Real Estate Agent Social Media: 5 Common Pitfalls To Avoid

So you’ve been told that you NEED to be on social media to secure more listings as an agent…but you just can’t seem to get any traction?

If your Instagram feels like a ghost town rather than a party full of piping hot leads, you’re probably making one of these five common real estate agent social media mistakes

Let’s get into them so you can go from feeling like social media is a waste of time to making it your #1 lead source.

1. You’re Not Focusing on Relationships 

Using social media as a real estate agent gives you an incredible opportunity.

And that opportunity is to create relationships at scale. 

Before the internet, we were limited in our ability to create relationships. All relationship-building activities had to be done manually. We were limited by time and geographic location. 

But when you know how to build an effective real estate content strategy, your followers feel like they’re getting to know you through your posts. 

You’re able to create genuine relationships with people just by simply showing up and sharing your life online. 

Time and time again, I see amazing wins from the members in The Listings Lab showcasing the power of relationship-building through social media. 

The Listings Lab Blog - Real Estate Agent Social Media

I’ve also seen evidence of this in my own life and business.

Just the other day, I was sitting having lunch at the marina with my husband. For context, I live on a tiny island in the Bahamas.

I was at the very bottom of the island, which is literally the end of the earth, where two oceans meet. 

All of a sudden, I heard someone calling my name. 

I didn’t know this man, but he followed me on social media.

And he knew my whole life story! About my business, about our move to The Bahamas from Canada, about my cats. 

We chatted about SO much, hugged and he took a photo with me. 

I was yet again impressed with how deep a connection you can build with someone online, even if you’ve never met them in person.

The problem is, so many agents never get to experience this kind of powerful relationship.

They take themselves too seriously. 

All they talk about is business, business, business.

Their online content feels one-sided and transactional. Their posts are nearly 100% “just listed, just sold” posts or posts pushing their services.

They focus on being professional rather than relatable. 

There’s no element of relationship or community-building. 

I hate the word followers for that exact reason. 

Because you see these people as followers, and you don’t see them as connections, then you’re going to approach the relationship differently.

Remember to focus on serving over selling and creating authentic relationships rather than using social media to constantly peddle your real estate services.

2. You’re Not Prioritizing Authenticity & Vulnerability

Many people think that showing up authentically means showing up as the ‘best version of themselves’.

But this couldn’t be further from the truth.

People are tired of polished perfection. 

Instead, you need to start practicing vulnerability in your content.

At first, this might feel challenging and unnatural. You might even experience a vulnerability hangover.

But the more you practice being vulnerable in your content, the easier it becomes.

We’ve had members in The Listings Lab:

  • Talk about grief
  • Talk about their separation
  • Talk about infertility

You know why?

Because these are all elements of the human experience. And when your content allows someone to recognize your shared humanity, they’re able to connect with you on a deeper level.

Vulnerability doesn’t make you look weak.

The golden rule is you don’t talk about your mess until you’ve cleaned it up. 

Focus on the lessons, takeaways, and mindset shifts you’ve experienced AFTER going through something –  rather than sharing reactively in the heat of the moment. 

And if you alienate someone in the process of being vulnerable?

They weren’t your people anyway. 

Individuality is what allows us to attract our people online. So don’t be afraid to be polarizing in your content. 

I would rather have a thousand people who love me than have a hundred thousand people who kind of like me.

Wouldn’t you, too?

3. You’re Creating Content For Other Agents

Another BIG real estate agent social media mistake I see often is creating content for other agents.

Usually, this happens because you’re creating content from a space of what YOU feel like talking about – rather than creating with your ideal client avatar in mind. 

So naturally, rather than attracting people who want to hire you, you simply end up attracting other agents. 

Which does absolutely NOTHING for your business!

If you feel like you’ve accidentally built an audience of other agents, I suggest removing them and starting fresh.

Of course, if you’re friends with agents or have genuine connections with your agent followers, keep them. But if not, fellow agents aren’t going to help you sign clients off social media – so go ahead and clean up your following. 

Remember, it’s not about vanity metrics or who has a bigger following. It’s about reaching the RIGHT people on social media. Watch this video to learn more about how not all followers are created equal.

The Listings Lab Blog - Real Estate Agent Social Media

4. You’re Outsourcing Before Your Ready

One of the best ways to come across as inauthentic in your real estate agent social media is to hire a marketing agency off the bat.

A lot of these real estate marketing agencies create very generic content that’s not customized to YOU.

Your brand.

Your mission.

Your values.

Your ideal client avatar.

Instead, they post boring real estate infographics and “just listed, just sold” type of posts.

You might be tempted to pay someone $500/month to create this type of content for you, just so you can say you’re being “consistent” on social media.

But this type of content is doing nothing to help your business. In fact, it’s hurting it.

These companies might give you what you’re asking for, but they’re not giving you what you need.

Remember, just because a lot of other agents are doing something doesn’t mean it WORKS. 

5. You’re Letting Fear Of Judgment Hold You Back

One of the real estate agent social media mistakes that saddens me the most is when agents let the fear of judgment hold them back.

Worrying too much about what other people think is the #1 way so many people fail.

And I get it – because I’ve been there too.

I remember when I first started building an audience, a little voice in the back of my head asked, “What’s your ex-boyfriend going to think of this?”

I wasn’t in touch with this person. They were totally irrelevant to my current life. So why was I going to let them hold me back?

I realized it was time to unfriend a lot of people on Facebook.

You have to be willing to put your desire to grow your business over other people’s opinions. 

If you’re ready to start taking your real estate agent social media presence seriously and build a lead generation machine that fills your calendar with appointments, we can help.

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