Can You Be a Remote Real Estate Agent? Inside David’s Success Working from Paradise

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Have you ever wondered whether or not it’s possible to become a remote real estate agent? 

In this blog post, we will dive into the inspiring story of David Binns, a member of The Listings Lab who’s managed to build a thriving real estate business that he now runs from Costa Rica. 

David traded hustling in Toronto for closing million-dollar deals from the beach. He’s let go of outdated industry beliefs and has created a real estate business that allows him to live out his ideal lifestyle. 

David’s story is a testament to the fact that with the right mindset and strategies, you can break free from the traditional mould.

You no longer have to choose between financial freedom and location freedom.

Keep reading to learn more about how David became a remote real estate agent and successfully built a business that aligns with his true desires.

Finding a New Path

David started his real estate journey in commercial and corporate real estate but soon realized that he was exhausted from the old ways of doing business. 

Cold calling, door knocking, and other traditional methods were leaving him drained and burnt out.

To make matters worse, he soon hit a challenging time in his business. David was just covering his expenses, barely staying afloat in his business when he got a call that turned his world upside down.

The CRA (Canada’s Revenue Agency) called him up to let him know that he owed $75,000 in tax debt, due to an error his accountant made.

David owed the government $75k in GST – and he had no idea how he was going to come up with the money. 

Feeling overwhelmed and scared, David knew he needed a new approach.

Enter The Listings Lab

It was during this challenging time that David discovered The Listings Lab. 

Intrigued by what he saw, David reached out to me to ask about our mentorship programs. This marked the beginning of a beautiful friendship and a whole new way of running his business. 

With the guidance and tools provided by The Listings Lab, David began his transformation.

Shifting His Belief System

Shortly after joining the program, the first thing David got to work on was his mindset.

The Listings Lab helped decondition him and dismantle old industry myths. David opened up his mind to a new set of possibilities.

David says most agents harbor unconscious “agreement realities” – rigid ways of thinking that seem like truth. He gave up two big ones:

  • You can’t earn as much running your business remotely
  • Income depends on your physical location

David’s results debunk two of these commonly held limiting beliefs. After learning digital marketing strategies through The Listings Lab, David massively increased his income while working remotely from Costa Rica. 🌴

He was thrilled to find a mentorship program that prioritized personal alignment.

In The Listings Lab, we don’t just teach you how to build a 7-figure real estate business. We teach you how to build a 7-figure real estate business that allows you to live your ideal lifestyle and vision. 

Shifting Who He Took Advice From 

In the past, David was getting most of his advice from big-name brokerages.

The problem?

The people who are building the training materials and running the brokerages are the agents who were successful in the 70s, 80s, and 90s.

They were building their business during a completely different paradigm. 

That’s why the industry preaches rigid truths, like saying you need to have boots on the ground if you want to have success. 

David needed to stop taking advice from people who shared outdated strategies.

Brokerage owners will still tell you that it’s not possible to be a remote real estate agent for two reasons.

Either A) –  they just don’t know how to leverage the internet to do so.

Or B) – they realize it’s possible but it completely contradicts their business model, so they discourage it.

If you want to work from paradise – or even just your home office – it’s time to transform your outdated belief system and start learning from innovative mentors.

Shifting Your Vision 

Once you’ve shifted your belief system and found mentors you align with, it’s time to shift your vision.

This is where you can dream big because you’ve deconditioned yourself from the industry beliefs that say it can’t be done.

You have to aim before you fire. 

Envision your ideal lifestyle vividly – just like watching a movie scene unfold. By getting clear on your big-picture vision, you can plan backward from there, shaping your business today to make that future a reality.

It’s crucial to see tangible details – be meticulous. The clearer the vision, the easier your subconscious can bridge the gap between current reality and your goals.

Reverse Engineering Your Vision 

Once David got clear on his vision, all he had to do was reverse-engineer things so that his real estate business allowed him to live out his ideal lifestyle.

David knew he wanted to work as a remote real estate agent from Costa Rica. 

There were a few shifts he needed to do to make this happen.

First, he needed to shift his identity so he no longer saw himself as an agent – he saw himself as a marketer and entrepreneur. He now sees himself as an entrepreneur selling real estate services, not just as an agent.

When you shift into an entrepreneurial mindset, you realize your main goal is to deliver value by having excellent service and to consistently generate new leads for the business.

Neither of these requires a presence on the ground.

David ended up hiring a partner who acts as his in-person liaison. He and David came up with a split that works for them.

The key is finding someone whom you deeply trust, and who does not bring a sense of entitlement into your business. Many employees would be big fans of this setup because they hate being the ones to market, sell, and bring in business – and would prefer to just manage logistics. 

David’s biggest lesson? Being a remote real estate agent is absolutely possible with the right team and systems. 

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Leveraging Digital Marketing

The internet and social media have been total game-changers – even if many in the old-school real estate crowd have yet to realize it.

The fact is, when leveraged strategically, social media and digital marketing provide today’s agents with unprecedented reach and endless opportunities – regardless of where you physically live.

People who don’t believe real estate can be location-independent are behind the times. They’re missing how profoundly the digital marketing landscape has shifted – and how this is a benefit to the modern agent. 

The days of being limited to selling real estate in one particular geographic area are long gone.

Digital marketing allows you to build relationships at scale with clients looking to buy or sell – no matter where they’re located. 

By leveraging organic social media, email campaigns, lead magnets, and paid advertising like Facebook ads as a real estate agent, you can build a successful business from anywhere in the world.

Whether you simply want to move to a new market in your country, or even make an international move to paradise like David, with digital marketing, the world is your oyster.

Want to know more about how you can leverage digital marketing strategies so you can build the business of your dreams?

The Listings Lab Method Guide will help you ditch outdated marketing tactics and start reaching thousands of potential clients each month. Attracting inbound leads gets to be easy with our system.

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