Secrets For How To Get More Listings (Without Putting In More Hours)

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It’s the question on every agent’s mind…

How can I get more listings? 

You can read about all sorts of methods, but the reality is, most of them have a ceiling.

Sure, cold-calling and manual prospecting might get you to six figures, but will it get you to seven? 

What got you here won’t get you there. 

If you’ve hit the 6-figure mark and you’re ready to scale to the multi-six or seven-figure mark, you have to approach marketing your real estate business in a completely new way. 

Read on to learn more about how millionaire real estate agents approach things differently in order to increase their success with listings.  

Consider Scalability, Always 

A lot of the time, six-figure agents think that if they want to get to seven figures, they just need to work harder. They just need to do more of what they’re doing right now.

But this is very untrue. 

Getting to the next level in your real estate business isn’t about doing more of what you’re currently doing. 

It’s about doing LESS.

It’s about being strategic and only focusing your efforts on things that are truly scalable. 

Any time I’m making any decision in my business, I ask myself two things:

  1. Is it unlimitedly scalable?
  2. Do I enjoy it?

If the answer is no to either of those things, it’s not happening.

I don’t add anything to my plate that isn’t required for growth and doesn’t bring me joy or fulfillment.

At the end of the day, you’re building YOUR business. 

So often, people will build their businesses off of a bunch of stuff that they *think* is necessary, or because someone told them they *should* do it.

But when you dig deeper, you realize that a lot of these shoulds aren’t adding to your bottom line. And they’re wasting your energy. 

Your energy is everything as a CEO, so don’t waste it by building a business that you hate. 

Switch To A 1-1: Many Model 

Let’s say your main strategy for getting more listings has been prospecting and referrals.

Sure, you might post a social media post here or there – but for the most part, your business is built around you hunting for clients and word of mouth.

If this is ringing true for you, let me ask you a question…

If you wanted to DOUBLE your business this year, would you be able to DOUBLE your sales and marketing efforts?If your current strategy is prospecting and spending three hours a day manually calling people – do you have six hours a day to get double the number of leads?

While on top of that, still having enough time, bandwidth, and energy to be able to handle twice as many clients?

99% of the time, the answer will be no.

So what’s the solution? 

You have to switch from building your business on a 1:1 model to a 1:many model.

Back in the day, the only way to do a 1:many model was to host a seminar.

But nowadays, with the internet and social media platforms, it’s easier than ever to implement a 1:many model in your real estate business.

Manual tactics will only get you so far. If you want to truly learn how to get more listings without working more hours, you *need* to start leveraging your time by implementing 1:many marketing strategies. 

Be Ruthless With Your Focus

One of the biggest productivity killers in your real estate business is split focus.

If you want to increase your success with listings, you have to go all in. 

All in on one strategy.

All in on one avatar. 

All in on one offer.

Experts stay in their lane rather than getting caught up in shiny object syndrome.

Become A Master in Human Psychology

Human psychology drives absolutely everything you’re doing in business. 

And if you’ve been successful in real estate up until this point, you probably already have skills in this area. 

You know how to talk to people. You know how to listen deeply to their needs. You’ve essentially played the role of therapist to hundreds of people.

(Because let’s be real, buying or selling your home is one of the most stressful and emotional experiences your client may have in their lifetime).

But for some reason, when it comes to applying that same human psychology to their real estate marketing, a lot of agents put blinders on and forget how much they really know.

Do you want to start leveraging human psychology in your marketing?

Read this post about the nine cognitive biases in marketing agents can leverage to start getting more listings. 

Nail Your Content Marketing Strategy 

Building a real estate business that brings in consistent leads isn’t just about being a good agent.

It’s about being a good marketer.

And one of the best ways you can practice doing that is to nail down your content strategy.

This doesn’t have to be difficult.

In fact, there’s a good chance you’re probably overcomplicating your real estate content marketing strategy.

When people tell me, “I’ve run out of content ideas!” 

The problem is often their perspective.

Because when you begin filtering your life through a content marketing perspective, you realize – everything is content.

Every time you see a client, meet a prospect, or get on a call with someone and they ask you a question…that can become a piece of content. 

The answers to these questions will help you fill your authority content bucket. 

Next, get out a pen and paper and do a brain dump of your entire life.

I mean it!

  • Where you were born?
  • What’s your family like?
  • What’s your favorite childhood memory

Write it all out, in chronological order, in point form.

Just from doing that one exercise alone, you could probably create hundreds of posts to fill your personal content bucket. 

Next, you want to gather up all of your case studies, testimonials, and PR to make up your social proof content bucket. 

If you don’t have PR yet – that’s okay (but it’s definitely something to work towards because it can contribute to explosive growth in your business!).

Maybe you don’t even have a ton of testimonials – you’ve been forgetting to get them from clients. 

But what you do have is deals.

Say, for example, you’ve done 80 transactions in your career. 

Every single deal that you have ever done has a story. 

And those stories can become case studies. 

When you start looking at your content like this, you realize it’s actually incredibly easy to come up with content ideas.

If you want a more in-depth guide to these content types, be sure to check out our detailed post on the three types of real estate content for social media. 

When it really comes down to it, more hustling is not what’s going to get you to seven figures. 

It doesn’t matter how hard you grind.

Believing that you have to work yourself to the bone to find success is an incredibly old-school mentality. 

Learning how to get more listings does not come down to figuring out how to pack more hours into your schedule. 

It comes down to working smarter, not harder.

To creating an audience and building a business based on 1:many.

To leveraging human psychology and content marketing to start having leads reach out  to you – rather than you having to hunt them down. 

Ready to build a scalable real estate business so you can get more listings without putting in more hours?

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