7 Effective Tips to Regain Your Real Estate Business Momentum

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Can you relate? 

It’s part way into the year, and you still haven’t hit any of your business goals. 

You started the new year with big plans for your business…but haven’t made any progress on following through on them. 

And now you’re stuck with a looming feeling that this year will be as mediocre as the last. 

Sound familiar?

There’s no need to panic because the year isn’t over. There’s still time to figure out where and why you lost focus – and get back on track. 

So today, I’m sharing 7 tips to help you regain your momentum in your business. We’ll talk about how you should be spending your time and energy to shake things up and get back on track to hit your goals for the year – no matter how far off they feel now.

Let’s get into the first shift. 👇

Stop Expecting to Be in 2021’s Market

A big reason you may have started to veer off track is due to frustration. Things just aren’t happening for you as easily as they used to and it’s causing you to feel down. 

Clients aren’t dropping from the sky the way they used to.  

Things seem so much harder.

And you’re starting to feel drained.

You’re not alone in feeling this way, but it’s still not an excuse. 

It’s not 2021 anymore. 

In 2021, interest rates were low, and more people were buying. 

Now, the real estate market is vastly different. You have to stop expecting the same ease to continue year after year. 

The reality is that the market has changed, and we can’t go backward. We can only adapt. 

So, to get back on track, you have to be willing to pivot, start fresh, and try new strategies. It’s time to start looking forward instead of behind. 

Connect Back to Your Why 

When times get tough, it’s important to remind yourself why you started your business in the first place – and why you want to keep trying for your goals.  

You must remember your why. Even (and especially) when things aren’t going your way in business. 

Many people say their kids are their why. Maybe they have a dream to be able to provide a certain lifestyle for them. That desire becomes the driving force behind what motivates them to grow their business.

But then, I encourage you to ask yourself:

What comes next? Once you’ve given your kids the lifestyle and the things you never had, then what?

On the other hand, some people may want to grow their businesses just for the ego boost. They want the glory of showing off how successful they’ve become.

But those are empty goals in the long term.

If your reasons for growing your business aren’t connected to something that matters to you, maintaining consistent progress is very difficult. 

When you find yourself lacking the motivation to grow your business, ask yourself, “What am I doing this for?”

Are you clear on those reasons – or are you trying to grow for the sake of growing?

The risk of our ‘whys’ being external is we become martyrs to those whys. Once we fulfill that reason, we’re left struggling to find the motivation to continue.

So try to find something deep inside yourself that motivates you to get up and work on your business every day. Whether it’s a vision, your values, a passion – your why must be something deeply important to you. 

Gowing for the sake of growing doesn’t count. 

Your why can be many things, but you have to be absolutely clear on what you’re doing all of this for.

Otherwise, you’ll simply fall off track again next year.

View Business As A Game – Not A Reflection Of Your Self-Worth

Many agents THINK they’re building a successful business…but they’re actually just building a golden cage.

You have the money, but you’re still trapped, overworked, and struggling to maintain your current level of success. 

When you’re stuck in this cage, something dangerous happens…

Your self-worth becomes closely tied to how your business is doing. 

And if you’re not having the best year, you’re probably not feeling too great right now. 

So how can you turn things around?

You need to start thinking about business like a game. 

If you’re only in it for the short-term gain – like money – you’ll end up losing. 

All of your goals surrounding your business are focused on increasing your revenue. But when you fail to meet those goals, the crash can be devastating.

When you think of business as a long-term game, it becomes more like a puzzle waiting for you to solve it.

You can try different approaches to build your audience, gain more leads, get more referrals…

Your approach to your business is one of curiosity, rather than a desperate need to earn more money – because that’s the only way to prove your worth. 

Learning to problem solve within your business is a skill that will serve you forever. 

Start by breaking down the small things on a day-to-day level, then move onto the larger scale things and ask, “This year isn’t my best year. What is going on?”

By building your problem-solving skills, you’re more able to look at your business objectively. You’re able to figure out what needs to be done step-by-step to meet your goals and regain your momentum.

Take an Honest Look at What’s NOT Working

Real estate agents have been taught for years that they have to outwork the competition to be successful. 

But outworking the competition isn’t the answer.

You don’t pick up speed in your business by simply doubling down and working harder on things that AREN’T working.

All this does is put you on the fast track towards burnout.

Instead, you have to get deeply honest with yourself and identify what isn’t working. 

Think of it this way: It’s not a matter of how hard you row. It’s a matter of what boat you’re in. 

And if you’re in the wrong boat to begin with, it won’t matter how hard you’re rowing.

Do an Audit

One of the best ways to figure out what ISN’T working in your business is to conduct an audit. 

Determine exactly what parts of your business aren’t carrying their weight. Then, figure out what you’re missing that would drive the most growth. 

Start by asking yourself three questions:

What’s Been Getting in the Way?

The first step of auditing your business is being ruthlessly honest about the things that are pulling you away from your business. 

Ask yourself…

Am I taking 100% responsibility for my business? Or am I clinging to excuses for why I can’t get the results I’ve been desiring? Making excuses often sounds like:

My business isn’t doing well because my kids have been sick so often this year.

Or the market changed. 

Or I had a lack of referrals.  

At the end of the day, no one is responsible for your business but you. 

If all you’re doing is making excuses year after year, you can’t expect anything to be different. 

Figure out what’s taking your focus away from the parts of your business that need attention.

Do You Need Buyers or Sellers (or Both)?

To help get you back on track, look for where there’s opportunity right now

What would help you reach your revenue goals more? More buyers or more listings? 

Most people want more listings. 

Listings will always generate more buyers, but buyers don’t generate more listings. However, this all depends on your current market.

By taking a close look at your market and focusing on a short-term goal, you can kick start your momentum and progress towards your business goals.

Where Have You Had Success in Past Years?

Think back to your best year ever. Where did your business come from? Now break it down and track it.

It’s a standard best practice to track where most of your leads come from, but so many agents forget to do this. 

To regain momentum, you MUST  know where your business is coming from. 

Create a spreadsheet and list where every client has come from over the years. 

Where did you get most of your leads from? Do you get more deals from social media, repeat clients, or referrals?

When you’re done, analyze your spreadsheet. Where do you think the most opportunity lies?

Once you know where you need to focus, adjust for those opportunities, and see where there might be a hole.  

Then, going forward, you know what to keep in mind to maintain momentum and push towards your biggest goals. 

Avoid Shiny Object Syndrome

Have you ever felt like you’re being pulled in a dozen directions?

It’s tempting to want to do it all. 

But to start a bunch of projects without finishing them will only lead to scattered efforts. 

If you’re working on five projects at the same time but making progress, the making progress part doesn’t matter. 

You need to get through and finish them. 

It’s okay to be multi-passionate and have a million ideas on any given day. For many of us creative visionaries, that’s just how our brains work. 

But you have to finish projects. You can’t start something and get distracted by the next shiny thing that flies in front of you. 

Otherwise, all of that effort, all the bandwidth you’ve expended, all that energy you’ve put into whatever you’re working on…

…it goes nowhere. 

And the goals and milestones you’ve been working toward fall by the wayside. 

Stop Wasting Energy on People Who Don’t See Your Value

Something you may notice about me is that I don’t teach FSBOs or expireds. 

For both FSBOs and expireds, the person selling the house chose not to use a real estate agent. 

So why waste your time trying to convince them to list with you?

They’ve already decided that working with a real estate agent isn’t valuable to them. 

Instead, focus your time on creating content that attracts people who are ready and willing to list with an agent. They already believe in the value agents provide. Now, you just need to sell them on why you’re THE agent for them!

To get your business back on track, use your energy to attract people who already see value in your services. It will go WAY further than chasing after those who don’t.

Even if you’ve lost your way and gotten off track, don’t worry. Take a step back, breathe, and reset your progress towards your goals. 

You can make a fresh start whenever you need to. 

Regaining momentum in your real estate business requires a shift in mindset and a hard look at where things are going wrong. 

But it’s always possible. 

So, stop treading water and have the courage to try a new approach – one that’s worked for countless others. 

In the Listings Lab, we give you the exact framework that so many other agents have used to grow their business to multi-6 and 7 figures. 

And it all starts with one conversation.

Apply and book a call with our team HERE to get back on track and make this year your best one yet! 

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