How To Make Real Estate Videos: 6 Tips For Agents Ready To Shine Online

Picture of Jess Lenouvel, CEO of The Listings Lab | 6 Tips On How To Make Real Estate Videos

Want to know how to make real estate videos that make your ideal clients stop the scroll?

You’re in the right place.

There’s no way around it – video has become a non-negotiable for real estate agents looking to sign more clients off social media and generate inbound leads.

There’s no better way to build that know, like, and trust factor with your audience.

Video is one of the most powerful marketing mediums that you need to be leveraging so that you can connect with your ideal clients at scale. 

With these 6 tips, your videos will be memorable, enticing, and optimized for social media.

Ready to dominate on video?

Keep reading!

Pay attention to your environment 

Where you create your real estate videos matters.  

You want to have at least a few designated areas in your house or office where you can create content. 

Make sure your background is clean and tidy. If you have a plain white or colored wall, that’s good enough!

The most important thing is that you don’t have a ton of clutter in the frame, as this will distract from the message in your video.

If you do have something in the frame, make sure it’s an intentional touch for visual intrigue – maybe some flowers in the corner, a nice plant, or a decorative piece. 

Record near a window or somewhere with good lighting, and make sure you put yourself in the center of the frame. 

Invest in the right tech

You don’t need to spend a ton of money on tech to start making real estate videos, but a few affordable tools can make a big difference. 

  • Lapel Mic: If you’re recording a lot of videos outside, a lapel mic can be a game changer. It will hook onto your clothing, so it’s not super noticeable, and will cut out all outside noise. High-quality video is becoming more and more important to stand out online – and audio quality is a big part of this!
  • Gimbal: If you’re creating moving videos (for example, listing walkthroughs!) I recommend investing in a Gimbal. A Gimbal is essentially a selfie-stick with a stabilizer attached to it.  This will help your videos feel smooth and high-quality without any bouncing or shaking!
  • A Ring Light: If your space doesn’t have the best natural lighting, a ring light is going to be your best friend. By propping one up in front of your phone, you can easily minimize shadows and low lighting and improve video quality in a snap.

All of these tools are super easy to find on Amazon or at your local tech shop!

Embrace authenticity and avoid excessive editing

While a little video editing can help you look more polished, you don’t want to go too far. 

Remember, the whole point of video marketing is to help your clients get to know YOU as the face of the brand.

With video, they get to see your mannerisms, your laugh, and your expressions. Unlike a text ad, they get to know the human behind the business. 

So make sure you’re embracing authenticity!

This might look like:

  • Choosing topics you’re genuinely interested in, rather than talking about something just because someone else is. People can FEEL your passion for a topic. If a video idea doesn’t feel interesting to you – just skip it and move on to the next!
  • Not adding in excessive filters or fancy transitions. Focus more on the message rather than going overboard with visual effects. You don’t want your video to look like an ad!
  • Talking as you normally would rather than reading a script. If you want to stay on track, I recommend writing down a few bullet points related to your real estate video topic. Writing out a whole script and reading it can come across as inauthentic and robotic-sounding. 

If you tend to get overwhelmed with filming videos for social media, pretend you’re talking to one person like you’re having a casual conversation. 

Emphasize one-take videos

Instead of starting and stopping the camera multiple times, try to film content in one take. If a mistake happens, embrace it, have a laugh, and recenter without turning off the camera. This approach saves time and doesn’t interrupt your flow.

It doesn’t matter if you end up with a 30-minute-long video. You can go and simply edit out any errors. This approach is way more efficient than turning on and off the camera a million times, and keeps you in a natural flow. 

Keep your bloopers

Instead of taking yourself so seriously, you can leverage your bloopers as a powerful marketing tool. 

Keeping some of the funny and authentic moments from failed attempts or behind-the-scenes footage can create a stronger connection with your audience.

Being able to laugh at yourself showcases humility – but at the same time exhibits a certain level of confidence. Putting a blooper out into the world communicates, “I got this, I’m a pro. But I’m also a human and I still make mistakes like everyone else.”

There are members in The Listings Lab who have literally signed clients from being brave enough to post their bloopers! People have reached out to them saying:

“I saw your Blooper video and I was laughing so hard – I knew you were my person.”

Even just posting one of your funny blooper takes on your Instagram stories can create a ton of engagement. So try posting a blooper, and see how it goes! 

Add subtitles

This depends on the platform you’re using, but when it comes to real estate videos for Instagram and Facebook, it’s helpful to remember that 90% of people are watching with their sound off.

Because of this, it’s super important to transcribe your videos.

You can do this directly within the Instagram app, or even use a tool like Capcut or KapWing. 

Remember that even if you automatically generate subtitles using Facebook or a third-party app, you’ve got to proofread them for accuracy.

Be engaging

Your ideal clients are seeing hundreds – if not thousands – of pieces of content every single day. 

Which is why you have to make sure you HOOK them.

Avoid introductory statements like, “Hi, my name is Susie from Royal Page.” Instead, dive into the content right away and get straight to the point. 

Talk with confidence, smile, and use hand gestures to emphasize your points. Keep the video natural and authentic, without sounding overly sales-y or scripted.

So there you have it – everything you need to know about how to make real estate videos that generate inbound leads for your real estate business!

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And if you’re ready to get our exact system for generating qualified leads off social media so you can fill your calendar with appointments (all without fake or sleazy techniques!) be sure to download The Listings Lab Method Guide.

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