6 Big Changes Cori Made To Her Real Estate Social Media Strategy To Explode Her Engagement

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Do you feel like your real estate social media strategy is falling flat?

Are you feeling like no matter what you do, you only wind up with a few likes on your posts?

(And let’s be real…one of them is usually your Mom!)

Cori, a member of The Listings Lab used to feel the exact same way.

She needed to step up her real estate marketing to become a stand-out agent. She was tired of showing up on social media like all the other agents in her area.

Her posts were getting barely any engagement, let alone leads or clients. She felt like she was just spinning her wheels and that social media was a waste of time.

She wanted to find a real estate social media strategy that actually works… and she did with The Listings Lab! 

I sat down to talk with Cori about her biggest lessons, aha’s, and takeaways since joining The Listings Lab.

Here were the things that made all the difference in her social strategy!

She stopped trying to be “polished” with her real estate social media strategy

At first, Cori was terrified to put herself out there and create content, especially video content.

What would people think of her? She wondered.

She previously had a misconception that she had to be perfect and polished on video.

She soon realized this was completely wrong.

In reality, people just want to know the human behind the business. 

A lot of agents show up on social media to fill their ego account.

They like to flash big numbers, lavish lifestyles, and want people to think they’re always looking goodor glamorous.

You have to ask yourself…

Are you trying to build genuine relationships that might one day lead to a sale?

Or are you just trying to impress people with an inauthentic version of yourself? 

She allowed herself to be the real her

Once Cori started showing up as herself online, something amazing happened…

Her engagement absolutely skyrocketed.

She got more messages than ever before telling her just how much they loved and appreciated her content.

And she even started signing leads and clients.

After implementing the real estate social media strategy we teach inside The Listings Lab, she was able to reach 10,000 more people on Instagram! 

The biggest reason her reach exploded was because she was getting SO much engagement on this new type of content she was creating.

She unfollowed other agents

One of the biggest mistakes agents make is this:

They follow a bunch of other agents.

They try to copy what they’re doing because they don’t know what to post.

Their content sounds generic and lifeless because it’s not personal.

And not to mention, it doesn’t get them results since they weren’t copying a good strategy to begin with in the first place!

To prevent being influenced by bad habits or lack of strategy, Cori decided to unfollow other agents and fill her Instagram feed with ideal clients instead!

She let go of stories that were keeping her stuck

One of the biggest things that always held Cori back from sharing in the past was a fear of judgment. 

She had this preconceived notion that if she started sharing personal and vulnerable content, she would be met with a lot of negativity and hate.

But in reality?

The exact opposite happened. She had an outpouring of love and support!

Ask yourself…

  • What am I *truly* afraid of?
  • What could really go wrong if I share this content?
  • What kind of stories am I making up about why I’m not able to post? 

Once you get clear on the stories that are keeping you stuck, you’ll be able to move forward with your real estate social media strategy from a place of confidence and ease!

She trusted the process

Committing to the process we teach in The Listings Lab is no joke!

It’s not overly complex…but it does take work. Work that has a BIG pay-off.

Cori had a slow start when joining The Listings Lab program. 

She found it hard to trust the methods we teach in the program and be coachable. But after a couple of months of stalling, she realized she needed to stop thinking she had a better way and start trusting that we knew what we were doing. She had to overcome her resistance. 

She decided it was time to go ALL IN and trust the process…

She shifted her mindset and immediately started to feel momentum picking up in her real estate business. 

She had this great feeling that something good was coming.

And it totally did! 

Want to read more success stories just like Cori’s?

Be sure to check more reviews for The Listings Lab or watch some more member spotlight interviews on our YouTube channel! 

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