From Overwhelmed to Thriving: How Alex Took Back Control of Her Real Estate Business

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Have you ever neglected your personal life because you’re SO consumed with building your real estate business?

I’ve seen this so many times…

Agents believe that ‘sacrifice’ is just part of the real estate game.

They believe that something’s got to give.

You can’t really have the thriving relationship, loving family, hobbies that fill your cup, AND a fulfilling business – can you?

If you’ve ever thought like this, let me tell you, it’s totally possible.

You just have to decide that you’re done putting your personal life on the back burner. 

With the right systems, team, and mindset, you can break free from overwhelm and grow your business without sacrificing the things you love.

Acurrent member of our 7-Figure Agent program who showcases this possibility is Alexandra Cote. 

During her time in 7FA, Alex transformed from a solo agent stuck on the hamster wheel of hustle, to a fulfilled, successful team leader – in less than one year.

If you’ve ever felt like you can’t grow without burning out, read on to learn more about Alex’s inspiring story of growth and regaining her freedom and happiness. 

Where She Started: The All-Consuming Hustle

The real estate rollercoaster pushes many agents to their breaking point. 

It can feel like you’re endlessly chasing the next deal. Even if you’re successful on paper, behind the scenes you feel overwhelmed and burned out.

Alex reached this painful moment after a season of rapid growth in her business. Without support systems or clear boundaries in place, she was drowning in non-stop work.

“I was just so depressed, anxious, miserable,” Alex shares. “I was working for my business instead of my business working for me. I had no time for anything that wasn’t work-related.”

She was constantly cancelling on her friends, had no time to date, and barely had the energy to pick up the phone and call her mom. 

Though grateful for her momentum, the unsustainable pace left Alex feeling hopeless. She knew drastic changes were needed but felt unsure where to start.

After a particularly tough week, Alex took a leap of faith and invested in mentorship by joining our 7 Figure Agent Collective program.

At this point, she was nearly at her breaking point.

She knew she needed a roadmap to build the sustainable business she was craving, and was ready to dive in.

Laying the Foundation

When Alex first joined 7FA, her business lacked the systems required to support her continued growth. She started working through the curriculum and implementing efficient systems, processes and automations. This solid foundation paved the way for Alex to start building out her team.

Alex knew she needed help, but she was completely lost on the ‘how’ when it came to growing a team of A-Players.

She got coached on everything from hiring processes to interviewing and even team contracts. Within less than a year, Alex went from being a solo agent to having a team of five.

Strategic hires included agents as well as a rockstar administrative assistant [LINK TO ADMIN BLOG] 

With a skilled team in place, Alex is now able to focus on high-impact activities such as sales, leadership, and growth strategy. She no longer has to spend her time bogged down in administrative tasks and day-to-day operations.

Mindset Mastery

Scaling from solo agent to team leader brought up some serious imposter syndrome for Alex. She questioned if she had what it took to confidently lead others. Throughout 7FA, Alex got coached on her limiting beliefs to truly embody her inner leader.

First, she released the false idea that achieving her professional goals required sacrificing personal priorities.

Through the program, Alex saw firsthand examples of other agents thriving in both areas – personal AND business. They were building profitable businesses while still making time for family, relationships and self-care.

Previously, she’d thought she would never be able to be a parent while running a business. The two seemed incompatible. 7FA gave her a proven roadmap and tangible examples of other agents making it happen.

Once she realized her dream life and business was possible, Alex chose to lean into her big goals. When confronted with a daunting gap between their current reality and dream business, many agents retreat in fear. Not Alex.

She committed to making her ambitious vision a reality through bold, consistent action.

Real Results

In under 12 months, Alex’s annual GCI grew from around the low 6 figures to being on track to hit 7 figures. She was even able to make a $25K donation to her local food bank.

Alex is thrilled about the financial wins – and the impact they’ve allowed her to create in her community.

But what she values most?

It’s her reclaimed sense of freedom and fulfillment since joining 7FA.

After implementing our proven system for growth, Alex no longer feels like she’s crushing under the weight of her business. She’s able to breathe again. 

Instead of ignoring phone calls from her mom because she’s too busy to pick up, she’s now able to enjoy leisurely family vacations.

Instead of working until 10 p.m, Alex makes time for self-care and has time for her friends again.

And instead of telling herself she was too busy to date, Alex freed up her time and was able to meet her life partner.

She’s the happiest she’s ever been – and it’s all because she has a business that supports her life. Not a life that serves her business. 

Alex’s story shows that you CAN have it all… a thriving business and a rich personal life. Her transformation is proof that with grit, strategic action and support, there’s no limit to what you can achieve.

Do you want to read more success stories like Alex’s?

Learn more about incredible members by checking out our member success stories or watching our member interview series on YouTube! 

And if you’re ready to become our next greatest transformation story, apply for The Listings Lab here to get you started on the path to 7 figures, sustainably. 

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