5 Expert Tips On How To Grow A Real Estate Business, Sustainably

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So you want to know how to grow a real estate business…WITHOUT spending all day on the phone or chained to your laptop?

I got you.

The booked-and-busy, always hustling agent life is canceled. 

Making more money in real estate does not mean putting in more hours.

It means getting strategic and stepping into your role as a real estate CEO.

Read on to get expert tips on how to scale your real estate business sustainably. 

Be Careful Who You Take Advice From

The real estate industry has changed massively over the past 5-10 years.

A lot of the traditional real estate advice out there is not modern. Many of these real estate gurus are people who were successful in the past.

They built their businesses in the seventies, the eighties, and the nineties. They operated in a completely different world. 

The people who are preaching cold-calling and door-knocking built their businesses pre-internet, and a lot of the tactics they dish out are very old school. 

And not to mention, they’re unscalable and exhausting. Relying on these tactics may result in a serious case of realtor burnout. 

I still remember when I first got my real estate license and I got this big gray pager. 

I was so proud of it…I thought it was the coolest thing in the world. 

And now if I pulled out a giant gray pager, you’d look at me like a crazy woman. 

Nowadays, we all have computers in our pockets. We’re constantly on the internet.

So why are we still adhering to marketing strategies that were used in 1985?

We NEED to be able to look at the time we’re in and think critically about how people consume information. 

I’ve even heard brokers tell their agents’ that social media doesn’t work. And I think to myself “Seriously, where do you think the majority of people are spending all of their free time?”

It’s not that it doesn’t work. It’s that they don’t know how to use it. 

And rather than admit they don’t know what they’re doing, they’re dismissing it altogether.

So before you go ahead and listen to someone’s advice on how to grow a real estate business, make sure it’s timely.

Get Out Of Hustle Mode 

Let me ask you a question.

Are you building a business that will serve you for years to come?

Or are you just chasing the next deal?

Most agents are constantly just looking for that next deal.

And so what happens is you find yourself in this perpetual chase mode. 

Building a business that offers unlimited scalability means you need to expand intentionally. You need to have a clear vision for how to grow your real estate business rather than just react to opportunities.

Because at the end of the day, people get into real estate for three main reasons.

  • Unlimited income
  • Freedom to set your own schedule
  • And to help people

And the reality is, that most agents don’t have the first two. 

If you want to achieve unlimited income and freedom, you have to be intentional about how you set your business up from the beginning. 

Overcome the mindset blocks preventing you from scaling a real estate business.Ditch the unscalable lead gen tactics and commit to real estate marketing.

And put in the work to craft a real estate sales funnel that attracts qualified prospects on autopilot. 

There’s a better way when it comes to how to grow a real estate business!

Prioritize Team Growth

When we first started The Listings Lab, it was just Yves and I. And let me tell you…it was a LOT of work. 

The Listings Lab Blog Image - How To Grow A Real Estate Business

But almost immediately, we hired our very first employee, Ashley. 

Now? She’s our COO.

From the time we hired her, the business has grown leaps and bounds. Our model has evolved. And our team growth has exploded.

Now, as the CEO, I’m quite far removed from the day-to-day operations, and I focus more on the overall business vision. 

The bottom line is that you can’t stay a lone wolf in business. I tried that for a while, and it was plain miserable. 

Sooner or later, you need to learn how to build a real estate team so you can get out from under your mountain of work – and start focusing on higher-level business strategy.

The sooner you can learn how to delegate, the sooner you’ll be able to build a high-performing team as a real estate team leader. 

Allow Your Business to Grow & Evolve

Here’s something you need to know when it comes to growing a real estate business…

It never quite goes to plan. It’s trial and error, and it’s ALWAYS going to be evolving.

In fact, there was a time where The Listings Lab was more expensive than it is now.

But when we figured out how to make things more efficient on our end, we passed those savings on to the members.

There were plenty of other things that shifted. Within a year of business, we completely changed our business model.

Because we’re constantly thinking, how can we make this better? 

And in my opinion…that’s what makes business fun!

There’s no business where you get to a certain level and then you’re done. 

If you want to grow a profitable, sustainable business that sticks around for the long term…you have to fall in love with problem-solving. 

You’re going to get new problems as you grow and scale your business, but there will always be problems. 

Don’t let them wear you down. Instead, start to think of them as fun challenges – as puzzles to be solved. 

Prioritize Client Satisfaction Above All Else

If you want to learn how to sustainably grow your real estate business, you learn to do it strategically and SLOWLY.

One of the worst things you can do is scale too fast and without a plan.


Because your clients will end up feeling the effects of your growth. 

When we expanded The Listings Lab, my number one priority was that our members never felt us scaling.

I’ve been in programs and had coaches that made me feel like I was a victim of their scaling.

And I really wanted to make sure that our members didn’t feel that way. 

The way we avoided this was by making sure that we hired the team members and set up the systems to handle a lot more people BEFORE we enrolled those people. Not after. 

We committed to making space before we needed the space.

This allowed us to continue to grow without our service ever becoming an issue. Member satisfaction remained at an all-time high because our members always felt like they were a priority to us. 

Growth should not come at the cost of client satisfaction.

Growth should not come at the cost of your mental health.

And growth should not come at the expense of time with your family and friends!

If you’re ready to drop the real estate hustle and learn how to grow a real estate business that offers you true freedom…download The Listings Lab Method Guide!

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