Want to hit 7-figures in 2022?

If you’re a Real Estate Agent, who has hit $100k/year in your business…
Then you already have what it takes to grow to 7-figures, without giving up control of your vision, burning out, or tripling your stress.

Are you ready to get off the “Six-Figure Hamster Wheel,” stabilize your income, and scale to $400k, $500k, or more?

How would it feel to finally have the answer to
effortlessly generate hundreds to thousands
of highly-qualified leads who want to work
with you without a moment’s hesitation?

What if you had the secret sauce to building intimate relationships with your audience at scale, so you have too many qualified clients trying to work with you?

You need people who already love you and your message, so they are pre-sold on working with you…

…so that when you hop on the phone, all you need to do is tell them your commission rate and when YOU are available?

What if you had a powerful system to duplicate these results on demand…

…allowing you to serve clients on a higher level and quickly scale your business beyond $800k/year?

And what if you had an entire team to help you build this system…

Stuck at 6-Figures?

The Business Growth Accelerator for 6-figure agents

So you can lay the foundations to hit 7-figures in the next 12 months…

The Listings Lab was designed specifically for the purpose of fixing your marketing once and for all…

And then helping you systematize it so you repeatedly get quality leads that you love working with and who are a perfect fit for you or your team.

That’s why we’ve built a team of experienced Entrepreneur-Mentors to guide you through to the next level in your business.

That way, you get the strategic direction, marketing, and a proven system from someone who’s already done it and helped others do the same.

“I have to share this because it's been a year since I signed up to the Listings Lab.”

December 1, 2020, I was exhausted, frustrated, and upset that my Business was running me to the ground. I had the worst year in my business. It wasn't fun anymore. I had demanding clients that I felt I had to cater to and who didn't really see my value. I've been in Real Estate since 2003 and I knew the old ways of doing things were not going to help me anymore. My anxiety was high and I was seeking a better way to connect with people. I knew that being genuine and showing who I truly was, resonated with the right people. But I didn't have any systems in place, so I was flying by the seat of my pants. I kept seeing Jess in my newsfeed, and it stopped me in my tracks. After reviewing what she was offering, and listening to people who had gotten help by using her system, I felt this was the answer. I signed up on December 1, 2020, and I haven't looked back. It took me 14 weeks to get everything up and ready. It was overwhelming but I was determined. I have to admit, there were times I had doubts and I was questioning if this was really going to work. Today on December 1, 2021, a year later, I can honestly say that I've had, the best year of my career. I have gotten good-quality clients and the right clients that I want to work with. I have increased my income. I'm telling better stories. I work 20-40 hours a week which allows me to be there for the people and things that matter the most. I'm not fighting to convince someone to use my services. I'm not cutting my commission to make people happy. And the right clients come to me. I don't run like crazy to get more clients. And since I understand the system better, I am reviewing the course again because I know I can improve it even more and make 2022 even better. Thanks, Jess and your team for making this all happen.

Céline Eady

Over the course of 12 weeks, we show you how to custom build an automated system that effortlessly generates a real abundance of high quality leads dying to work with you

That system, tailored to fit your market, your goals, and your lifestyle, will get you off the income roller coaster and on the road to stability…

When you have an abundance of qualified leads, you will significantly improve your sales numbers.

Marketing-Mentorship Program

What is The Listings Lab?

Here’s the thing: if you’re already making $100k/year and want to serve your clients on a higher level with your services…

You don’t need another service for you to buy low-quality leads that are looking at low price points.

Or a tutorial on how to boost a Facebook post.

And you definitely don’t need a coaching program where you get stuck working with someone teaching traditional marketing techniques that haven’t worked well in years or that asks you to start calling your database for hours on end just to “have another touch point”!

What YOU need is a proven system, and the expertise, insight, and strategic direction built by someone who has done what you want to do to guide you to the next level in your business so doubling your leads and hitting $500k, $600k, or even $1M/year feels effortless…

The Listings Lab is a no-BS growth program. We go the distance with you to make sure you get the results you want.

We’re not afraid to tell you the truth and push you to grow in the areas that you need to — even (and especially) when it’s uncomfortable.

That’s where the biggest growth happens.

Other programs usher you along with encouragement and action steps to keep you from going backwards…

We get down and dirty with you to make sure nothing gets in your way — not even yourself.

And while you have a dedicated team to guide you through each step…

….you also have direct access to Jess Lenouvel for high-level coaching, mentoring, and strategy consulting.

If you are ready for us to help you get these results, book a call to apply.

“Hi everyone! ”

I used to watch the wins on here like crazy just to get hope about the program and how it would change my business. Because of this program I am 3x as busy as I was in 2020. It blows my mind. The other day I was talking to Jess about how one of my buyers agents did 12 deals in the first month and a half of this year. I thought it was great and then Jess said "Heather do you realize your team did a total of 12 deals last year from Jan to June." I almost fell off my chair. The fact that she knows that is amazing onto itself BUT the fact that here I am now is just beyond. I couldn't be more thankful!! The best icing on the cake is that I am working LESS! I am forever indebted to the team. Thank you! And there is HOPE!! Follow the program it works.

Heather Hadden

Marketing-Mentorship Program

Using The Listings Lab Method to
Exponentially Grow your Real
Estate Business

If you feel like you’re hustling more than you’d like to get quality leads on the phone…

Or if you feel like maybe when you do get people on the phone, they’re just not a good fit…

And if your income just isn’t stable, which means you can’t hire…

Then you need The Listings Lab Method in your business.

Imagine being able to always have the right message, the right service, and the right positioning…

…to the right person, at the right time, in the right places, while they are in the right mindset.

When you do this, you become known as THE authority. The person who actually gets it. The person who just understands the struggles, needs, and desires of your clients. And who has a proven process for delivering real results.

Experience The Compound Effect And See
Exponential Growth Of Your Audience,
Income, And Relationships


Where the messages you send out speak directly and powerfully to the people you most want to reach.

It quickly becomes clear to them who you are, what you do, and why you’re the best choice to help them with their real estate needs.

When you become Relevant, people see you as someone they can do business with.


Where you consistently show up in your prospect’s life. Bit by bit, they’ll get to know you…

…learning who you are, the results you offer, what you believe in…

…understanding your ‘What’, your ‘How’, and most importantly, your ‘Why’…

When you become Omnipresent, people know you and want to hire you before they get on the phone with you.

So then all you need is a bit of:


In today’s world of sales pitches, ad funnels and automations, many people try to avoid contact and connection, hoping some ads will bring in enough leads for them.

BUT, direct connection is still the fastest and most powerful way to make a sale. Some fancy automation software is never going to change hardwired human nature. People crave human to human connection.

When you become Intimate with your audience, you forge REAL connections. There exists a real relationship between you and your audience.

But When You Have All 3 in Perfect Balance…

You achieve harmony.

You gain traction by owning your market and becoming the sole authority in your area. There are three things that happen when you activate the Nuclear Effect in your real estate business:

When You Use All 3 Elements Of The Compound
Effect, This Is What Happens:

You grow a bigger, more engaged, and more powerful Audience.

You get more social proof because of the size of your audience. You have a larger platform to get yourself out there. When you hire, you have access to a pool of people who already know you and your vision.

You generate more income and make more sales.

You’re able to effortlessly generate more leads. And since you’re able to charge the Perfect Commission, your cashflow troubles become a thing of the past.

You create deeper, more meaningful Relationships.

The difference between your Audience and Relationships is that these are deeper. They’re 1-on-1. When you have a growing business and audience behind you, you’re able to also grow your relationships. You gain access to better, more profitable partnerships. You find yourself getting into media outlets and leveraging PR.

You have a network dedicated enough to build a powerful referral base, and you get access to new, exciting opportunities you never would have had without the Listings Lab method behind you…

That is what will happen when the Nuclear Effect hits and the Listings Lab Method transforms your business into an income-producing force…

…and you do not need to spend a ton of money on ads to make this work in your business.

In this program, your assigned entrepreneur will work with you to address the needs of your specific marketplace. These are highly-intimate, calls where you dive into your business to craft the perfect services and business to support the life you want to live.

The Listings Lab course supplements your coaching calls, so you’re never spending your call time going over something that can be covered in a video and if there is something that we haven’t covered — Jess and our mentors are just a simple message away.

Have you read the

Listings Lab Guide?

The Listings Lab

What does the
program look like?

The Listings Lab is a 12-week program that includes both content as well as mentorship.

The content portion is a concise 4-phase program (content that is never shared anywhere else) that supplements your 2 weekly calls and ongoing conversations via our private, member-only community.

You will get to know Jess’s team within The Listings Lab who will be working with you intimately during the program.

In addition to this support, you’ll also be invited to a Facebook Community with the other client-driven Real Estate Agents in the program where you can connect, learn, grow, and be supported by others at a similar stage in their business as you.

Weekly calls are where we will dive deeply into your business to craft the perfect services and delivery method to create the business and lifestyle you truly want to have.

Nothing ends at the end of the 12 weeks. You’ll have access to The Listings Lab course, 2 weekly calls, as well as recordings of all calls FOR LIFE. These will continue to be valuable for you to refer back to as you continue to grow – and you’ll have access to us whenever you need it.

So remember, Jess and the team are available to you and are just a simple message away.

Who Is It For?

If your business fits into either of these two categories, then you may be a great fit for The Listings Lab:

Real Estate Agents who serve their clients at a high level, who want to focus on building their client portfolio, and who have hit a roadblock in their growth. The Listings Lab helps those who are ready to dramatically scale up and lay the groundwork for a 7-figure business.


Real Estate Team Leaders who want to serve their team members at a higher level, providing high quality, ready-to-go clients for them to work with. The Listings Lab helps you properly leverage the skills and expertise you’ve built in order to properly scale your team.

By the end of
The Listings Lab you will:

If you’re ready to begin implementing The Listings Lab Method & become more Relevant than ever to your ideal clients…


Jess Lenouvel

Jess Lenouvel has been a Real Estate Agent for over 15 years and has personally built a multiple 7-figure business that has sold over $300 million of property in her last 5 years alone.

Her on the ground experience has given her the background and expertise to help Agents overhaul their advertising and scale massively while leveraging the power of online marketing. Instead of relying on old-school, traditional methods used in the industry, Jess uses strategies developed through partnerships and real experience. Having worked in residential resale, on-site builder developments, and high volume pre-construction sales, Jess has created a track record of huge results.