Should You Hire A Real Estate Closer? Here’s The Number One Sign You’re Ready

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Have you considered hiring a real estate closer or salesperson for your team – but fear is holding you back?

  • Maybe you worry they won’t be able to close leads at the same rate you will
  • Maybe you’re scared hiring will dip into your bottom line, diminishing your profits
  • Or maybe you’re just overwhelmed with the belief that it would be impossible to step away from sales. 

The reality is, there is a specific moment in time when it makes sense to hire a real estate closer.

Once you’ve hit a certain threshold, adding another salesperson to your real estate team will give you immense leverage. 

So how do you know when it’s the right time?

In this post, I’ll reveal the #1 thing that you need to look into so you can delegate your real estate sales!

A Reality Check For Real Estate CEOs & Founders

Have you ever thought to yourself…

“I can’t hire another salesperson…they’re not going to be able to close at the same rate I can!”

My response to this might surprise you.

You’re right.

Your new real estate closer might not be able to convert leads at the same rate that you can. 

Nobody is going to be as good at being you as you. 

Knowing this, you have two choices…

Delegation = The Key To A Freedom-Filled Business

You can continue to resist hiring another salesperson, clinging to the excuse that no one else will do it as well as you.

OR (and this is the option I recommend!) you accept that a slight, temporary drop in conversions is a small price to pay if you want to build a scaleable, freedom-filled business. 

If you have dreams of building a 7-figure business, eventually, you have to learn to let go. 

It might sound scary to have your conversion rate drop, but you need to think about this logically.

Say your conversion rate drops by 10-20%. 

Maybe you hire Nancy as your next remote closer and she’s only able to close 80% of what you’re able to close.

If you’re in the right position, this minor drop in conversions shouldn’t be the end of the world.

Here’s The #1 Indicator Of Readiness For A Real Estate Closer

So here it is, the telltale sign that you’re ready to bring on support with your sales.

If you have this thing, a minor dip in conversions will barely be a blip on your radar.

That thing is predictability in your lead flow. 

If you have an abundance of qualified, ideal clients coming to you on autopilot…

A minor drop in conversions really won’t be such a big deal, will it?

The only situation in which hiring a real estate closer might seriously hurt your business is if you have a lead generation problem.

If your business is barely generating enough leads as it is, then every lead counts. You don’t want to mess up even one or two calls. Every sales conversation feels like it’s a make-or-break moment. 

If You’re Not Generating Enough Leads…

Before you go out and hire sales help, you must fix your lead generation problem.

You want to have a predictable method to generate leads on tap.

Sure – referrals and word of mouth are nice. But agents who rely on these tactics are often the ones in feast and famine mode.

One month you might have a ton of people sent your way, and the next, your leads have gone dry.

Don’t let this happen to you – instead, take control of your lead flow. 

The best way to predictably, and consistently bring leads to YOU is by embracing online real estate marketing.

When you build a marketing machine that brings qualified leads to you on autopilot…

That’s when you’re ready to scale.

That’s when you’re ready to actually experience freedom in your business by slowly replacing yourself. 

You’re able to run your business from Malta, Croatia, or even your cottage – because you’re not responsible for every single transaction.

You can step into the role of CEO of the business rather than the grinder or the doer. 

Whether it’s admin, marketing, or even closing deals…

You CAN train someone to do what you do in every part of your business.  

You just need to outsource at the right time.


Want to master your marketing and attract a steady stream of leads so you can be ready to hire your first real estate closer?

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