What My Clients Who Are Doing 100+ Deals Per Year Are Doing Differently – Part 2

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Have you ever wondered what separates an average 6-figure real estate agent from those hitting the 7-figure mark?

Then you’re in the right place.

This is part two in my series, What My Clients Who Are Doing 100+ Deals Per Year Are Doing Differently.

In part one, we covered how these top-performing agents think differently – and the mindset habits they’ve cultivated to grow and scale. 

Check out the first part of this series on mindset here. 

In part two, we’re focusing more on the biggest shifts they’ve made in their marketing to double, triple, and even quadruple their growth to fill their lead pipeline. 

So without further ado, let’s get into the biggest shifts our top-performing members of The Listings Lab made to hit 100+ deals per year!

Shift 1: They Prioritized The Customer Journey 

My most successful members have a deep understanding of the customer journey. They know how to skillfully move someone from a cold, to warm to hot lead.

Most agents don’t know how to do this.

Despite the importance of mastering the customer journey and speaking to leads in all stages, most agents focus solely on the narrow segment—approximately 3%—of leads that are immediately ready to buy.

They post overly sales-y content targeting the people in their audience who are already ready to sell or buy. But in reality, that shouldn’t be your main focus.


Well, here’s an analogy I like to share to explain it.

Targeting leads who are already ready to buy or sell is like going on a dating site for married people. Let me explain 👇🏼

If they’re that close to being ready to transact, they’re most likely already in talks with other agents. 

These leads are the least loyal. This is when you have situations where people are considering their options. You might spend hours engaging with them, even delivering a listing presentation…but ultimately, they end up going with someone else. 

It’s not that “online leads suck!” as so many people tell me. It’s that you haven’t learned how to nurture people online to take them from strangers into clients.

When you learn how to skillfully create content for the buyer’s journey, loyalty becomes a non-issue. Your ideal clients KNOW you are the agent for them. You’re the only choice.

They’re a much higher caliber of client because they’ve been with you since the beginning and have already bought into your signature system or method.

The key to converting more of your audience online is to recognize the different needs and approaches required at each stage of the lead’s journey.

For cold leads, the goal is to capture their attention; for warm leads, it’s about nurturing that interest, and for hot leads, the goal is to convert their interest into action – for example booking a call or reaching out in the DMs.

This requires a strategic content plan that resonates with leads at each stage. When you do this, you move beyond a generic “call me for your real estate needs” to offering value that builds the relationship over time.

I’ve got a blog post if you want to learn more about how to leverage the customer journey in your real estate marketing.

Optimizing Your Profile For A Great First Impression

For a moment, I want you to put yourself in the shoes of your ideal client…

If YOU landed on your profile, would you want to follow yourself?

Be honest!

You only have a few seconds to grab the attention of your ideal client and gain that follow. Your first impression is pivotal.

Have you ever encountered someone who gave you a negative initial impression, making it difficult to change your perception of them later on?

It’s the same on social media. First impressions stick.

Think of your online presence as a physical storefront. It should catch the eye of your ideal client and entice people to enter. 

Does it stand out to your ideal client? Or does it blend in with every other agent’s profile?

So many factors influence your online presence, but here are a few:

Non-verbal cues: such as posture, facial expressions, and even the tone of your content. These elements convey confidence, passion, and authenticity, which are key to forming a connection with your audience.

Visuals: Is your profile plastered with boring headshots and corporate logos? Or are your visuals driving intrigue and human connection? Think videos, and more authentic, in-the-moment photos. Capture moments from your everyday life and share them with text as Instagram reels. 

Emotions: Does your profile elicit an emotional response? As humans, we’re looking to experience awe, shock, wonder, and delight. Ask yourself – is my profile doing a good job of evoking one or more of these emotions, or is it blending in with the noise? 

If your profile feels uninspiring or does not truly represent who YOU are as a human (not just an agent), potential clients are going to scroll on by.

Your Instagram bio is a key part of your first impression.

Here’s a post that dives into 5 things you must include in your Instagram bio as a real estate agent to attract more ideal clients! 

They Find The Right Balance Between Authority and Vulnerability

The most successful agents I know understand how to walk that fine line between showcasing their authority and embracing vulnerability.

Being an authority in the real estate world doesn’t mean wielding power over others. Rather, it’s about being the trusted expert whose advice and insights are sought after because they’ve shown, time and time again, that they’re worthy of that trust.

It’s not about slapping on the label “expert” and automatically gaining trust with your audience. 

It’s your actions, and your willingness to share not just the wins but also the real, raw journey that gets you that respect. They open up about their hard or rocky times, but rather than complaining or commiserating, they do so to share a valuable takeaway or lesson with their audience.

They follow the golden rule when it comes to sharing vulnerable moments… Don’t talk about your mess until you’ve cleaned it up. 

And let’s talk about time. These top agents respect it like gold. No rambling live streams or jargon-filled posts that need a dictionary to decipher them. They keep it clear, concise, and readable, because who has the time to decode complex real estate lingo?

Consistency is their middle name. They’re not popping in and out of your feed sporadically. Instead, they’re there, day in, day out, providing value, building that trust brick by brick. 

They Embrace Polarizing And Belief-Shifting Content

Here’s another reason my 100+ deal-closing members are standing out from the average agent…

They aren’t afraid to share their REAL opinions online. 

So often, we’re told it’s “dangerous” to get too controversial in our content. After all, we don’t want to scare away potential clients, do we?

But what if by trying to be palatable to the masses, we’re actually repelling the people that are truly meant to work with us?

Bold leaders in real estate aren’t afraid to share their opinions that might differ from the norm. This polarizing content helps them stand out because they’re daring to go against the grain. Even topics like politics or religion, typically considered “off-limits”, might be able to be worked into your content plan if done strategically.

This isn’t about being polarizing for the sake of attention – it’s about fostering a deeper connection with their community by showing they’re more than just their listings. They’re humans with opinions, insights, and, yes, even a few controversial takes.

In a world where everyone seems to be echoing each other, having the courage to voice your distinct opinions sets you apart.

The journey to 100+ deals a year isn’t about strategy and numbers…

It’s about stepping into the identity of a true leader, one who’s not afraid to be bold in their perspectives and approach.

It’s about understanding that you’re not just an agent – you’re a marketer, and you need to have a deep understanding of the customer journey and strategic content that engages your leads at different touchpoints. 

It’s about making sure you’re nurturing people at every point in their journey, from the moment they land on your profile up until they sign on the dotted line. 

Are YOU ready to sign your next 100 deals off social media?

Then apply here to book a call with our team, and let’s discuss how The Listings Lab will help you get there with our proven curriculum, next-level mentorship, and a community where you can connect with fellow like-minded real estate trailblazers.

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