you need to take in the next 90 days to start making that far off dream a reality and help you show up as a leader in your business and for your eventual support team.


This is, by far, the most important (and underestimated) pillar in real estate. If you’re not in the right headspace, getting to 7-figures is going to be a struggle. Your mind is the one driving the car, helping you come up with ideas, but it’s controlled by its limits on what it thinks is possible. We’re going to show you how to rewire your brain for high performance and make the business of getting to 7-figures feel easy.

Clients and Services

You cannot be the end-all, of your business. If you are, there’s no path to scaling. But don’t panic if that’s currently you! We’re going to show you how to take what you do and turn it into a repeatable, scalable service that makes working with you and your team (if you have one) a no-brainer and allows your team members’ individual expertise to shine!

Team and Operations

Making sure you build out the systems and process in the back end of your business will literally create more time and freedom. Hiring, firing, and understanding how the team should be scaled at a high level is the foundation of being able to execute a systemized plan of action. When you create systems that are unlimitedly scalable, the business also becomes unlimitedly scalable… so that’s what we’re going to show you how to build. A business without a ceiling that doesn’t need more and more of your time.

Lead Generation

You need high-quality leads that come to you, are excited about working with YOUR team, and don’t price shop or take six months to make a decision. We cover how to build out that “know, like, and trust factor” in your online marketing so that your leads are sold on you BEFORE you even meet.


So you have someone in front of you (or your team member does)… now what do you do? We’re going to talk about sales conversations in the many ways that they happen now: phone, email, messenger, text, etc. Being able to create rapport is the easy part… getting pen to paper takes more than just a relationship. Being able to understand the psychology of each conversation and how to ethically influence it for the right outcome for both parties is a skill that you and everyone on your team should have.

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Here’s just a fraction of what you’ll walk away with…

The Listings Lab Live is a rare opportunity to spend 3 Days with Jess Lenouvel building the foundations you need to reach 7-figures

The strategies that Jess and her team will be teaching at The Listings Lab Live are the same stategies that she used to scale her own real estate business to multiple 7-figures and become one of the top teams in her market. Jess has taught these methods to thousands of agents that have implemented them to profoundly change their own businesses and lives. 

Jess Lenouvel is an author, speaker, media contributor, and founder of The Listings Lab. She has spoken on some of the biggest stages in Real Estate and is a sought after marketing expert that trains brokerages around the world.

TLL Live Austin - Event Details

November 13, 14, 15, 2023

Lakeway Resort & Spa

101 Lakeway Dr, Lakeway, TX 78734 USA

Reservations: 844-822-2621

Direct: 512-261-6600

There are only 150 total spots available

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Frequently Asked Questions

As there is limited seating, all attendees must pay for their seat. However, you can e-mail us at about our ‘bring a friend’ promotion and we’ll be happy to help you.

The majority of attendees will be staying onsite at Lakeway Resort and Spa. Please contact them directy to arrange your accommodation.

If booking before Oct 26th, we have a special room rate for the event. Click here

YES! She’ll be in the room the entire event and will be presenting for almost it’s entirety. Along with Jess, her team of expert coaches and implementers will be available to everyone.

And the whole event will be highly interactive, with in-depth training, hands-on experience, laser-focused coaching, hot seats, group shares, and networking. These days, it costs $15K a day to work with Jess—and you get to spend 3 days learning from her at a fraction of the cost. And she loves doing as much laser-focused coaching as possible throughout the event.

As a part of your ticket price, a Breakfast, lunch, snacks, and coffee/water throughout the day is included daily. You’ll be free to go to dinner with other attendees as you like.

Each day starts at 10am and ends between 6-7pm.

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