Find Out What Meghan Did to Grow Her Real Estate Business to 7 Figures


Are you looking to learn how to scale your real estate business to 7 figures? 

If so, let me introduce you to one of our incredible members from The Listings Lab – Meghan Arbuckle!

Meghan’s growth throughout the program has been exponential…

She made so much progress in The Listings Lab that she decided to move on to our 7-Figure Agent Collective Program. 

She’s done more than we can even fit into one interview.

Her business has massively changed!

  • She went from being on a real estate team to having her own real estate team
  • She has more listing business than she knows what to do with!
  • All of the work from the past year is PAYING OFF and she’s grown her business to multi-7-figures

In the words of Meaghan, it’s “like listings are falling from the sky”.

Want to know the biggest lessons Meghan learned throughout the program that allowed her to scale at such a rapid pace?

Let’s get into the top 5 things she worked on to make it happen. 👇

She prioritized continuous improvement 

Meghan said that one of the most powerful things throughout her time in The Listings Lab and 7-Figure Agent was her ability to grow her business through iteration.

Building a 7-figure real estate business isn’t about having all of the answers.

It’s about trying something, seeing if it sticks, getting feedback, and then refining it. 

A huge part of the support offered in our programs is this feedback process. You get to take action and then polish and perfect as you go.

This is HUGE because it gets the momentum going in your business. So many agents never put anything out there because they’re terrified of writing a weak first draft.

Whether it’s your real estate branding story, a new marketing funnel, ad copy, or even your organization chart – in The Listings Lab and 7FA, you’re able to get our expert eyes on everything you do. 

There’s a misconception that business has to be linear. But that’s usually not the reality. 

It often looks a lot more like this.

graphic showcasing the expectation of doing the hard work and having success versus the reality of doing the hard work and having major ups and downs to then reach success | The Listings Lab | Real estate business

Even when you DO hit a home run, and you realize your strategy’s working, there’s always room for iteration and optimization. 

Eventually, all your work refining your business processes will pay off. You’ll experience the compound effect. The gradual accumulation of small improvements, when compounded, will lead to significant growth and exponential results.

It certainly did for Meghan!

She turned fear into action 

Before joining The Listings Lab, Meghan felt stuck. She knew she wanted to move forward and do big things with her business – but she wasn’t quite sure how.

It’s far too easy for agents to get caught up in the waiting game…

The number of times I’ve heard:

“I’ll invest in a coach WHEN I get my next commission cheque”

“I’ll join the program ONCE I get 3 more clients”

But it doesn’t really work that way! You don’t try to lose 20 pounds BEFORE you hire the trainer. You hire the trainer IN ORDER TO lose 20 pounds.

Meghan knew better than to let her fear keep her stuck playing the waiting game.

Since joining our programs, Meghan’s motto has become, ‘feel the fear and do it anyway’. 

This action-taker mentality hasn’t just exploded her business. She’s also been making her dreams happen in all areas of her life. She’s even building her dream house!

A huge fear Meghan had to tackle was going from team member to team leader. 

It was a massive shift, one that she had some serious reservations about. 

But through coaching, community, and support, Meghan took the plunge. And now, she couldn’t be happier leading a team. 

As I always say…

Results don’t take time. They take courage. 

Meghan was able to change the entire trajectory of her business in less than a year – all because she was brave enough to make growth-oriented decisions.

She channeled her fear into action, and now, she has a multi 7-figure business.

She made space to be in her zone of genius 

Since Meghan made the transition from a team member to a real estate team leader, one of the biggest lessons she needed to learn was how to access her zone of genius. 

She needed to let go of the small day-to-day tasks that were bogging her down and step into the big-picture vision.

Real Estate CEOs need space on their calendar.

Going through The Listings Lab, and even more so The 7-Figure Agent Collective, allowed Meghan to understand what she was truly excellent at – and start outsourcing the rest.

Want to hone in on YOUR zone of genius?

The process we teach in our programs is to conduct an energy audit.

Learn how to do an energy audit and start prioritizing energy management (rather than just time management!) as a real estate agent here. 

Once you learn what your zone of genius is, you have to boldly and bravely start saying no to everything outside of that. 

She honed her decision-making skills 

Especially when it comes to financial decisions, a lot of real estate agents can still be stuck in an employee mindset when it comes to spending money.

They see things like hiring new team members or mentorship support as a cost.

When really, they’re investments.

It’s not about how much something costs. It’s about how much of an ROI you’re able to create from that investment.

Approaching things in this way totally changes your decision-making process.

If there’s anything Meghan’s learned throughout her time in the program, it’s that being able to quickly make decisions is key to business growth.

So many agents stay stagnate because they’re too scared to make a decision.

You’re never going to be able to make the ‘perfect’ decision. If you focus too hard on what the outcome of any decision will be, you’ll only trap yourself in a cycle of being so worried about the future that you never move forward.

She started putting herself out there – authentically

One of the biggest lessons Meghan learned through our programs was the power of showing up as her true self in business.

In her own words, she said:

“Putting myself out there authentically has meant everything to me and my business – and I wouldn’t have had the confidence to do that without the program”.

Before joining The Listings Lab, Meghan always felt like she needed to present herself in a certain way to be taken seriously. This feeling created a barrier between her showing up fully as a thought leader in her niche.

Now, she embraces her authentic self. If she’s in her car after dropping her kids off, her hair tied up in a mom bun, and something is on her mind?

She’ll hop on Instagram stories to share it.

And the best part?

She’s got WAY more engagement and responses since she stopped filtering herself and started showing up as her true self.

Your clients aren’t looking for a perfectly polished real estate Barbie. 

They’re looking for someone who does good work, who tells it to them straight, and who makes them feel understood.

Because here’s the thing…there are no longer two different Meghans – the “business Meghan” and the “personal Meghan”. She’s been able to cultivate a deeper sense of trust with her audience.

Through The Listings Lab and our 7-Figure Agent Collective Program, Meghan experienced exponential growth and transformed her business. 

By adopting an iterative mindset and seeking feedback, she refined her strategies and achieved incredible results! 

She never once let fear hold her back – even through the intimidating transition of going from team member to team leader. She’s now leading a powerhouse team who are absolutely killing it – and the dream of a 7-figure business is her new reality. 

If you’re an ambitious real estate agent who’s ready to be our next success story, it’s time to take action. Apply for The Listings Lab and book a call with our team to explore how our mentorship programs can help you scale your business to 7 figures.

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