How Paul Went From Unfulfilled To Fired Up About His Real Estate Business

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Did you get into real estate for more flexibility, freedom, and fulfillment?

If you answered yes, I want to ask you a question…

Is your business ACTUALLY giving you those things?

A lot of agents start out in this industry because they want those things, only to find themselves bogged down in the day-to-day, chasing deals and dollars, making their passion for real estate waning every day.

It sounds bleak. But it’s true!

The whole reason I started The Listings Lab wasn’t just to help agents build a 7-figure business. It was to build a 7-figure business, sustainably. 

In a way that offers you true freedom. 

Because financial freedom doesn’t mean much if you have no time to enjoy it. 

So today, rather than highlight a financial win, I wanted to share an emotional one. 

Specifically, I want to tell you about Paul. 

Paul is an alumnus of The Listings Lab who’s not only experienced incredible business growth – but a surge in personal happiness, too.

For the first time in years, Paul’s feeling more fulfillment from his business than ever before. 

Want to know the things that Paul changed to take him from drained to lit up and excited about his real estate business?

Let’s get into the biggest changes that he implemented during his time in The Listings Lab!

He Ditched ‘Spray & Pray’ Marketing 

When Paul first started in his real estate business, nearly 20 years ago, a lot of the tactics taught in the industry revolved around “spray and pray” marketing.

It was a volume game. 

You’d throw out as many postcards as you could, just hoping you’d get a lead. 

It was a lot of flyers, door-knocking, and cold-calling.

The result?

Paul didn’t feel in control of his business.

He felt like he was constantly waiting around, just hoping a lead would call. 

And then if they finally did call, the pressure was intense, knowing that the lead was probably interviewing 5 or 10 other agents. 

Now, since Paul’s time in The Listings Lab, he’s been able to find a new marketing strategy.

One that doesn’t rely on casting the widest net possible – and then hoping and praying.

He no longer feels he has to follow a numerical formula or hit crazy volume goals in order to attract clients to his business. 

He Found Freedom In Being Himself 

Happiness becomes available when you’re free to simply be yourself.

No more performing, no more hustling, no more racing to prove yourself.

After going through our program, Paul feels like he’s 100% genuine in the videos and content he puts out online. 

He no longer feels he has to show up a certain way to be taken seriously as an agent.

His clients even reached out to tell him how grateful they are for his content and videos. They appreciated the fact he was willing to talk about things that other agents tend to ignore.

Through his online content, he built relationships with clients before ever meeting them.

This changed the game for Paul, as he was a transplant in a new city – and someone who didn’t have a huge existing network in his market. 

Now, when Paul has a sales conversation, he no longer needs to spend the first 10 minutes selling himself.

His potential clients are already familiar with his brand, and he can get straight into solving their challenges.

He Built Out His Signature System

A big reason why these conversations felt so fun and easy was that many of Paul’s clients were already aware of his signature method. 

In The Listings Lab, we have all our members create a unique methodology for how they get results for their clients.

We have you solve a very specific problem, for a specific type of person.

In Paul’s case, he decided to specialize in helping families sell and downsize north of Boston, using his Momentum Method.

We then get you to turn your signature process into a beautifully branded PDF guide, which you can use as a lead magnet for your real estate business. 

This guide is a highly psychologically-driven asset that hits at your clients’ pain points, problems, and desires. When your clients read it, they’ll feel deeply understood.

By doing this, you’re educating potential clients about your method. You’re having them buy into your process. 

When clients are bought into YOUR way of doing things, you eliminate the competition.

In Paul’s case, his clients were so invested in his method that one time, a woman even showed up to their meeting with a printed copy – one that she’d outlined and highlighted!

He Got Personal In His Online Content

A lot of agents want to portray themselves as superstars in their online content. They want to show their clients that they’re #1, that they’re the best, and that they’re closing deals left, right, and center.

But guess what?

Your clients don’t care about perfection or how many deals you closed this year.

Instead, they’d rather get to know you as a human being.

Bragging about your achievements doesn’t create a conversation on social media. But you know what does?


Paul got personal in his online content and decided to share a vulnerable story. He talked about how he messed up and lost a listing appointment because he forgot to answer a question.

Instead of pretending everything was perfect, he owned up to his mistake and shared it with the world.

And people loved it. 

Potential clients loved that he shared his humility and lessons learned. Other agents reached out to him saying they’d been there too. Because let’s face it, not everything in this business is sunshine and rainbows.

Paul’s secret sauce is simple: be real. 

He’s not afraid to show his clients and followers the ups and downs of his journey. 

By creating a personal connection, he’s built a loyal following that’s always rooting for him.

Because it’s not just about showing off the fancy kitchens or the beautiful homes – it’s about sharing the human side of things.

He Stopped Worrying About The Competition 

One of Paul’s biggest takeaways from his time in The Listings Lab was this:

He realized that him and his “competition” aren’t really competing for the same clients.

What works for one agent may not work for another. What resonates with one client will totally turn off another.

Rather than seeing the world through a lens of limited clients that everyone’s vying for, Paul’s shifted his perspective. 

He realized that when you focus on your own unique approach, you’ll effortlessly attract the clients who resonate with you.

The people who are meant to work with you will be naturally drawn to you when you start showing up as yourself. 

Business feels hard when you’re trying to fit into a cookie-cutter mold of what someone else is doing.

Authenticity frees you from the competition. 

Success in your real estate business is not just about making money… it’s also about finding fulfillment, freedom, and happiness. 

To get to this place, you have to challenge old beliefs and leave outdated marketing techniques behind. Instead, by being true to yourself, taking risks, and being vulnerable, you can create meaningful connections with clients and build not just a profitable business – but a sustainable and enjoyable one, too.

Ready to build a 7-figure real estate business that truly reignites your love for real estate?

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