Want To Build A Real Estate Team? Here Are 5 Mindset Shifts For Agents Looking To Outsource

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If you want to create a 7-figure real estate business, hands down, one of the most important things you can do is start to build a real estate team. 

You can’t be a one-person team forever. That will eventually lead to realtor burnout, and that’s the last thing I want for you!

If you’re ready to experience true time and financial freedom, creating a powerful real estate team is the path to get you there.

Trust me, I know from my own experience how you might be feeling about outsourcing and team growth. You might have some serious resistance when it comes to bringing on new team members into your business. 

Maybe you’ve even tried in the past and the experience was less than stellar.

If that’s the case, don’t let your past hold you back from the bright future that awaits!

I had to do some serious self-growth to unlearn many of the beliefs that held me back from building a real estate team. So today, I want to take you along that journey and share some helpful strategies and mindset shifts so you can go from a solo agent to powerful real estate CEO.

Let’s get into it!

Identify The Patterns And Stories That Are Keeping You Stuck 

One of my favorite things about entrepreneurship is that it’s a catalyst for self-growth and personal development. 

Often, if you’re plateauing in your business, it’s not just about your business strategy.

There’s most likely a pattern you’ve formed throughout your life that’s showing up and holding you back in your business. 

If you want to get to the next level, you have to commit to breaking your patterns. 

One of the best ways to do this is through journaling. Ask yourself what stories you might be telling yourself that are preventing you from taking that next step to build a real estate team.

For me, the story that held me back for years was the idea that I was a “lone wolf”. 

I told myself that the fact I could do it all on my own was one of my biggest strengths. I liked being self-sufficient, and always in control.

But in reality, these tendencies were my biggest downfall.

They were simply stories I was telling myself as a safety mechanism. Because deep down, I was too afraid to trust anyone else. 

I believe that so many agents subconsciously hold themselves back because they’re terrified of having to be responsible for other people. 

As a solo agent, if you fail, the only person you have to answer to is yourself. 

Building a real estate team can feel scary – because all of a sudden, your business is bigger than just YOU.

You’re responsible for other people’s livelihoods

You’re responsible for the future of the company

You’re responsible for making decisions that will be in everyone’s best interest 

As the leader of the ship, you open yourself up to feedback or criticism that you wouldn’t hear if you decided to stay a solo agent. 

And yes, keeping your business small can feel good. It feels comfortable. 

But sooner or later, you’ll hit a wall.

And if you ever want to grow past your plateau, you need to decide to take control and change the narrative around hiring.

Stop Blaming Your Circumstances and Take Control 

While in the beginning, you might be able to handle running the show solo, you will quickly be headed to realtor burnout.

Pretty soon, the pride you once felt for being able to ‘do it all’ will turn into exhaustion within your business.

I know, because I was 100% there.

I got to a point where I was so busy doing all the things that I was stressed, unhappy, and falling out of love with my business.

And I know many others who have been in the same boat.

But here’s what most people do when they reach this point…

They blame their burnout on circumstances OUTSIDE of themselves.

They’ll blame it on person A or client B. They’ll say it’s just the nature of their business. There will always be a reason or a circumstance for why they just HAVE to be this busy. 

But the truth is the only person responsible for burning you out is YOU.

If you’re addicted to being superwoman, to having everything fall on your shoulders – you’ll never experience the true freedom that comes with building a real estate team. 

Decide on Your Business Vision and Commit To Getting There

You have to get honest with yourself and ask yourself the tough questions if you want to get to the next level.

What kind of business will best serve you?

What kind of lifestyle do you truly desire?

What kind of person do you want to be?

What kind of patterns do you need to break to become that person?

What do you need to work through to get to the next level?

Digging deep within yourself to find these answers is what you need to do if you’re truly ready to grow.  

Building a real estate team is about so much more than just figuring out a hiring strategy and learning how to onboard team members.

You need to truly commit to building a big, scalable business that will let you live out your wildest dreams.

Once you know in your heart that you’re ready to build that business, you’ll have no choice but to go out and find the humans that will help you build it.

Learn To Let Go and Trust Your Team 

When you first start to build a real estate team, it’s not going to be easy. If you have deep-rooted patterns of constantly trying to control and micromanage, to always be in the driver’s seat…letting go will feel scary.

But trust me, it’s one of the BEST things you will ever do (for your life and business).

In the beginning, I really struggled with letting go of the reigns.

You have to train your team. You have to invest in them. You have to let them make mistakes and grow and learn.

It might feel uncomfortable if you’ve been operating as a solo agent for ages. You might be falling into mindset traps such as “no one can do it as good as me!” or, “if I don’t constantly check-in, someone’s going to mess something up and my business will fall apart!”

But remember, these are just stories.

Learning to let go was the hardest thing I’ve ever done.

But now, years later, I have a team that I trust fully. 

If you’ve been in my community or programs, chances are you’ve interacted with my team. They’re truly incredible.

But getting to that point in my business where I have a powerhouse team I can lean on for support was no coincidence.

I had to decide that I was going to choose growth. 

I had to decide that I was no longer going to play small and hold myself back. 

I had to decide to fully embody that next-level version of myself.

And to do all that, I had to be willing to let go, to lean into the discomfort, and to choose growth over staying stagnant…every single day.

Lean Into Fear

In this process of learning how to let go and trust others, there will be moments that seriously test you.

There will be moments when you’re filled with fear, and you want to choose comfort so badly. 

Keep going.

You need to choose the future of what you’re building over the fear.

Often, when that feeling of fear bubbles up in our stomach, we think it’s a sign to stop.

But fear is not a red light. In my mind, fear is more like a yellow light. 

The way I see fear is like a barrier. I need to get through in order to reach the other side.

Fear is essentially your ego telling you, “I want to stay where I am now!”

But the people that create amazing things in their lives are the ones who choose NOT to listen to that voice, and instead rise above their fears.

Your brain is designed to look for threats and keep you alive. That primal fear you feel in your body comes from a time when, as humans, we weren’t safe. 

The part of your brain that activates when you make a scary business decision is the same part that got activated when we were being chased by a saber-tooth tiger hundreds of years ago.

We have evolved, but our brains still feel fear in the same way.

You have to remember…

You are safe now. And it is SAFE for you to grow.

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