5 Limiting Beliefs Stopping You From Scaling a Real Estate Business

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Are you ready to bust through your current production and start scaling your real estate business?

Scaling a real estate business is no walk in the park.

Not only does it take high-level strategy and tactics, but there are also some serious mindset issues to tackle. 

You can have all the strategy in the world.

You can have the best Facebook ads strategy, a perfectly mapped-out sales funnel, and be a rockstar at converting prospects on sales calls.

But none of it matters if you have deeply rooted beliefs that are not compatible with the business you envision for yourself. 

Along my journey of building a 7-figure real estate business, there were MANY beliefs and habits I had to undo. 

And now as I  mentor other real estate agents, these are the some of the most common limiting beliefs I hear time and time again that will prevent you from scaling a real estate business.

Let’s get into them so you can see if YOU hold any of these negative beliefs – and if you do, help you swap them for something more empowering!

“If I want to make more money, I have to work harder” 

I’m going to tell you something that might surprise you.

It can actually be a lot harder to make $250,000 than to make a million dollars. 

I know that sounds counterintuitive – but it’s true. 

If you’re an agent and you’re making in the $200-300k range, you’re most likely still doing the majority of your work yourself.

Sure, you might have an assistant or a VA. You may have even started to build a small team.

But you don’t have a leveraged team. 

You’re still the one responsible for almost everything. Every process, every decision, every strategy…it all still goes through you.

And that, my friend, is a recipe for burnout. 

If you choose NOT to go beyond that income range, you’ll stay stuck with the pain of doing everything yourself forever. And eventually, you’ll lose the love you have for the real estate industry. 

BUT when you decide to scale your real estate business past that mark and aim for seven figures…you’ll have no choice but to master systems and automation.

And rather than having a team you have to babysit, where you’re constantly the bottleneck, you’ll have a team that actually gives you back your time.

Start to come around to the idea that building a million-dollar business is going to help you work fewer hours, not more. 

Building a big, automated, profitable business is the best thing you can do for your peace of mind.

My mental health, the quality of my relationships, and my peace of mind all significantly improved once I committed to building a 7-figure business.

“If I want to build a million-dollar business, I’ll have to sacrifice my personal or family time”

Have you ever thought something along these lines? 

“I’ll only be able to hit [X] number…because that’s all I have time for”

“Building a million-dollar business isn’t for me, because I really value my family time” 


“I’d love to scale my business, but I’m not willing to sacrifice my personal goals to get there”

I understand the sentiment, but what if I told you that you didn’t need to?

That an increase in time (especially quality time with loved ones!) could be a result of scaling your real estate business?

At one point, I told myself similar stories as to why I could never hit the seven-figure mark.

I was claiming I valued my time and therefore didn’t want to focus on growing my business bigger. 

While at the same time, spending hours and hours:

  • Scheduling calls
  • Doing showings
  • Writing offers
  • Doing paperwork
  • Having partnership meetings

Every single message that came in HAD to be answered by me.

Now tell me…does that sound like someone who would have the time, space, and mental energy to show up in full force for her personal life? For her family?

I couldn’t. 

If you refuse to put in the work to scale your business, you’ll actually spend years of your life as a real estate zombie. Someone who’s constantly busy and stressed, always answering emails and taking calls. You’re not able to truly be present for the other parts of your life when real estate consumes you.

Scaling a real estate business *is* the path to a more fulfilling personal life and higher caliber relationships with your loved ones. Take it from someone who’s been there!

“If I automate, systematize and delegate, my clients won’t be getting high-touch, high-level support” 

I think when a lot of people think about growth, they think the desire to grow is somehow greedy.

Or they feel putting in the systems to scale their real estate business will somehow hinder their clients.

They believe that doing fewer deals with a smaller group of clients will give their business a more luxurious, high-end feel and that their clients will be getting better service.

I understand the mentality.

But I want you to consider something…

You’re a big-hearted, genuine person who truly cares about your clients.

You do your best on every single deal, and you get your client incredible results. 

The people who get the opportunity to work with you are freakin’ lucky!

So why would you limit that to just a handful of people each year?

You owe it to your community and your future clients to grow and scale.

Because if it’s not you, it’s someone else.

And let’s be real…there are a lot of agents out there who DON’T care. Who DON’T do a great job for their clients.

If you choose to stay small, well, you’re giving your clients to that agent.

You’re not helping your clients by limiting your growth. You’re doing them a disservice. 

If you are good at what you do and you’re someone who truly cares about your clients, it’s your responsibility to grow your business and help more people. 

This *doesn’t* mean you have to grow by doing it all yourself and burning out.

Setting up the proper systems and automations SERVES your clients. Delegating tasks outside your zone of genius HELPS your clients. 

You actually have more time and energy to provide that high-level support when you’re not running around frazzled, trying to do all the things. 

Let go of the myth that scaling your business is somehow a disservice to your clients. When in reality staying small is. 

“No one can run my business better than me” 

Nothing will kill your dreams of scaling a real estate business faster than this belief. 

And I get it, because it held me back for years, too.

In fact, I used to pride myself on being a “lone wolf” in business. I thought the fact that I could do it all was one of my biggest strengths. I told myself being independent and self-sufficient was part of what made me so successful.

But in reality, it was a crutch. It was a story that I hid behind so I wouldn’t have to get over my fear of trusting others and letting go of control. 

If you ever want to scale to multiple six or seven figures, you need to let go of the idea that YOU are the only one who can run your business properly.

There are many people who can do the tasks in your business just as well as you…if not better!

I believe a huge part of the reason my team is so successful is because I’ve hired people who are better than me in their respective roles. Bringing on a team to take over parts of my business elevated our results…not weakened them.

Not only does having a team who are all working in their zone of genius increase the quality for our customers, but it allows ME as the CEO to have more space.

Now, the only things on my plate are the things that I excel at and enjoy doing.

Everything else I was able to hand off.

Allowing yourself to trust in the capabilities of others is what will give you true freedom WHILE skyrocketing your business results.


“If I build a team, it has to look like everyone else’s”

When it comes to scaling a real estate business, you already know you need a team.

But maybe you’ve been holding back because you’ve seen an outdated team model that doesn’t feel aligned.

Here’s what I want you to know…

There is no one way to build a team for your real estate business.

If you’ve looked around at other agents who have a team, and it doesn’t seem like that model would be a great fit for you…don’t write off having a team altogether.

Your team doesn’t have to look like everyone else’s.

Yes, there’s the typical Millionaire Real Estate agent model. And sure, it works for some people.

But that is not the only way to leverage a team and hit seven figures in your business.

Part of the reason why I’m so excited about my book, More Money, Less Hustle: Becoming the Seven-Figure Real Estate Agent (available for pre-order here!) is because I explore alternate team models for success.

Please know…

Your team DOESN’T need to be hierarchical. 

You don’t have to be a babysitter or responsible for every decision in your business. 

There is a different way.

Don’t allow your resistance to building a traditional real estate team make you decide team growth isn’t in the cards for you.

I want you to know – 

No matter which limiting belief you’re experiencing, whether it’s around growing your team, your income, or automating your business…

Our deep-rooted beliefs aren’t always easy to shift.

But awareness is the first step.

Now that you’re aware of these patterns that are preventing you from scaling a real estate business, you can begin to shift them. 

Do you want a deeper level of support when it comes to scaling your business to seven figures? 

Ready to uncover what’s keeping you stuck and put in the systems and strategies for predictable, automated growth?

If so, apply to join us in The Listings Lab and learn exactly how we’ve helped hundreds of agents scale to the multiple six and seven-figure mark! 

Pssst. We’ve got receipts. Read about our client success stories here!

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