How To Win In Real Estate: What Top Real Estate Agents Are Doing Differently

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Have you been struggling to stay afloat with things rapidly changing?

The market is different and there’s no denying it. 

What was a once familiar landscape might now feel like completely foreign territory.

The tactics that used to be your bread and butter are now leaving your pipeline dry and your business struggling to stay afloat.

You’re wondering to yourself…what can I do to stay ahead in this market?

If you want to win in real estate,  you’ve got to shift your approach. The same old-school tactics won’t cut it anymore.

It’s going to take refining your systems, marketing, and team if you want to gain market share. 

Let’s get into exactly what’s changing – and what you need to be focusing on. 👇

The Top Real Estate Agents Are Taking A Larger Slice of the Pie 

In the past, I’ve always said that 20% of agents are doing 80% of transactions. 

However, these days, things are getting even more competitive. Business is already shifting into even fewer hands with 20% of the top 20% taking the lion’s share.

There’s no longer space for agents looking to do the odd deal. The agents that will last are the ones willing to go all in on their business. 

It’s more important than ever to ensure you’re equipped with the right tools and strategies to help you win at real estate and rise to the top.  

Your Decisions Will Propel You Forward or Hold You Back 

Have you ever heard the saying, “If nothing changes, nothing changes?” 

That statement used to be true. Without changing anything, you’d remain firmly in place.

But with the current rate of change, that’s not how things are working.

Now, if nothing changes, you actually move backward. 

You can no longer rely on the old – so making intentional decisions is KEY in determining whether you move forward, remain stagnant, or fall behind. 

Think About Your Business as a Blank Slate

I want you to think about your business as a blank piece of paper.

It doesn’t matter how many years of experience you have, or how well things were working a few years ago. 

What you’re currently doing is no longer getting you results. Wiping the slate clean and being open to a new way of doing business is the only path forward. 

If you are ready to return to the drawing board and start afresh, then keep reading.

Why You Might Be Losing Focus 

You may have already tried to adapt your business, but things still don’t feel like they’re working. 

This could come down to a few main reasons: 

1. You’re trying a strategy just to tick it off a box

I often see this when it comes to social media marketing. Agents will tell me they’ve already “tried” marketing their business on social media.

But then, when I press them further, they’re simply posting to post. Generic Canva quotes and “Just listed, just sold!” posts aren’t a solid strategy.

Whatever strategy you decide to use, you have to bring intentionality to it. Dedicate your time and effort to doing it well!

2. Attempting to mix and match strategies

Similarly, mixing and matching strategies often dilute their effectiveness. Decide to go all-in on one strategy instead of trying to combine it with another. Make sure to give any strategy time and effort before abandoning ship for another. 

3. Shiny object syndrome

Don’t get distracted by shiny objects. Remember that the more you veer away from your chosen main strategy, the more diluted your focus becomes.

For example, if you’ve decided to focus on Instagram, shiny object syndrome could look like wanting to start a YouTube channel the next week, only to be distracted by TikTok the next. 

Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem and it is simplicity. Find one approach that you resonate with and then commit to it. Commit to the learning process and commit to a path of action. 

How To Win In Real Estate: What You Need to Do to Be in the Top Sliver of Agents 

The following strategies will help you navigate the changing market, build a strong foundation for success, and position yourself as a leader in your niche.

Here’s how you’re going to win at real estate and become a top agent.  👇

Top Agents Build the Right-Sized Team

Mega teams are no longer the guarantee of success that they once were. Instead, small, lean teams are now performing best.

A tight-knit lean team allows you to adapt at a moment’s notice. By leveraging systems and automation, you can get more done with fewer people on your team.

Not too small, though! Those who refuse to grow and want to stay solo agents will get left behind. 

The top agents deliver a level of service that’s simply not possible as a one-person show. 

Plus, refusing to delegate puts you on the fast track to realtor burnout.

Top Agents Prioritize Their Marketing 

There’s no way around it.

If you learn how to win at real estate and rise to the top of your market, you have to invest more time, energy, and money into marketing. Period. 

In order to maintain top-of-mind awareness with your ideal clients, you must be consistent and frequent. 

Practically, this looks like allocating at least 60% of your time to marketing and the remaining 40% to delivery. 

Most agents do this backward. They focus all of their time on their clients and marketing becomes an afterthought. But you must flip that ratio if you want to get ahead.

To really stay competitive, I’d even recommend bringing on a team lead who spends 80-90% of their time on marketing.

Organic Marketing Matters Most 

Paid traffic isn’t what it used to be. You can’t pay your way to success anymore through ads. 

You need to first have a solid foundation of what works organically before amplifying your efforts with ads. 

Organic social media is also no longer optional in this day and age where people no longer convert off websites. 

Social media is where conversion happens, so make sure you’re prioritizing it. 

Marketing Has to Feel Real 

In a world of technology and AI, the ability to connect on a human level has become invaluable

Perfectly produced content does not drive connection. Neither does generic outsourced content from a real estate marketing company that doesn’t know your clients.

There’s no need to hide behind Canva graphics or highly scripted videos when people want to see YOU!

The Top Agents Market Their System, Not Themselves 

If you really want to hit that 7-figure mark, you must shift the focus from yourself to your system. Marketing yourself as the magical solution is simply not sustainable.

If YOUR magic is the reason your clients get results, what happens when someone from your team works with them instead?

Instead, focus on establishing what makes your system unique and effective. 

Sell the benefits and proven results of your process, providing clients with tangible evidence that your system is the key to their success, regardless of which team member they work with.

The Top Agents Consider Themselves Marketers First, Not Agents 

When I started out, I wasn’t the most experienced or skilled realtor in town, but I quickly surpassed veterans who’d been in the game for decades. 

How? By being an unbeatable marketer.

If you want to thrive, you’ve got to prioritize marketing above all else. Invest your time, money, and energy into learning and implementing killer marketing strategies.

Remember, great realtors don’t become millionaires – great marketers do.

Top Agents Take Responsibility for Nurturing Their Leads

I often hear from real estate agents that, “Online leads are crap!”

But here’s the deal. 👇

Rather than blaming your leads, it’s up to YOU to take responsibility to nurture them. 

Regardless of the origin platform, every single lead requires you to take them from cold → hot.

It’s up to you to bridge the gap and help turn them from strangers to clients. 

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Top Agents Do Not Rely on Their Network 

Relying solely on repeat and referral business from your existing network will eventually stunt your growth. With buying cycles extending to 8.5 years and a 20% churn rate, you can’t depend on the same level of repeat business as before.

To break through this ceiling, top agents focus on generating new leads and growing their audience.

While your current network is valuable, exclusively relying on it is not a sustainable long-term strategy. Instead, leverage digital marketing to attract new people and expand your sphere of influence.

The current market is undoubtedly different, but upgrading your approach is possible.

By focusing on building the right-sized team, prioritizing marketing, leveraging organic strategies, nurturing leads, and expanding your network, you can learn how to win in real estate and thrive – no matter what the market’s doing externally

Remember, the most successful agents are those who are willing to learn, grow, and evolve alongside the industry.

If you’re ready to become the go-to agent in your market, The Listings Lab can get you there.

Apply here to book a call with our team and learn how we can help you elevate your marketing and business! 

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