How This Agent Embraced Her Authentic Self On Social Media (And Massively Increase Her Engagement)

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Let’s be honest – most real estate marketing is dry as dust.

As agents, we mistakenly think we need to put on this uber-professional, corporate persona.

But guess what? Clients don’t want to work with a generic “realtor robot”.

They want to work with a real human being.

So if you’re struggling to capture attention and connect with your audience, listen up.

I sat down with Pam Orzan, an agent with over 20 years of experience, who went through a total marketing transformation after joining The Listings Lab.

Pam used to create polished marketing that barely got any engagement.

Now, she’s creating content that her audience is absolutely EATING up. And it’s resulting in more leads, appointments booked, and aligned clients.

Screenshot of Pam Orzan Facebook Post Inside the Listings Lab Membership Where She Says: "Just Got a Call, $2M-$3m baby! That's How We Do It In The Listings Lab!"
Here’s what you can learn from Pam’s journey when it comes to creating marketing that truly resonates 👇🏼

Marketing Mindshift

Early on in the program, Pam had a huge lightbulb moment…

One of the things we try to drill down is the mental shift from being merely an agent to a marketer. 

When she heard me say, “You’re a marketer first” – Pam totally shifted the way she approached her business. 

Before joining The Listings Lab, marketing always felt secondary to Pam. Sure, she might have been putting herself out there. But she wasn’t doing it strategically. 

Instead, she was overly focused on the logistical side of real estate – like contracts, transactions, and offers – while letting her marketing fall to the wayside.

The Listings Lab was Pam’s wake-up call…

It didn’t matter how great she was on the operational side, if she couldn’t get clients in the door, her real estate expertise would be useless. 

This shifted Pam’s whole perspective and gave her the kick in the butt to implement the marketing strategies we teach in the program! 

Get Personal

Previously, Pam would create very polished, overly professional marketing videos. 

She’d film in her office with her logo displayed prominently behind her.

Now, Pam films quick, casual videos from her couch or car. These raw, personal videos resonate so much more than the overly corporate ones she used to create – and she’s getting a ton more engagement.

For example, during the COVID-19 Pandemic, Pam reached out to her online audience with a heartfelt message from her couch, checking in with everyone saying she hoped they were holding up okay.

She didn’t worry about fancy editing techniques, or having perfect hair and makeup.

She just hit record and shared from her heart.

The result?

This simple video from Pam’s living room led to an old client reaching out saying how much he appreciated her genuineness.

Even though they hadn’t spoken in years, the client said Pam authenticity shined through –  that she was now his go-to agent when he was ready to buy in Florida.

The lesson?

Stop overthinking your content. You don’t need a script to connect with other humans. The best content is the kind that comes straight from the heart.

Embrace Humor

Think about YOUR average day on social media.

Most of the time, when you’re opening up Instagram you’re usually looking to be entertained! 

That’s why in The Listings Lab, we teach you how to craft compelling personal stories that help you connect with your audience. 

These stories don’t always have to be deep. Sometimes they can be silly, humorous, or even just relatable.

Pam watched this module and ran with it.

So while lots of agents choose to flash their lifestyle, or talk about how many deals they have on their plate – Pam decided one day to show an entirely different side of real estate. 

She told a hilarious story about showing properties on a hot day in a breezy sundress. A little girl became enamored, thinking Pam looked like Cinderella. The girl proceeded to lift Pam’s skirt up in front of everyone, including other realtors!

And guess what?

This funny, personal story drove WAY more engagement than generic real estate tips or market updates.

Find The Enjoyment In Content Creation 

Early on in the program, Pam would plan social media posts weeks in advance. She’d stress about graphics looking perfect and posts being optimized. She had a complicated spreadsheet to track everything that she’d dread filling out. 

But by trying to be overly systematized with her content, she was blocking her creative flow. 

Since joining The Listings Lab, Pam’s confidence in her marketing abilities has skyrocketed. Because of this, she no longer has to plan her posts weeks in advance or stress about having a perfectly organized content calendar.

Now, Pam’s able to find so much more inspiration – she’s always brimming with ideas. 

She’s also been able to get over her fear of not being a good enough writer. 

During one of our weekly coaching calls, Pam was explaining her block around content, telling us she didn’t think her posts were written well enough.

The advice we gave her?

Write how you talk. 

It really gets to be that simple! 

After getting support and coaching in The Listings Lab, Pam no longer worries about being a wordsmith. She speaks from the heart, shares her wisdom, and has so much more fun doing it!

She went from stressed and unsure to clear and confident – and her audience can FEEL her new, infectious energy.

The Bottom Line

If you want to create marketing that genuinely connects with clients, take Pam’s lessons to heart! Don’t be afraid to show your real self on social media and have genuine conversations. Share funny stories that give people a peek into your world.

Ditch the overly professional, corporate persona. 

Get personal and let your personality shine through in your content. Marketing is about starting real conversations, not just promoting yourself.

Want to see more success stories from past and current members of The Listings Lab?

Check out our Success Stories page filled with client testimonials or take a peek at our Client Interviews Playlist on YouTube!

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