How Real Estate Events Can Be The Game-Changer Your Business Needs

Jess Talking to the Audience in a Real Estate Event | The Listings Lab

Have you considered attending a real estate event or retreat, but you’re not sure if it’s right for you?

If so, I want to introduce you to Aimee – a successful member of our 7-Figure Agent Collective program who’s been to multiple events that I host.

Aimee just can’t get enough of our retreats and events. She’s been to multiple of our “Palm Trees & Playbooks” retreats that we hold in The Bahamas as well as The Listings Lab Live. 

If you’ve been eyeing our events, you might want to hear from Aimee about why our real estate events are different.

Here’s what she had to say.

Not Your Average Real Estate Coaching Event 

Aimee’s not new to the real estate world – she’s been in the industry for 15 years.

So she isn’t new to real estate coaching and events!

In the past, Aimee invested substantial money in coaching through two different brokerages.

However, the experience always felt distant and transactional.

As she put it, she “never felt a closeness or a bond with her coaches or her trainers that she paid many thousands of dollars for.”

At previous events, Aimee always felt like she was being spoken at. But at our events, she’s spoken with. 

It’s why she keeps coming back for more. She recognizes that the intimacy and camaraderie of TLL events are rare!

The Magic of Proximity

There’s nothing quite like being in a room with your mentors. It’s exactly why when I first started The Listings Lab, the first thing I did was move to L.A. for six months so I could be closer to my mentor. I wanted to soak up all of his knowledge in person in a way that I just couldn’t do on Zoom.

Aimee feels similarly. She loves the intimacy of being in a room together face-to-face.” She said the conversations reach a depth that virtual sessions can’t quite match.

Our live events aren’t your typical real estate events where 1000 agents are crammed into one room for a seminar.

Instead, they feel intimate. We laugh together, we share our struggles, and we build our visions. Our attendees leave with friends. 

Mastermind With The Right People

Our events aren’t just about the talks my team and I have lined up. Yes, there’s the value and education you get from us.

But what’s just as magical is how you get to learn from the other agents at the events.

Especially for smaller events like our Bahamas retreats, agents must apply. This means everyone who attends is a high-performing, growth-oriented agent with a ton of valuable knowledge and experience to share with the other participants.

No Gatekeeping 

We also have an ‘open book’ policy at our events. There’s absolutely no gatekeeping.

People share everything that’s working in their businesses. From systems to marketing strategies to processes. Nothing is ‘proprietary’ or kept hidden.

This means the group dynamic is one of sharing and supporting, not ego and competition.

A Little Bit Of Business, A Little Bit Of Fun

Another thing that Aimee loves about our events? We’re not all business.

Yes, there’s a ton of business development and value taking place. But we also don’t take ourselves too seriously.

We make time to laugh, to take a break from being real estate agents and entrepreneurs and just be humans. 

Whether it’s bonding over dinners in paradise or even taking a break from business to swim with piggies…we have some serious fun! 

Picture of Jess Retreat Crew Smiling at the Camera While Swimming with Pigs at the Beach | Real Estate Events | The Listings Lab

Our weekends always end with loads of inside jokes.

Real Estate Events Give You The Space To Center Your Business & Personal Growth 

Part of the reason why Aimee keeps coming back to our events is because she feels like we’ve created a space where she just gets to focus on herself. She gets to block out the noise of the every day and tune into self-development.

As a CEO, you must create this space for yourself.

Whether it’s your family, your clients, or your team… there will always be people who need something from you.

But it’s up to you to carve out time where you put your needs first.

Where you focus on your vision, not just the endless demands of the day.

You Can’t Put A Price On Transformation

While investing in these events may seem steep, Aimee feels what she gets is truly priceless.

She believes the ROI from these deep connections and conversations can’t be quantified.

Not only do you get the breakthroughs to take your business to its next level, but you become a stronger leader in the process.

It’s an opportunity to grow as both a CEO and a human being.

If you want to experience the life-changing magic of our events, there’s still time to sign up for my next event in Austin, Texas from November 13-15th.

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