10 Powerful Reminders For The Aspiring Millionaire Real Estate Agent

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Do you have dreams of becoming a millionaire real estate agent? Do you want to create a real estate brand that gives you unlimited income and impact?

If so, you’re in the right place. 

There are certain things that all 7 figure real estate businesses have in common.

In this post, we’ll be covering our top do’s and dont’s for agents looking to scale to the seven-figure mark, what you should (and should not) be focusing on, and the types of shiny object syndrome that can come up and distract you from the path to seven figures. 

Let’s go! 

Remember It’s Not About You

Probably one of the most important lessons for aspiring millionaire real estate agents is this:

Your brand is not about you. 

A lot of the time when agents start working on their brand, they ask themselves questions like:

  • What do I want to talk about?
  • What do I want the brand to look like? 
  • How do I want it to feel? 
  • What feels good to me? 

Newsflash: that is the OPPOSITE way to build a really powerful brand.

Remember: your brand is not about you, it’s about the people you’re looking to attract. 

It’s far too easy to get caught up in your own stuff. Your own fears, your own limiting beliefs, their own ideas, your own desires and preferences.

And often what happens is rather than attracting your ideal clients, your branding ends up attracting other agents. 

Get clear on who you’re speaking to, and make sure you’re building your brand with that ideal client avatar in mind. 

Understand How Your Clients Want To Feel

Once you’ve started to get clear on your avatar and you understand the importance of building your brand around THEM…it’s time to ask yourself the deeper questions.

One of the biggest ones is this:

How do your ideal clients want to FEEL? 

To answer this question, you need to get clear on a few things.

What’s happening in their lives at the moment? What kind of transition are they making, and why? 

Because THAT is what you’re helping with them.

When you know where your clients are now, and the problem they’re experiencing…

And you know where they want to be, and the results they want to experience…

You can position your services as the bridge between where they are now and where they want to be. 

If you’re not clear on the above, you’ll find that you’re spinning your wheels on marketing without getting any real results. 

You can be doing ALL the things – posting on social media, posting your listings, sending out emails. But it will only feel like you’re shouting into a void unless you get clear on how your clients want to feel. 

Create A Signature Package That Solves Their Problem

Once you’ve gotten clear on what your clients want to feel…

It’s time to create a service package that helps them feel that way.

For example, maybe you know that your client is a high-end client who wants to feel prioritized. High-touch service is important to them. They want to feel like they’re being taken care of.

In that case, you might want to include multiple touch points with your team so that you’re constantly checking in with your clients. Things like small gifts, regular check-in calls, and responsiveness with emails/messages could be a core part of your service.

Many people mistakenly assume that the more things they include in their package, the better. 

It’s time their package is a basket and they’re just trying to cram as much stuff into that basket as possible. Sometimes they might be throwing things into the basket that their clients don’t even want…all in the name of “value”.

This is not how you should go about creating your real estate service packages. All this does is create a race to the bottom about who can offer “more” for less money. If you ever want to become a real estate millionaire, you’ve got to ditch this mindset. 

In reality, your package should only include what’s absolutely necessary to solve your client’s problem and get them the results they desire.

What is the most efficient way to get them to where they want to go?

That is a far better question to ask than, how much can I include in this package? 

Develop Your Signature Brand Story 

Number three is to create a brand story that’s easy to spread. This is not your grandmother’s realtor “About Me” section. This isn’t the vanilla, “I went to such and such a school. And then I got married and I had kids. And then I decided to get into real estate!”

That may be your story. But you need to be you need to do better than that. 

At the end of the day, there are three things a brand story needs to be: 

  • It needs to be marketable
  • It needs to be compelling
  • And it needs to be memorable

Part of the reason your brand story is so important is because the human brain LOVES stories. 

Stories are 22 times more memorable than facts. So if you’re just spitting facts and market stats…you’re not going to seem noteworthy to your ideal clients.

But a powerful brand story on the other hand, it sticks with people. Especially if you’re willing to get a little bit polarizing or vulnerable in your content.

Once you’ve crafted the perfect brand story, be sure to repeat it over and over again. It becomes who you are. It lives in your listing presentations, your buyer presentations. It’s the story that you tell when people ask, how did you get into this business? It’s the story that everything else is created on top of. 

Show Up Authentically Online

If you want to be a millionaire real estate agent, you’re not going to get there by copying somebody else. You’re not going to get there by showing up like every other agent or hiding your true self in order to be “professional”.

A lot of the time, all of the branding techniques agents use – the fancy transitions, the videos cut to music, the clips with scrolling branding – all you’re doing is cheapening your brand.

Because at the end of the day, people are only looking to see a couple of basic things.

  1. They want to know you’re really freaking good at what you do.
  2. And they want to know that you’re a good human being.

That’s it!

Marketing is NOT about playing a part.

Your potential clients will be able to sniff out inauthenticity from a mile away. 

So commit to being your true self online.

If you’re the funny friend in real life, be humorous! 

If you’re the dog mom who’s obsessed with your pup, gush about them in your content.

If you’re a family man, show the behind-the-scenes of balancing work and family.

Don’t edit out the parts that make you real, that makes you human. 

It can be easy to focus ALL of your content on business, clients and showing how hard you’re working, when that’s not actually what your clients want to see. 

Prioritize Emotional Connection 

Millionaire real estate agents understand that 97% of marketing is emotional.

It’s not about facts, it’s about feelings.

People make decisions emotionally first. And only then do they back the decision up with logic.

This doesn’t mean the logical side of your business isn’t important. Of course, no one’s going to want to work with you if you’ve never done a deal or don’t have the experience to back up your claims.

But at the end of the day, people are only going to reach out to work with you if they feel a strong emotional connection with you.

Building that like, know and trust factor isn’t about posting about all the business you’ve acquired through “just listed, just sold” posts.

It could look like sharing your most embarrassing story with your audience, and having a laugh together.

Telling stories and being real creates transparency. And that’s what builds a brand.

I want you to think about your favorite influencers. 

I’m willing to bet there’s a few people online you follow who you’ve never met in real life – but you feel like you’re friends.

THAT is the vibe we want to be going for. We’re not looking for people to put us on a pedestal.

Do Not Discount Your Services

Millionaire real estate agents never discount their services.

If you’re building a seven-figure real estate brand, and you want people coming to you asking you how they can work with you…

I can guarantee you – they won’t be coming to you because you charge a lower price.

They’ll be coming to you because you actually solve problems.

There will always be someone willing to do it for less than you. 

You get to decide – do you want to be the Chanel of real estate, or do you want to be Dollarama?

If you want to be a million-dollar real estate agent, you have to act like it from the beginning.

Be A Pleasure To Work With 

I truly believe that one thing all successful agents have in common is that they’re truly a pleasure to work with. 

And I don’t just mean with their clients.

I mean with everyone. 

They’re kind and generous to other agents, to contractors, to stagers.

They don’t see other agents as a threat or competition.

If you’re one of those agents that makes everything more difficult than it needs to be, nobody’s going to want to work with you.

A lot of agents overcomplicate things feeling like they need to “earn” their commission. So if they get an offer on the first day, they’re not going to accept it. They’re going to be difficult and aggressive because subconsciously, they feel like they haven’t worked hard enough. 

But even if a deal is easy or effortless, you’ve done your job!

When you’re easy to work with, people from all over the place are going to refer you and want to continuously do business with you.

Millionaire Real Estate Agents Don’t Create In A Vacuum

One of the biggest mistakes that will prevent you from building a 7-figure real estate is not listening to your people. 

A lot of people will try to go out and build a brand without really understanding what their ideal clients want. They’ll go out and hire a branding company, or a marketing agency, to create logos, visual imagery, and content.

But it’s not based on a solid foundation. 

If that branding is not based on intensive market research, it’s never going to land.

Don’t create in a vacuum.

Marketing isn’t about sitting behind your computer and keeping yourself busy fiddling with your website and making pretty quotes in Canva.

It’s about having REAL life conversations with your ideal clients. Conversations about their hopes, dreams, fears, desires. 

Put in Long-term Processes & Systems

Millionaire real estate agents are not successful simply because they have a good list. 

They’re successful because they’ve built a COMPANY.

If you’ve ever considered that one day you might like to sell your business, or even pass it on to your children, this is incredibly important.

You need to be developing systems and processes so your company is not just dependent on you and your contacts.

A sellable business means you have a consistent, predictable lead flow. You’re not just relying on referrals from friends and family!

When you follow all of these ten steps, you’ll have a legitimate business that is predictable, profitable and unlimitedly, scalable.

You’ll have all of the foundations to make your first million dollars from real estate.

And if you’re looking for deeper support, this is exactly what we help agents with in The Listings Lab.

Check out what our past clients are saying HERE, and apply if you’re looking for mentorship to go from 6 👉🏼7 figures as an agent. 

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