5 Currencies To Leverage When Growing Your Real Estate Business

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In the fast-paced world of real estate, I see so many agents rushing. 

They’re always looking for the next thing. The next lead, the next client, the next big deal. 

But running your business from a place of chasing the next big thing is a surefire way to burnout. 

Want to build a legacy? A business that thrives year after year? Then it’s time we talk about these five important currencies and how to truly leverage them.

And no, when I say currencies, I’m not just talking about money.

Too many agents chase dollars while neglecting the other four vital currencies required for growth. 

Ready to deep dive into the five currencies to create lasting real estate success? Let’s get started.

Currency #1: Money

At face value, money might seem like the most important currency to acquire. 

We all want more money, right?

While yes – money is absolutely vital because it allows us to build, grow, and maintain our businesses – it’s surprisingly the least important currency on the list.


Because you can always make more money. 

Money is replaceable. 

It’s not about how much money you spend. How you invest and leverage money determines its real value in your business.

Money is simply a tool. It can allow us to make big moves in our business, but it’s not the most precious resource out of the five. 

Currency #2: Time 

Moving on to the second, more fragile resource – time.

Time is finite, making it one of the most valuable assets.

But despite being the most precious currency, many real estate agents don’t treat it as such. Instead, they waste their time away in an attempt to make more money.

Unlike money, time has an expiration. You can’t replenish it once spent. 

And while yes, you can leverage your team’s time, there are constraints there, too. 

It’s so important to manage and utilize your time effectively, and that includes being respectful of your team’s time as well. It’s your most fragile asset, treat it as such.

The most successful people in real estate understand that time is a precious commodity. They know they must use it wisely to build momentum and reach their business goals.

Currency #3: Audience 

The third currency is audience.

When I say audience, I’m talking about building an audience online.

Building an audience reduces the need for continuous pitching, which saves you valuable time.

So many agents spend their days trying to ‘convince’ people to work with them.

Growing an online audience solves this problem.

Instead of trying to ‘find’ leads and pitch them, you start having people reach out to you asking how they can get on your calendar. 

However, audiences can also be fragile. It takes years to build a dedicated audience. And once you do – it can be easy to damage this valuable asset. If you build an audience only to stop posting consistently, or you accidentally create content for them with the wrong messaging – you can quickly ruin the trust you’d taken years to build.

Another important factor to consider when building your audience is where you build one. 

Sure, social media platforms are incredibly important, but they’re not the only place you should be focused on when building an online presence.

At the end of the day, you don’t own your audience on Instagram or Facebook. Meta does. 

This is why it’s so crucial to build an audience you actually own.

The best way to do this is through email.

So build an audience on social media, but make sure you’re also directing those people to get on your email list. 

When you build an engaged audience, you’ve created a valuable currency that no one can take away from you. 

Currency #4: Influence

An audience is great, but without influence, it’s nearly useless. 

Does your audience trust you? Do they respect you? Do they listen to you and engage with you?

If you can’t answer yes to all of those questions and you’re still building up your influence – it’s alright. 

Building an influence takes time. It takes commitment. It takes consistency. 

You can gain an audience overnight with one viral message, but acquiring influence is a different story. 

Focus on building trust and respect with your audience if you want to have a real impact. 

Unfortunately for most agents, this is something that a lot of people in the real estate industry tend to neglect. 

Rather than focusing on building trust with their clients, they’re using their social media platforms as billboards.

They’re posting an endless stream of “just listed, just sold” posts, they’re posting their business cards, or they’re posting aesthetic pictures of kitchens.

None of this does anything to create true influence.

Even if these strategies worked in the past, there are too many agents on the scene for them to work now.

Moving into the future, the agents who will see the most success are the ones who go all-in on building personal brands. 

Anyone can throw money at advertising. But only a few can develop a genuine rapport with their audience. 

What’s more important than marketing spend is how much your audience trusts you. How engaged are they? Do they feel like they have a true connection with you? Or do they just feel like they’re being sold to? 

These are the kinds of questions you need to be focusing on.

If you want to build that like, know, and trust factor with your audience – make sure you’re not just sharing real estate content, but giving them a glimpse into your life, too.

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Currency #5: Knowledge & Experience

This currency is all about the expertise you’ve gained over the years. 

If you’re a newer agent, this is one currency you’re going to need to work hard on to develop.

This isn’t just about years in the game; it’s about evolving, adapting, and staying ahead of the curve.

Something I always ask clients who’ve been in the industry for a long time is this:

Do you really have 30 years of experience? Or do you have one year of experience, repeated thirty times?

Because the harsh truth is that if you’re not learning, growing, and innovating, you’re not building expertise.

What worked ten years ago doesn’t work anymore.

And being just another agent who does exactly the same thing as everyone else isn’t going to cut it in the future.

There are too many people in real estate to find success as a cookie-cutter agent.

Instead, clients are looking for agents who are providing specialized services.

Having specialized knowledge that you develop into a signature real estate system is going to be infinitely more powerful than having experience as a general realtor. 

So now you might be wondering…

How do all of these five currencies fit together? 

Money might be the first pillar, but it doesn’t end there.

Money gives you the freedom to start leveraging your time and building an audience, further developing your influence and gaining new knowledge and experience.

All of these currencies are interconnected. 

They fuel one another in a continuous cycle. 

Now, the main question I have to ask you is this:

Which of these currencies are you currently focusing on in your real estate business?

If you’re overly focused on one currency but not the other, there might be room for improvement.

For example, I used to be fixated on money alone, like so many other people.

But when I discovered and respected all five of these currencies, my business actually grew extremely quickly. 

And not only that, but my life improved and my relationship with myself actually improved, too.

Don’t fall into the trap of getting into business and then treating time as your lowest priority. 

Unsuccessful people spend time to save money.

Successful people spend money to save time.

But recognizing this principle and putting it into practice are two different things.

What if I told you there’s a way to bypass years of trial and error?

What if you had a proven roadmap to get to 7 figures instead of simply throwing spaghetti at the wall?

What if you could invest in strategic mentorship so you can finally stop wasting away your most valuable asset: your time?

Your success in real estate isn’t just about hard work – it’s about strategically leveraging the right currencies.

And we teach you how in The Listings Lab.

Imagine a future where instead of scrambling for leads, you have them come to you, freeing up hours in your day. It’s not just a pipedream —it’s what happens when you follow a purposeful plan that not only gives you leads but time back on your calendar, too.

Want to get access to our proprietary system for building an ease-filled, 7-figure real estate business?

Book a call with our team here to see if the program is right for you.

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