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One of the BEST social media platforms you need to be leveraging as a real estate agent is Facebook.

Everyone’s on Facebook, so it’s a great way to build connections, showcase your expertise, and get people in your network reaching out to you.

But while Facebook can be a powerful marketing tool, a lot of agents don’t know how to properly leverage it. They might post on the platform, but they get barely any traction.

It’s not that Facebook isn’t good for realtors. It’s that you don’t know how to use it successfully to reach potential clients. 

In this post, I’ll show you how Facebook works, including the big differences between using your personal and business profiles. I’ll share some easy tricks to improve your reach, how to avoid common Facebook mistakes realtors make, and ultimately get way more out of Facebook as a realtor.

The Limitations of Facebook Business Pages For Realtors

Have you tried to use your Facebook business page in the past, but felt discouraged because your posts got barely any reach? 

You’re not alone. 

While having a low reach on your Facebook business page can be frustrating, there’s a good reason for it. 

Facebook is a business, and when you create a business page, you’re essentially telling Facebook “Hey, I’m a business too.” 

And what do businesses do? They pay each other for advertising and visibility.

In short, Facebook really wants you to pay for promoted posts and ads on your business page. It’s a bit of a ‘pay to play’ game. 

That’s why the organic reach on the platform can be so crappy.

So instead of getting disheartened by the platform’s reach, here’s how I choose to look at things.

I view my Facebook business pages like a secondary website. You absolutely need one, and it’s where your ads live if you’re running paid ads. But don’t expect much organic reach and engagement.

For example, even though I have over 300,000 followers across all of my social and marketing platforms, my Facebook business page only has around 10,000 likes. Facebook restricts organic business page reach to nudge you towards paying for ads. 

So if the reach on your business pages is so low, what’s the solution?

It all comes down to knowing how to leverage your personal profile on Facebook.

Maximizing Your Personal Facebook Profile As A Realtor

A lot of realtors are seriously underutilizing their personal Facebook profile.

But when you take the time to properly optimize your Facebook personal profile, it can act as a mini sales funnel for your real estate business. 

If you’ve seen my “3 Steps to Getting Consistent Clients from Social Media” training, you know exactly how to set up your personal profile for success. 

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Posting regularly on your personal profile will give you the absolute best organic reach, especially because you already probably have so many friends and connections there.

Don’t have a lot of Facebook friends? Remember, Facebook allows up to 5,000 connections. If you’re not reaching that limit, consider it an opportunity to organically nurture and connect with more people on a platform that offers significant visibility.

A strategic personal Facebook profile can be huge for organic relationship-building. In fact, we have members who have tripled their business solely from optimizing their personal Facebook profiles. 

Don’t overlook this free tool!

Avoid This Most Common Facebook Mistake

Here’s one of the biggest Facebook marketing mistakes I see agents making.

They’re using Facebook as a tool to promote other content they’re making.

Maybe they have a blog, a YouTube channel, or even a podcast.

So they’ll post something like, “I just published a new YouTube video – click here to watch!” and then their post tanks and gets almost no reach.

Here’s why – Facebook and YouTube are competitors.

When you post a YouTube link on Facebook, you’re driving traffic OFF of Facebook’s platform.

So Facebook tanks the reach of those kinds of posts, instead favoring posts that keep you on the platform longer.

This applies to any links off of Facebook – your website, YouTube, etc. Facebook wants you to stick around longer to view more ads, so it restricts the reach of posts that drive external traffic. 

You’ve got to think strategically about how Facebook wants you to use it if you want to maximize your visibility on the platform. 

Another big mistake realtors make?

Posting about complaints and venting on their personal profile. This could be about anything, from bad customer service to issues with companies and overall frustrations.

That stuff is way better suited for something like Twitter, not for converting warm prospects on Facebook. The last thing you want is for people to associate complaining and negativity with your brand.

So instead, keep the content on your personal page focused on just 3 buckets: authority, personal, and social proof content.

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Be very mindful of what you’re sharing on Facebook as a realtor, and don’t post anything that would taint your brand’s reputation. 

When you prioritize strategies like this to increase optimization, you’ll increase your reach and engagement on the platform, so you can generate more business off Facebook. So use your Facebook business page as a secondary website—don’t expect great organic reach. Leverage your personal profile for organic relationship-building with potential prospects and leads. And avoid common pitfalls like links away from Facebook or indulging in negativity.

Making these simple Facebook tweaks as a real estate agent will get your content and messaging in front of way more qualified prospects.

Want to learn more about how you can leverage Facebook – and other social media platforms – to fill your calendar with appointments and become the go-to agent in your market?

Then download The Listings Lab Method Guide for free to start signing more clients through social media marketing.

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