Is Real Estate Burning You Out? This Might Be Why

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Feeling exhausted and overwhelmed in your real estate business? 

It’s easy to assume that the overwhelm comes from taking on too much. 

But here’s the honest truth…

From my own personal experience, and my experience coaching thousands of agents, burnout often stems from feeling like you can’t be yourself – or pretending everything is fine when it’s not.

Faking positivity fuels stress. When you try convincing yourself, your audience, and your family that you’re totally happy with your business as-is, it’s exhausting.

Maybe you pretend that your current business is enough, that you love doing EVERYTHING in your business, or that you don’t need more support. Maybe you pretend that an inconsistent, unstable business is perfectly fine. 

Whatever it might be, I’ve been there too.

And this is something no one’s really talking about… but I think it’s important to cover. So let’s dive into the deeper reason as to why so many agents are experiencing burnout.

When ‘Champagne Problems’ Become Too Much To Bear

The first time I hit seven figures selling real estate was the most exhausting period of my life. I had no support, no systems, but pretended everything was great because that’s what everyone expected. My phone would ring and I’d cry, handing it off to my husband.

Some may call those “champagne problems” of having too much business.

But the truth runs deeper than that.

In reality, I was distracting myself from all of my other problems in life by hustling harder in real estate. 

Hustling your way to seven figures is not something I recommend. 

Money is never worth it if it’s at the cost of your time, energy, relationships – all of life’s precious resources. 

Once I built systems, a team, and a plan, everything changed. I no longer felt like I constantly had to hustle and grind just to keep the business afloat. I could take a step back, put systems in place, and stop trying to do everything myself. It made a world of a difference in reducing burnout.

Distracting Ourselves from the Truth

Often, we distract ourselves from facing the hard truth that we’re not happy with our business or life. 

We pile on unneeded tasks, causing overwhelm and burnout.

If you can relate, I’m willing to bet there’s a small voice in your head telling you that you’re meant for more than just the daily grind and hustle.

For me, at a certain point this little voice got so loud that I had no choice but to listen. 

I knew I was meant for more than hustling – that I could create systems for the business I wanted. I didn’t have to keep pushing myself to exhaustion just to hit goals or create the income I desired.

I just had to make the time to put the systems and tools in place.

Making Space For Growth-Orientated Activities 

When you feel deep down that you’re meant for more – better systems, more freedom, consistency – yet can’t find the time to implement your ideas, it can drain the life out of your business.

You have game-changing ideas to elevate your business, but time, energy, and bandwidth are always lacking. There’s always something seemingly more “urgent” on your task list each day.

As a real estate CEO, you need to carve out time and space in your calendar to work on your business, not just in it. You need to prioritize proactiveness, and not just put out fires all day.

If you don’t create space to implement those growth-oriented ideas, you risk heading straight for burnout.

Pretending to be content with the constant hustle can perpetuate harmful narratives. While other industries have evolved beyond the “hustle and grind” mentality, the real estate industry often seems stuck in it…

There’s this prevalent sense that suffering is necessary and expected. But it doesn’t have to be. You just have to make a commitment to building something better than what you’ve currently got. 

“But I Don’t Have Time For Growth”

When people say “I don’t have time,” nothing drives me crazier.

Because let’s get real”

You don’t lack time, it’s just not a priority.

We all make time for priorities. If you want a sustainable, scalable business badly enough, you’ll make time to build it.

The first step is dropping the charade and admitting what you’re doing now isn’t working. 

I get it – admitting that things aren’t perfect is hard. We’ve all been there. The key is what you do next. Take care of yourself first, then take steps to build the business you want. You deserve it, and there’s still time. Don’t wait until it’s too late.

You can take the first step today by booking a call with The Listings Lab. 

Together, we can help you start building a business that feels wildly fulfilling, from the inside out. 

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