Dylan Kennelly

Dylan Kennelly is 7FA Coach at Listings Lab. He attended UNLV, where he received his bachelor’s in business management with a specialization in finance. He is currently a Real Estate Agent licensed in the Las Vegas valley, but he currently travels full-time and runs his real estate business completely remotely. Within the first three years of his career, Dylan was recognized in the top 7% of over 14,000 agents in the greater Las Vegas Area. But Dylan strives for more, so he sought out new and innovative marketing approaches.

He found The Listings Lab in 2018. As one of the first members through The Listings Lab, he built a content platform and personal brand that dramatically boosted his business. Over the past 8 years in the industry, Dylan has cultivated a thriving real estate business that he’s proud of. His goal at The Listings Lab is to offer a candid approach to coaching members looking to take their business to the next level as he has, and continues to do.

In his free time, you can find Dylan playing with his golden retriever, exploring America in his travel trailer (ask him about the Carlsbad Caverns), researching biohacks, and reading personal development and investing books. He has also gone through Tony Robbins’ Mastery programs, including Business Mastery, which have helped him better understand psychology, motivations, and growing a business with a people-forward approach.