‘Just Sold’ Social Media Posts Are Overrated: Here’s What to Do Instead


If you’re a real estate agent looking to connect with potential clients online, it’s time to go beyond generic ‘just listed’ and ‘just sold’ social media posts.

There’s a lot of competition in the real estate space. If you want to be a top agent in your market, you have to be willing to do things differently.

In this blog post, I’ll dive into the problem with traditional just listed, just sold social media posts and explore alternative strategies that can help you build genuine connections with your ideal clients. 

And yes – you can still showcase your listings. But you DO need to be willing to get creative.

Here’s how!

The Problem with Traditional Just Listed and Just Sold Social Media Posts

I want you to ask yourself an honest question…

What kind of TRUE value are you giving your audience when you post a generic, “just listed” or “just sold” real estate post?

Social media should be social. It should help you connect with your ideal clients. Whether that’s through personal stories, or by providing them helpful information, the goal is to build rapport with potential clients online.

The typical ‘just listed’, ‘just sold’ posts do none of that. 

In fact, “just sold” social media posts are just another way of blasting out a just sold postcard. 

All you’re doing is showing people you have business in hopes of getting more business. This is not an effective strategy. 

So, how can we promote a property without bombarding people with generic ads?

Here are three strategies to uplevel your real estate social media game-plan!

Embrace The Power Of Storytelling

Your clients are so much more than just a transaction.  

Instead of posting the usual, “just sold” social media post – tell the story of the family who lived there. 

Or, if you’re doing a “just listed” post, you could paint a picture of that next person who could live in the house, and what their lives could look like.

Stories are 22x more memorable than facts.

You can list off a million facts about your listing…

  • How many bathrooms it has
  • When the kitchen was remodeled
  • The type of flooring or windows

But none of that information will be as powerful as a STORY about your listing!

Get Creative 

If you want to stand out from the crowd, you need to get creative with your content formats. 

The classic, “just listed, just sold” social media post format is old. Your followers will scroll on by because they’ve seen the same thing time and time again. 

Instead, think of new, creative ways you could showcase your listing.

Could you use the greenscreen format and create an Instagram reel where you pick out the most interesting things about the property?

Could you take a video of yourself doing a property walk-through, giving your personal account on what makes the listing so special?

Even simply posting a photo of yourself in front of the listing will get more engagement than only posting a photo of a house. 

Studies show that photos with a human face in them perform far better than those without.

Share A Case Study

Why would you settle for the mundane “just sold” social media post when you could share a captivating case study instead?

Here’s how:

Do a dive deep into the complete transformation the client experienced. 

First, start by exploring their emotional journey prior to the move. Where were they before the move? What were they going through emotionally?

Next, outline the incredible results they achieved. Where are they now after working with you? How has the experience changed their life? 

Finally, showcase the process you took to get there. How did you facilitate the transformation and get your clients from point A to point B? 

Read our blog post on how to elevate your real estate agent testimonials into compelling case studies. 

So there you have it…three real estate post ideas that are going to be 1000x more effective than spamming your audience with generic listings posts.

Let us know in the comments…which one of these strategies are you going to use instead of posting another generic ‘just listed, just sold’ social media post? 

And if you’re ready to create a real estate marketing machine that fills your calendar with appointments (all without fake or sleazy sales techniques!) download The Listings Lab Method Guide HERE. 

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