Want 10-15 More Clients? Here’s How To Generate Leads For Real Estate Online

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Struggling with your online lead generation strategy? Let’s talk about how to generate leads for real estate online!

Specifically, I want to lay out the 5 steps you need to take to sign 10-15 more clients off social media in the next 90 days.

If you’ve ever said “Social media doesn’t work for me” or, “I’m just going to stick with my repeat and referral business”…

You’re refusing to accept the undebatable truth.

Online marketing is no longer ‘optional’ for agents. 

It’s time to stop burying your head in the sand and start getting clear on what’s actually working on social media to sign clients. Because it’s probably not what you think it is.

Here’s what it’s definitely not…

➡️ It’s not posting endless, “just listed, just sold” posts.

➡️ It’s not pitching your services at the end of every caption.

➡️ And it’s certainly not flashy, overly-branded graphics and videos you spent hours editing in Canva.

Stop Treating Social Media Like A Billboard

Signing clients online is about relationships. It’s about psychology. It’s about dialed-in messaging.

At the end of the day, social media is about being social. 

So why do so many agents treat their social media page like a billboard?

If you’re acting like a salesperson, viewing Instagram as a place for you to pitch, it’s no wonder you’re struggling to generate real estate leads with your social media.

It’s time to ditch the overly salesy tactics and start thinking like a marketer.

Are you ready?

Here are the 5 core steps for how to generate leads for real estate online.

Step 1: Choose A Target Demographic

The first step to generating leads for real estate online is to choose a target demographic.

You have to know *exactly* who you’re creating content for.

Otherwise, you might unconsciously end up creating content for other agents.

(You’d be surprised at just how many agents end up creating content that only attracts other agents!)

If you end up with a follower base of other real estate agents, rather than ideal clients, it’s because you’re focused too much on posting what resonates with you.

Here’s the deal:

Your social media isn’t about you.

It’s about your clients.

So instead of resharing another “broke agent” meme, filter everything through the lens of:

Who am I speaking to with this content? And what kind of value will it bring to them? 

Another thing to keep in mind?

Your niche or target market isn’t ‘anyone who lives within a particular ZIP code’.

The days of geo-farming are over. 

Gone are the days of having to rely on traditional, unscalable marketing methods like handing out flyers, prospecting, and billboards. 

We can now leverage psychology and strategically target a particular ideal client avatar – whether that’s upsizers, downsizers, first-time buyers, investors, or anyone else. 

The first step to signing 10-15 more clients off social media is to know exactly who you’re looking to target.

Without this crucial step, you’re just speaking into the void.

Step 2: Understand Where Your Client is Coming Psychologically

Once you’ve figured out who you’re speaking to, it’s time to dig deeper. 

Real estate is not just about property.

It’s about humans going through life transitions.

In order for your content to generate leads online for real estate, you need to get clear on the emotions fueling that life transition.

Because let’s face it, no one ever moves because it’s fun.

We move because there’s something in our current situation that isn’t serving us anymore.

One of the best ways to get ultra-clear on the pain points and desires of your ideal clients is through market research. 

Your messaging shouldn’t be determined by what YOU think your market is struggling with. It should come directly from your ideal clients  – from the source itself. 

You can’t know *exactly* what your clients are feeling until you get out there and talk to them.

When you prioritize market research, you’re able to hear your clients describe their problems in their own words.

And that’s 1000x more powerful than using terms only agents use and throwing statistics at them.

If you can properly articulate the problems your clients are facing, you’ll be well on your way to signing 10-15 clients off social media. 

Step 3: Leverage The 9 Types Of Content 

When it comes to creating engaging content, you need to master these nine psychological steps that help take someone from a stranger to a client.

These are the 9 steps we teach you how to create content for in The Listings Lab.

  • Pain
  • Problem
  • Stakes & Consequences
  • Your Story & Qualifications
  • Your Signature Process
  • Proof
  • Objection-handling
  • Vision
  • Action

Now, here’s the thing – each psychological step requires its own type of content.

For example, when it comes to social proof, you’ll want to have case studies, testimonials, and PR-related content.

By mixing it up and showcasing your social proof from different angles, you’ll be able to establish your authority faster. 

For a more basic framework, all of these steps fall into one of three categories:

  • Authority-building content
  • Social proof (case studies, testimonials, PR)
  • Personal content

Keep it balanced, like 30% for each content bucket (authority, personal, and social proof), and have an extra 10% for experimenting with what works for you.

We’ve got a whole post dedicated to the three types of real estate content for social media here. 

Step 4: Be Consistent And Nurture 

Everybody says to “be consistent” with your marketing – but what does that really mean?

In my experience, I recommend posting every day because the algorithm tends to favor consistent activity. I understand that if you’re new to social media, this might seem pretty daunting.

However, once you’ve done the upfront work of choosing a niche, doing market research, and getting clear on the 9 types of content you need to create, it gets a whole lot easier. 

We now have a ton of members in The Listings Lab who tell us they can simply pick up their phones, spend a couple of minutes recording a video or writing a post, and voila! They have a piece of content ready to share. 

Trust me, the process doesn’t have to be complex once you grasp the psychology behind it. 

When you have a clear understanding of your target audience and have done the groundwork, content creation becomes more effortless. You no longer sit there wondering what to say or how to say it. It becomes crystal clear because you have a roadmap in place.

And keep in mind, this stuff takes time. Every client is unique when it comes to how long it will take to make the decision to reach out to you.

Some people may need to see 60 or 70 unique pieces of content from you before they take action.

On the other hand, someone might stumble upon your profile, binge your content for a couple of hours, and then reach out to you right away. People consume content in different ways based on where they are in their personal journey. Some are ready to jump right in, while others require more nurturing over a longer period of time.

As a general rule of thumb, the average client will most likely need at least three months of consistent nurturing before they enter the ‘consideration phase’ and decide to reach out to you.

Stay patient and stick with it, and you’ll have ideal clients reaching out to you from your content in no time!

Step 5: Show Up Where Your Ideal Clients are Hanging Out

Now that you know WHAT you need to be posting, and how much you need to be posting to see results, you’re probably wondering:

Where should I be posting all of this content? What social media platforms are right for me?

My answer to this question is always: it depends.

When it comes to selecting the perfect platform for your content, it all boils down to your niche and target audience. We want to dominate the platform where our ideal clients are spending most of their time.

So, if you’re focused on serving retirees, or seniors who are downsizing, it doesn’t make sense to pour your energy into creating content for professionals on LinkedIn. It’s all about directing our energy and efforts to where our potential clients actually hang out.

I often get asked this burning question: “Do I have to be on TikTok?” A lot of people shy away from TikTok, thinking they have to do all the trendy dances and follow the latest viral trends. First of all: this is not the only way to create content on TikTok.

And second of all, I can’t give you a definitive answer on whether or not you should be on TikTok.

It all depends on who you’re targeting. But if you’re targeting millennials or Gen Z’s who will soon be in the position to buy their first home, it’s most likely a good idea!

Remember, as a real estate agent, you have the power to leverage social media and take control of your lead flow. By implementing these 5 steps, you can transform your approach and start signing 10-15 more clients over the next 90 days through social media.

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