4 Strategies To Create More Work-Life Balance as a Real Estate Agent

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Does the idea of ‘work-life balance’ as a real estate agent feel like an elusive dream?

For many of us, carving out time for our personal lives can feel impossible – especially in an industry that glorifies the grind.

But guess what?

You don’t have to keep being the ‘always-on’ realtor.

You don’t have to be the agent who puts everyone else before themselves – who clocks 80-hour weeks on the regular.

You have a choice. 

It’s entirely possible to strike a balance where you thrive professionally without sacrificing your personal well-being. 

Through the actionable strategies I’ll share below, you CAN prioritize both success and self-care. 

I’ll share the mistakes I made and the biggest shifts I made that allowed me to scale sustainably. 

So let’s dive into how you can transition from feeling overwhelmed to empowered, and pave a sustainable path to a 7-figure real estate business. 


When I was working in real estate, my mornings were often fueled by coffee and anxiety.

I was that typical agent who started checking emails the moment I opened my eyes. 

I was always on. Rather than pouring into myself first, I went straight into helping my team and my clients. It felt like someone always needed something from me.

But here’s the truth…

The only person to blame for this setup was myself. 

I realized I had to do a major overhaul of my boundaries.

So, I decided to set a rule for myself. My phone stayed on ‘do not disturb’ until I had taken care of three things—my body, mind, and spirit.

This could look like going on a 30-minute walk, listening to a personal development podcast, and doing a short meditation or some intuitive journaling. 

I would only let myself lend support to others once I’d filled my own cup.

Because here’s the reality. 👇

If you start every day answering calls for your attention, you’ll feel very empty very quickly.

Ask yourself: Where do I need to set up boundaries and limits on my time? Am I giving people access to me too freely? 


There’s no way around it…

You can’t embrace work-life balance as a real estate agent while trying to do it all yourself.

It’s just not possible! 

Sooner or later, you’re going to have to embrace the magic of delegation.

Now, I know what you might be thinking.

I can already hear you saying, “I tried to hire team members in the past and all I had to do was babysit them. There’s no point!”.

And to that, I say, I’ve been right where you are.

But trust me, it IS possible to build a real estate team that supports you fully, who saves you time and energy rather than depletes it. 

To experience the power of a self-reliant team, you need to commit to being a better boss.

Too many agents complain about their team, while at the same time they’re:

  • Micro-managing how they do their work
  • Throwing them into the deep end with no real estate operations manual or SOPs
  • Holding on to unnecessary tasks because they can’t give up control

Creating a team is a game-changer, but it requires work on your part too.

Expect that you might need to spend a bit more time in the beginning building training materials, properly vetting and interviewing employees, and training them on your processes and core values.

While there’s a bit more upfront work required, soon your team will be autonomous, and then you’ll be one step closer to the work-life balance you’ve been craving.

Systems & Automation 

Hiring team members without implementing proper systems and automation is a band-aid solution.

You’ll go from spending your time doing the work to spending your time fixing processes and answering questions about the work. 

You’ll also waste a lot of money paying a team member to do something when you could instead pay for software that does the same thing for $20/month.

This will also free up time for your team to work on more impactful projects. 

Let me give you an example of an automated system we help our members in our 7-Figure Agent Collective program build out.

Using Airtable, we help our members create an almost entirely automated system for team hiring.

Here’s how it works.

When hiring a new team member, they simply tweak a few email templates and update application statuses. Candidates have a ready-made form to complete to apply for the job. 

The system then manages scheduling, sends out emails, including rejections, and more. 

This lets team leads concentrate on the most important tasks: interviewing, assessing sample tasks, and finalizing job offers.

Systems like this not only improve your work-life balance as a real estate team lead but your entire team’s, too! 

Develop A Consistent Lead-Generation Machine 

One of the biggest reasons so many real estate agents struggle with work-life balance is that they don’t have a consistent system for bringing in leads.

This can cause a ‘rollercoaster’ type of work environment.

One month you might be hustling working 80-hour weeks for your clients, only for your pipeline to run dry the next.

You end up spending countless hours prospecting and reaching out to everyone you know for referrals. A sense of panic and urgency fills your day. The last thing you feel is calm and balanced.

But all of this could be solved if you had a consistent method for bringing in high-quality leads to your real estate business.

This is exactly what we help you set up in The Listings Lab. 

If you’re tired of never knowing where your next lead is coming from…

If you’re ready to stop hustling for clients and free up time in your schedule each week…

If you’re ready to build the consistency, predictability, and scalability needed to reach 7 figures…

Then I invite you to apply here and book a call with our team to see if the program is right for you.

Work-life balance as a real estate agent isn’t impossible. You DON’T  need to sacrifice your time in order to build a successful real estate business! 

Apply here for your FREE call to see what’s possible when you build out a scalable and consistent lead-generation machine. 

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