3 Simple Steps to Skyrocket Your Real Estate Sales (Even in a Tough Market)

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Have you ever told yourself you weren’t your real estate sales goals because of market factors?

Maybe you told yourself things like:

“The transactions are down in my market!”

“The interest rates are high in my market!”

“The number of listings is down in my market!”

Or something else of that nature?

Well, if so…I’ve got some tough love for you.

It’s time to ditch the excuses.

While certain market conditions can make things more challenging, there’s no reason why your growth has to slow down.

And there are agents out there who are KILLING it – no matter what the market’s presenting.

One of those agents is Kim Osborne, an alumnus of The Listings Lab who’s currently in our 7-Figure Agent Collective program.

Kim hasn’t let a tough market stop her.

In fact, she even says 2023 has been HER YEAR!

She and her partner are on track to hit their first multi-six-figure year.

Do you want to know what she changed to go from struggling to succeeding?

Read on for the three steps she took to skyrocket her real estate sales – even in a challenging market.

She Nailed Down Her Message

One of the most important things Kim learned throughout The Listing Lab and The 7-Figure Agent?

The importance of a clear and consistent message.

Before joining the program, Kim was trying to speak to everyone and anyone,  just hoping that someone would listen. 

But she soon realized that her message needed to be targeted at a specific audience if she wanted it to be compelling. Kim got to know her ideal clients better and then drilled down on her message –  tailoring it to better resonate with them. By speaking directly to their specific needs and concerns, she created a stronger connection and built better relationships with them. 

Once Kim got clear on her message, she then learned the value of consistency in delivering her message. 

Instead of sporadic communication with her audience, she made a commitment to consistently provide valuable content that helped her ideal clients.

Potential clients soon started referring to her as reliable, and someone they could trust. Not only that, but by consistently delivering her message, to the *right* people, she established herself as an authority in her niche. 

If you’re struggling with your real estate sales, take a look at your messaging. Do you know who you’re speaking to? And are you speaking to them in a way that will resonate?

She Stayed Authentic To Herself

Have you ever felt like you needed to fit a “mold” of how the perfect realtor should be if you want to succeed? 

Before joining The Listings Lab, Kim certainly did. 

She found herself trying to be someone she wasn’t, which made showing up consistently all the more difficult.

However, The Listings Lab and The 7-Figure Agent Collective showed her the importance of being authentic and true to herself.

Kim no longer tried to be overly professional, all of the time.

Instead, she embraced what made her her – like her sense of humor and big personality.

And in doing so, she started getting tons more clients reaching out. 

No one wants to work with a corporate robot. 

Not only will authenticity get more people reaching out about your services, but it will make content creation feel 10x easier when you no longer have to perform.

She Wasn’t Afraid To Have Tough Conversations

This step might be unexpected, but it was crucial to Kim’s success.

She didn’t shy away from difficult conversations with her clients. 

It’s easy to always want to please our clients, and avoid any topic that might make them feel uneasy.

But through experience, Kim learned that transparency is key to success.

Having open and honest conversations with her clients about market trends, potential outcomes, and realistic expectations built trust and created a more positive experience for everyone involved.

By pretending you can promise a certain outcome – you only increase the chances of letting your clients down.

When you’re able to let them know what’s in their control and what isn’t, you’re starting off the relationship on the right foot.

You’re keeping it real with your clients, and they’ll appreciate you for it!

Which only leads to a better reputation, more real estate referrals, and glowing testimonials all around!

Kim is a shining example of what can happen when you decide you’re going to succeed.

While she could’ve blamed the market, she doubled down on her messaging and client relationships, and is now having her best year yet.

Want to know how to attract clients like Kim, no matter what the market’s throwing at you?

Apply to join us in The Listings Lab and build a real estate marketing machine that fills your calendar with appointments – all without fake or sleazy sales tactics!

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