What My Clients Who Are Doing 100+ Deals Per Year Are Doing Differently – Part 1

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Do you want to know what agents who consistently close over 100 deals every year do differently? 

After mentoring many of the top-producing agents through The Listings Lab and our  7-Figure Agent program, I’ve come to notice there are certain trends and patterns that almost always show up amongst our most successful members.

This blog series is going to be a 2-part series. If you’d rather consume this content in podcast format, check out The Listings Lab Podcast. 

In this post, we’re going to be tackling the characteristics and traits these successful agents are displaying.

Because building a 7-figure business isn’t just about what you’re doing…it’s about who you’re committed to becoming. 

Ready to step into the mindset of a 7-figure agent?

Here we go…👇🏼

They’ve Adopted A “Launch & Learn” Mindset

Your speed of implementation is crucial if you want to do 100-200 deals a year. You have to be willing to learn something and implement it fast.

Top-performing agents aren’t the ones who sit around, fiddling with things, waiting for them to be “perfect”. As I always say, perfectionism is just procrastination in a cuter outfit. 

When you always wait until you feel 100% ready, you’re always going to be behind.

Adopting a “launch & learn” mindset means you’re able to launch something quickly, get valuable data and feedback, and then improve it from there! 

Allow yourself to cultivate a mindset of experimentation. To be a good marketer, you almost have to be a scientist.

You ‘hypothesize’ what you THINK will work, go out and test it, and then learn from your findings!

Your goal is to gather data.

Let me give you an example from my own business.

I still have ad campaigns running from when I was a lot younger, thinner, and blonde.

A lot of people wonder why I don’t turn them off.

The reality is, that the choices I make about my advertising campaigns have little to do with my own looks. They have to do with the data. If those campaigns are converting at a high rate, why would I turn them off?

One day those ads WILL stop working, and you’ll see a bunch of new ads pop up. Some of them will perform well, and others will perform terribly.

It’s never about what ads I personally like best. I listen to what the data tells me, always.

To channel this high-performing mindset, remember:

  • Perfectionism is just procrastination in a cuter outfit
  • To sell 100+ deals a year, you must learn to move FAST
  • Channel your inner scientist and get obsessed with data

Which brings us to trait #2…👇🏼

Big Goals Don’t Scare Them

Big, lofty goals excite high-performing agents instead of overwhelming them. “Staying Realistic” is not in their vocabulary. 

They set massive targets – yet approach them with a sense of non-attachment. If they hit them, great, if not, they’ve got more work to do! They know there’s always next quarter to inch closer to their lofty goals.

Mediocre objectives don’t ignite passion or drive innovation. The top producers I know thrill at the chase of a giant number, whether or not everything perfectly aligns to hit it.

Once you start having big unrealistic expectations of yourself, it’ll completely change how you make decisions in your business. 

They Take Extreme Ownership

7-figure agents don’t waste time blaming the market, economy, interest rates, or other external factors. 

They assume full responsibility for all outcomes related to their business. 

They’re going to do the work.
They’re going to do the hard things.
They’re going to put themselves out there.

This isn’t about hustling for a million hours a day. It’s about not making excuses. It’s about dialing in on the results you want and not letting anything else get in the way.

Their Goals Matter More Than Self-Preservation 

Agents doing 100+ deals a year have conquered their insecurities. They allow their GOALS to be more important than their fears. 

I’m approaching 40, and I’m going to use myself as an example here. How many women do you know that will openly discuss their weight on a podcast or video? Not a lot. But for me, I’ve been able to be candid about weight gain – and people have appreciated my vulnerability. 

10 years ago though?

I would have had so much shame and insecurity. I would have never imagined being able to speak openly about weight on a podcast, let alone speak on stages in front of thousands when I thought I wasn’t at my ideal weight.

I know that my appearance has nothing to do with my impact and mission. But when I was younger, self-preservation would have held me back from half the things I’ve done in the past few years. 

Back then I refused to pursue things I wasn’t instantly adept at. I protected my image at all costs. These days, I’m willing to be bad at something new if it moves me towards a bigger goal. I know that letting yourself be a beginner is the only path to eventual mastery.

The high achievers I mentor have cultivated this same mentality. Whether it’s an uncomfortable sales conversation, a new marketing channel, or delegating tasks that felt too precious to hand off – they lean into discomfort.

Growth lives outside of your comfort zone. Removing insecurity and resistance is key if you want to make your big goals happen. Top producers know implementation must come before perfection. 

Putting these principles into practice will require courage and commitment. Stepping into discomfort and battling insecurity won’t feel natural at first.

But expanding your identity and rewiring your mindset is the only route to 7-figures. Playing small serves no one.

I urge you to pick 1-2 mindset shifts from this post to focus on over the next 90 days.

Choose to launch something before it feels fully ready. Set an outrageous next-quarter income goal. Have an awkward business conversation you’ve avoided. Rip off the self-preservation bandaid.

Let this be the year you finally give your goals the green light over your fears. 

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