Yves Lenouvel

Yves Lenouvel is co-founder and Chief Experience Officer at The Listings Lab. He worked with Jess from the beginning to build the systems that allowed her to climb to the top of her field and in 5 years, he created and nurtured an audience for Jess and her team and he enjoyed doing it every step of the way.

Yves is passionate about ensuring that all the live events, retreats, and other live experiences hosted by The Listings Lab are top-notch, memorable experiences for everyone who attends. He brings to his position a wealth of experience in event creation, management, and trade shows.

An uber-positive guy, Yves has the ability to take in joy from every aspect of the world around him and he brings that energy and passion into his work and to those near him. He lives in Eleuthera with Jess and their two cats, Dolce and Lilah.