6 Social Media Marketing Tips for Real Estate Agents

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In today’s digital world, marketing your real estate business on social media is no longer optional – it’s the KEY to having a consistent influx of qualified leads and clients. 

But simply having accounts isn’t enough. You need an effective social media marketing strategy if you want to break through the noise and stand out online.

After helping thousands of agents successfully grow their businesses through organic social media and digital marketing, I’ve seen firsthand what works. In a recent podcast, I shared six of my top tips for marketing yourself on social media successfully!

Here are 6 social media marketing tips for real estate that will get you leads and clients.

Use Compelling Case Studies

Case studies—detailed accounts of your past transactions—build trust and social proof. By sharing examples of how you’ve helped clients achieve their real estate goals in the past, you demonstrate your skills, expertise, and ability to deliver results.

Here are some tips for creating effective real estate case studies for social media:

  • Strategically choose transactions that you want more of. Look for clients with compelling stories where the transaction went smoothly. There is some value in showing a difficult deal, but don’t make all your case studies complex. Those should be only 1 in 10.
  • Share key details and data points from the transaction. Be sure to include concrete numbers wherever possible, such as the listing price, the number of offers received, and the final sale price. Make sure you’re analyzing the data you give. Don’t just present the numbers – provide some analysis as well.
  • Tell the story of your client’s transformation. Tell the story of what prompted your clients to reach out to you. How were you able to help them? What was the end result? If you have something, especially eye-catching, like let’s say a dramatic improvement with a coat of paint and some staging, you can include those visuals as well.
  • Include a testimonial quote from the clients if possible. This adds credibility. Make sure to use a screenshot if you do.
  • End your case study with a call-to-action to chat more, to book a consultation or to even offer more info on your signature system if you have one created already. This will convert readers into leads!

By positioning yourself as an expert through detailed, data-driven case studies, you’ll attract more of your ideal potential clients.

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Create Myth-Busting Content

Another powerful type of social media content is myth-busting posts that educate readers and dispel common misconceptions about the real estate industry. This type of perspective-shifting content builds your authority and credibility. 

Some examples of myths you can address:

  • You need a 20% down payment to buy a house
  • You should always list your home for a high price and leave room for negotiations
  • Real estate agents are just trying to make a quick commission

It might be obvious to you that these statements are myths, but potential clients and many consumers still believe them. 

Educating your audience on these myths can help them feel more confident or prepared in moving forward. For example,  A client who thinks they need a 20 percent downpayment might not think that they can buy for another 6 months.

But doing a myth-busting piece of content that addresses that will help dispel that myth and they might reach out and get going sooner!

Here are some tips for creating effective myth-busting posts:

  • Use a friendly, approachable tone backed up by facts and data. Avoid being negative.
  • Share relatable anecdotes and stories to make the content engaging.
  • Stick to debunking a few common myths per post so you don’t overwhelm readers.
  • Explain the implications of debunking each myth. For example, note how realizing you don’t need 20% down will help you land your dream home faster!

When done right, myth-busting content establishes you as a knowledgeable resource and positions you as the go-to expert. 

Share Authentic Lifestyle Content

Lifestyle content gives your followers a peek into your life outside of real estate. This could include photos and videos from your hobbies, travels, family activities, etc.

Sharing lifestyle content helps potential clients connect with you on a more personal level. By showcasing your genuine experiences and interests, you’re able to show them that you’re not just an agent – you’re a fellow human being. 

Here are some pro tips for sharing lifestyle content:

  • Remember, authenticity is key. Share your real passions, not a manufactured persona.
  • Photos and videos resonate more than text updates. Capture moments from your hobbies, adventures, and time with family.
  • Stop worrying about being “professional”. You don’t have to make it seem like you wear a suit every day and drive a black sports car for your clients to want to work with you!

When potential clients get a glimpse of the real you outside of real estate, you become more relatable, likable, and approachable.

Strategically Use Local Hashtags

When you use local hashtags, you can help your posts appear in search results for people looking for real estate in your specific area.

This helps you reach the right audience. When you use generalized hashtags like #RealEstate or #HomesForSale, you’ll likely get a lot of engagement from people who aren’t in your area or who aren’t interested in buying/selling a home right now. 

But when you use local hashtags like #TampaRealEstate or #CalgaryRealtor – you’ll attract people who are specifically looking for real estate in your area.

Here are some pro tips for using local hashtags: 

  • Use local hashtags consistently over time to establish yourself as a neighborhood expert.
  • Network with other local businesses using the same local hashtags – this can lead to referrals.
  • Also, be sure to mix popular hashtags like #HomesForSale with more niche local ones. Popular hashtags may get more overall eyes on them, but niched local hashtags target those more likely to convert to clients.

In short, local hashtags help you reach potential clients looking for real estate in your area.

Create Value-Added Market Reports

One of the most ineffective content that I see on social media is market reports. That’s because most agents just slap up a graphic with some statistics – they don’t interpret what that data means for their audience. But market reports can be incredible for building authority if you do them right.

To create something of value, you need to interpret what the data means for your specific audience.

Follow these tips when compiling market reports:

  • Define a specific audience and goal for the report. This will dictate the right local area and metrics to focus on.
  • Collect hyperlocal data on trends, behaviors, and analysis. Your local real estate board is a good source.
  • Objectively analyze the data to spot patterns and trends. Avoid assumptions. Let the data speak for itself.
  • Explain what the data means for your audience. Use lines like “Here’s what this means for you.”
  • Deliver reports in videos to walk through the data instead of just graphics.

By making your market reports audience-focused, you stand out from the rest and provide real value to potential clients.

Use Storytelling to Make Emotional Connections

There’s a reason the typical “just listed, just sold” posts don’t work on social media.

They aren’t valuable and don’t do anything to entice potential clients. People want to know more than just the property details and the price tag!

They want to connect emotionally with the property and understand how it can fit into their lives.

That’s where storytelling comes in. Stories are 22 times more memorable than facts, so make sure you’re leveraging this content type!

Here are some tips for storytelling-focused listing posts:

  • Understand who your ideal buyer is for each property. Describe your listings in a way that would appeal to their desires.
  • Craft a compelling backstory. Share what past owners loved about the property.
  • Sell the lifestyle. If it’s a luxury high-rise, describe the amenities and convenience for city professionals. If it’s a family home, sell them on the proximity to schools and community centers, and highlight the big backyard.
  • Storytelling is memorable and helps listings resonate emotionally. Always opt for a narrative that will capture their heart over sterile stats and figures.

So there you have it—six tips to transform your social media marketing as a real estate agent.

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