5 Elements To Include In Your Real Estate Agent Instagram Bio

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An appealing Instagram bio and compelling profile are one of the most important parts of any agent’s Instagram strategy.


Because you only have three seconds to gain that follower.

Let’s say your ideal client stumbles upon a piece of content that you create. They might think to themselves, “Woah, that was good stuff. I’m going to go check out what they’re all about!”

From there, it’s just a matter of seconds before they decide whether or not you’re worth the follow.

The reality is, that 95% of the real estate agent Instagram profiles I come across are incredibly vague. And unfortunately, there’s a ton of copying in the space, meaning everyone’s sort of profile kind of blends together!

Getting your profile set up the right way is crucial because if it’s not done properly, a bad profile could sabotage your content creation efforts.

You could be creating the most *amazing* content – that’s getting shares and saves from new eyes! But if they click back to your profile and they’re not sold, they’re going to think your post was just a one-hit-wonder.

You want to make sure your real estate agent Instagram bio and overall profile is:

  • Clear
  • Coherent
  • Specific
  • And not too sales-y!

Common Real Estate Agent Instagram Bio Mistakes

Often, people’s profiles tend to swing to one end of the spectrum.


  1. A) their profile is vague that you’re not even sure what they do.


  1. B) their messaging is so in your face and sales-y that it actually repels ideal clients.

We want to avoid both of those scenarios!

5 Key Elements For Your Instagram Real Estate Bio & Checklist

To do so, make sure to include these five elements in your Instagram bio and profile to attract your ideal clients like wildfire.

Choose A Compelling Photo

The very first thing to consider is your Instagram profile picture. Of course, you want this to be a photo of YOU!

Not a logo. 

Remember, people buy from people. Make sure you’re presenting yourself as a human being rather than as a faceless company. 

Choosing a logo will feel very corporate and cold. Social media is all about SOCIAL networking, so showcase the humans behind the brand. Even if you’re a team/brokerage, showcase photos of the founder and team in both the profile picture, highlights section, and on your grid to build that connection. 

Follow these tips when it comes to your Instagram profile photo:

  • Make sure your head is centered/not cut off
  • Choose a photo where you’re smiling (not scowling!)
  • Choose an image that makes you look approachable. While headshots are nice, you don’t want to look SO polished and done up that you don’t seem authentic. 

This is the first impression your potential client has with you, so make it count!

Include The Proper Keywords & Messaging in Your Bio

Firstly, you want to make sure that you’re including the word “Realtor” in your bio, as well as the area you’re servicing.

This is important for two reasons:

  1. Because we want people to immediately understand what you do.
  2. Because often people will use the “search” function on Instagram – and we want to make sure that your profile comes up if they’re looking for a realtor in your area.

Secondly, you want to make sure that you’re using an “I help” statement.

You want to make sure that you’re treating your Instagram profile like an entrepreneur…not an influencer. Which means making it crystal clear how you support your ideal clients. 

You can use this format for your “I help” statement: I help [Ideal Client] in [Region] achieve [RESULT].

For example – “I help luxury sellers in NOLA sell their mansions for millions”

If that was your niche, your ideal client would immediately know they’re in the right spot, you’re qualified to help them, and hitting that “follow” button would benefit them. 

Remember, your profile is more about your client than you!

Include A Helpful CTA In Your Instagram Bio

If someone lands on your profile and they like what they see, we want to make sure that we’re giving them a clear next step. 

How can a follower take that next step and learn more about your services?

Having an enticing CTA (call to action) is what turns your Instagram profile into a profitable sales funnel.

Some ideas for CTAs could be:

  • Booking a free consultation
  • Downloading a free guide
  • Consuming long-form content (like a blog or podcast)

Whatever’s going to entice your follower to click through and deepen the relationship with you!

Make sure you avoid putting a very general CTA, like checking out your website. We want to make sure we’re funnelling our followers to a direct location. 

Bonus points: You can embed your Facebook pixel on the link that you choose. This will include a tracking code so you can eventually retarget those people down the road! 

Perfect Your Instagram Highlights

The Instagram highlights section is probably one of the most under leveraged features by so many agents.

When you set up your Instagram highlights properly, it can actually act as a sales sequence. 

Your highlights can take your new followers on a journey, and help convert them from a follower to a fan.

Here are the specific Instagram highlights you want to include to attract more ideal clients: 

  • Your story: What’s the story behind your brand? How did you get started as an agent? Give your new followers a quick intro/backstory so they can learn more about you. 
  • Mini trainings: this is all about showcasing the value you give your clients and demonstrating your knowledge & expertise. 
  • Social proof: this could be testimonials, case studies, or screenshots from happy clients. It could also be media features – anything that showcases you as an authority or demonstrates the results you get your clients!
  • Your methodology: What’s your process for getting clients’ results? What makes you different from other agents? Outline your method for helping clients get from A to B. 
  • Personal/fun: We don’t want to only post about business 100% of the time. This is the highlight where you can show the human side of your brand. Think travel, your favorite restaurants, your family, hobbies, pets – whatever makes you, YOU!

When you take the time to properly set up your highlights, you’ll have a 24/7 sales sequence that’s always working to nurture your new followers!

Your real estate agent Instagram bio and profile is one of the most important marketing tools. It’s where you’ll make a first impression on your potential clients and encourage them to take the first step in a hopefully long and fruitful relationship with you!

So make sure you’re properly optimizing your profile by adding in all these key elements for Instagram success.

Want more tips on mastering Instagram as an agent? 

Read this post on Instagram for real estate agents and our top do’s and dont’s!

And if you want more tips on how to build your real estate marketing machine, our Listings Lab Method Guide will teach you how to fill your calendar with appointments without manual prospecting or sleazy tactics. Download it here. 

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