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10x Thinking For Agents: How To 10x Your Mindset To 10x Your Growth

If you feel stuck at a certain income level in your real estate business year after year, it likely means you need an entirely new framework to break through to the next level. As I always say, “What got you here, won’t get you there!”

Exponential growth requires exponential thinking. In this post, I’ll share my formula for 10x thinking so you can completely transform your mindset and accelerate your income.

The 10x Framework

If you want to 10x your business, the key is to continuously increase the quality and decrease the quantity of everything you do. Counterintuitively, in order to go ten times bigger, you actually have to do fewer things.

It’s about defining and choosing your own minimum standards, then progressively raising them over time. I like to use bank accounts to illustrate this idea.

Everyone has a number that when you hit it, you feel safe financially. And on the other side of the coin, everyone also has a panic number that motivates you to hustle until you surpass it.

For example, let’s say your average monthly income is $10k. When you hit those $12k months, you feel safe. But when your monthly balance drops to $8k, you scramble to get more business.

No matter your success level, you ride this rollercoaster between two financial milestone numbers. Your goal is to raise both thresholds over time, so your new normal involves bigger projects and income.

There are five big shifts for activating 10x thinking in your business:

1. Think Exponentially

10xing your business is a completely different ballgame than doubling your business.

Recently, I did an exercise with a friend where we wrote out ideas to solve a business challenge.

Our goal was to approach a specific challenge in our business from different angles.

We got out our post-it notes, sat down, and thought about how we would solve the problem if we wanted to double our business revenue over the next 12 months.

We wrote down dozens of potential solutions and ideas.

We then asked ourselves the question, “What would the solution look like if we wanted to 10x our business revenue over the next year?” 

Suddenly, the answer was crystal clear. The 2x ideas were small tweaks and manual tactics. But when forced to come up with  10x ideas, we both arrived at only one solution: completely changing the fundamental business model.

10x thinking will allow you to arrive at solutions you’d never even consider, ones that force you out of your current mode of thinking.

Thinking exponentially unlocks a whole other level. 

2. Preparing for 10X Growth

A crucial aspect of 10X thinking is preparing ourselves and our businesses for the growth we desire. It’s not enough to wish for a hundred new deals if, in reality, you can only handle ten.

Do you have the necessary infrastructure and delivery mechanisms in place to support your goals? If not, it’s time to start building.

3. Embrace the Uncompetitive Space

In the real estate industry, everyone competes at the same level, trying to run faster on the same hamster wheel. But there’s far less competition when you set radically bigger goals than your peers.

Detach from the middle-of-the-pack mentality to enter the wide-open possibilities of the top.

If you aim for 10x while others shoot for 10% growth, you will stand out against the competition.

4. Ruthlessly Eliminate Task Switching

Non-stop task switching annihilates productivity. 

Batch your tasks, limit distractions, and obsessively prioritize your most important money-making projects. Checking your email 100 times kills 10x growth, while deep focus fuels it.

The best part? Achieving a 10x income doesn’t require you to be 10x better at everything. You just need to be 10-20% better in your unique zone of genius. 

5. Ask 10x Questions

One of the best ways to start activating 10x thinking is through the power of 10x questions.

For example:  “What would need to happen to 10x my best year’s GCI?”

 Train your brain to start thinking 10x by asking bold questions:

  • What if I flipped 100 homes a year through a renovation team?
  • How could I sell $500 million in commercial real estate?

These “impossible” questions unlock a new level of creativity, possibility, and vision.

To end this post, here’s a simple exercise you can do to accelerate your 10x growth.

Write yourself a dream cheque for 10x your best year ever OR your highest commission. Place it somewhere visible, even as your phone’s lock screen. (If you don’t have a checkbook, pretend you’re sending yourself a bank transfer of that number and take a screenshot!). 

Use this wild goal as a guide for your daily decisions and habits. Review it constantly as a reminder of the exponential success you’re creating, no matter how improbable it seems in the present moment. 

Your capacity for greatness is far higher than you realize. Past income milestones once seemed impossible too. The sole barrier between present reality and 10xing your business is your own limiting beliefs.

Remember …you have permission to think exponentially bigger.

It’s time to define and systematically raise your minimum standards across the board.

So write down that audacious number, choose the 20% income-producing activities you’ll focus on to fuel your growth, and then detach from scarcity to create your 7-figure real estate business.

Now you understand the core principles of 10x thinking. But growth happens through action, not theory.

The Listings Lab provides the perfect environment to activate 10x growth as a real estate agent. Within our flagship program, you’ll receive:

🔥 A proven framework for predictably generating highly qualified inbound leads. This fuels exponential growth without hustling or sacrificing freedom.

🔥 Permission and support to think exponentially bigger. Surround yourself with other ambitious agents who normalize  10x thinking.

🔥 Tailored mentorship for putting 10x concepts like dominating your niche and creating relationships at scale into practice. 

The Listings Lab is the easiest way to scale your business to seven figures without the hustle or old-school salesy tactics. Implementing these concepts with our mentors at your side maximizes speed, accountability, and results.

Ready to 10x your real estate business?

Apply today to book a call with our team to see how we can help! 

Master Your Mindset For Real Estate: 4 Outdated Beliefs It’s Time To Let Go Of

Want to know the real secret to exponential business growth?

It’s not working harder. It’s not fancy tactics. It’s not even luck or good timing.

The real key is your mindset.

I know that sounds a little woo-woo. But stay with me. Your beliefs, assumptions, and inner workings shape your reality.

I’ve seen it over and over again – two agents with the same strategies and opportunities. One crushes it because of their mindset. The other struggles because of the stories they tell themselves.

Why is Mindset So Important In Real Estate?

Mindset is so much more than just thinking positive thoughts and listening to inspirational podcasts.

Your mindset affects everything. It shapes your vision, determines your results in business, and even affects the quality of your relationships. 

The way I see it, success is the total sum of all your beliefs – the result of all the small decisions you took along the way, stacked up to guide you toward your goals. 

Your mindset determines the difference between stagnation and exponential growth. Between overwhelm and fulfillment. Between burnout and freedom.

In this post, I’ll be going over some of the limiting mindsets that could be holding you back.

4 Outdated Beliefs You Need To Ditch To Level-Up Your Mindset In Real Estate

We’ve all been conditioned with limiting beliefs about what it takes to succeed in real estate. It’s time to expose the disempowering lies you’ve been sold. In this post, I’ll be going over some mindset myths that are sabotaging your potential so you can become the leader you’re meant to be. 

Outdated Belief #1: Success = Suffering 

Hard work, immense suffering, and sacrifice are just the price to pay for being successful in real estate, right?


I’m not saying that there won’t be challenges or stressful periods. But when this stress becomes continuous with no end in sight, that’s when it turns into burnout. 

The belief that you need to live, eat, and breathe work or you’ll never “win” is a mindset that runs rampant in real estate.

Even Gary Vee, who was all about crushing it, has changed his messaging on hustling over the last couple of years. 

Hustle culture has created an entire generation of unhappy people who are burnt out, and exhausted and have fallen out of love with their work.

Agents are limiting their growth, thinking they need to “stay small” because they don’t want to have to choose between achieving business goals and watching their kid’s soccer match.

But what if you didn’t have to choose?

What if you could build a bigger business that not only fulfills your potential but also has a more significant impact?

What if bigger didn’t = busier, but actually opened up more time, space, and energy for the other important priorities in your life?

It’s not a pipedream, it’s possible with the right strategies. 

Outdated Belief #2: Other People Are Just Lucky 

On the other hand, some believe that successful people who don’t seem to work very hard, got there by luck.

Maybe John won the lottery, inherited a whole bunch of money, or just got lucky with that deal.

However, what they don’t see, is what may appear as luck is actually the result of a series of strategic decisions. 

For instance, I knew five years ago that I wanted to live in the Bahamas. 

Every decision I made was weighed up against whether it would bring me closer or further away from that goal. 

It had nothing to do with luck. Just a strategic decision-making mindset.

Outdated Belief #3: I’m A Victim To My Circumstances

When you’re stuck in victim mode, you wait for a “savior” to solve your problems and improve your circumstances. 

But here’s the truth – while situations happen to you, you also play a major role in creating them.

The way you choose to view challenges shapes your reality. Your mindset and your response determine your results.

Blaming the economy, market, or other agents only keeps you feeling helpless. But, taking extreme ownership and control over your mindset gives you your power back. Victimhood disempowers – a creator mindset is the game changer.

Outdated Belief #4: If I Set Bigger Goals, I’ll Have To Work Harder To Meet Them

Here’s a limiting belief that’s straight-up false – bigger goals do NOT require more hustle and grind. In fact, 10xing your business growth is often easier than doubling it.

Trying to 2x your business just by doing more of the same activities is never the answer. It’s brute effort without transformation.

But 10x thinking requires changing your entire model and framework. When you aim for a 10x goal, your solution becomes simpler – because you’re forced to change the game.

Plus, there’s less competition at the top. Everyone is trying to compete for the same small wins. We need to leave the 2x thinking behind because there are very few people operating at 10x levels.

The bottom line is that your mindset sets the ceiling for what’s possible. Outdated beliefs about struggle and sacrifice will keep you stuck playing small. But when you shatter these illusions, you pave the way for exponential growth.

Success doesn’t require ridiculous hustle or brilliance. It requires clarity of vision, commitment to your goals, and continuous tiny improvements. Your mindset shapes your actions, which then shape your outcomes. When you upgrade your beliefs, upgrade your business.

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Why You Aren’t Hitting Your Real Estate Goals: Avoid These 5 Mistakes

Do you feel like you try to set real estate goals, but you rarely see them through? If you’re tired of feeling like goal-setting is a fruitless exercise, I wrote this post for you.

I constantly see agents sabotage their goal-setting efforts by making these common mistakes. Without proper goals, you’ll drift through your days reactionarily instead of intentionally. Your motivation will fizzle and your business will plateau.

In this post, I’ll dive into the 6 biggest goal-setting mistakes I see agents make along with tips to course correct. Remember, goals shouldn’t just be something you write in your planner only to never see the light of day. I want you to turn them into reality.

Ready to find out where you might be going wrong with your real estate goals? Let’s go!

Mistake 1: Setting Too Many Goals

It’s incredibly tempting to create an extensive laundry list of everything you want to accomplish in the coming months. It’s easy to get caught up thinking about all of the possibilities.

But here’s the thing…

Setting too many goals spreads your focus too thin. Suddenly you’re working towards 20 different things – and mastering none. If you make everything important, then nothing is important.

Instead, identify your 3-5 biggest priorities so you can keep your efforts focused. Resist the urge to overload your plate. Less is more when it comes to making your real estate goals happen!

Mistake 2: No Defined Timelines

Without a defined deadline for achieving your goals, they can easily become open-ended and lose urgency, leading to procrastination. Or even worse – abandonment altogether.

Any goals you set must have a clearly defined timeline. 

Vague timelines like “I’ll work towards this over the next year” just won’t cut it. 

Pretty soon, the year ends and you realize you’ve made no progress toward the goal you deemed so important just months prior.

Instead, get ultra-specific with when you want to achieve your goal. Set specific dates for when the goals are due. 

Your deadlines should stretch you a little bit and create a sense of urgency. Don’t allow goals to linger indefinitely. A deadline lights a fire!

Mistake 3: Lacking Accountability

Every goal needs an owner. 

If you are a real estate team leader, you need to make it clear WHO on your team is responsible for making the goal happen. 

This creates personal accountability. It’s possible that you might also be the owner of the goal – if this is the case, still write it down.

Deadline: [Your Deadline Here]

Owner: [Your Name Here, CEO]

Everybody on your team, including yourself, should have clear objectives they’re working towards. This way, you can easily review your progress on your goals in weekly meetings. 

Create a team culture where everyone keeps the team accountable for their goals! 

Mistake 4: Unrealistic Targets

In my experience, it’s incredibly easy to set overly ambitious, lofty goals.

This is the biggest trap people fall into. Be deeply honest with yourself about what is feasible given your business’s stage. 

This is not to discourage you from dreaming big. But if you’re at $50k/year, work on hitting the 6-figure mark before trying to leap to seven. 

Trying to leap after targets that are too far off is only going to burn you out. Take it one step at a time, get some wins under your belt, and then get ready for the next level.

This is what will keep your goal-setting sustainable. 

Mistake 5: Lacking a Clear “Why”

I’ve learned this lesson the hard way.

A desire for money alone will not get you out of bed every morning to work on your business.

Your goal can’t JUST be about a revenue milestone. It needs to hold purpose and meaning. How is this specific goal going to get you closer to your ultimate vision?

After all, If you’re not clear about where your ship is going, how do you expect to steer it?

Instead, clearly connect each goal back to your core values and purpose. Let your “why” power you through obstacles. Make sure your big audacious goals aren’t pulled from thin air but instead are tied to what matters most.

I don’t want these goal-setting mistakes to derail your progress.

By taking extra time to work on goal-setting upfront, you’ll be able to make sure your goals aren’t just dreams but tangible, achievable milestones. 

And if you’re looking for a proven roadmap to help you hit your real estate goals, apply to join us in The Listings Lab. 

You’ll get the step-by-step, proven strategies and systems you need to dominate your marketplace in 90 days.

Apply HERE to book a call with our team and see if the program is right for you. 

6 Signs A Scarcity Mindset Might Be Sabotaging Your Real Estate Business Growth

As a real estate agent, it’s easy to fall into a scarcity mindset – the belief that there’s just not enough to go around. Not enough listings, not enough leads, not enough money. This type of mindset can severely limit your potential for growth and success.

The truth is, that opportunity is abundant in real estate once you know how to build marketing systems to attract clients. By shifting to an abundance mindset, you’ll create unlimited possibilities in your business and life. In this post, we’ll explore the telltale signs of how a scarcity mindset is showing up in your real estate business. And we’ll give you a reframe so you can cultivate a mindset of abundance and attract endless opportunities!

6 Signs You Have A Scarcity Mindset As A Real Estate Agent 

If you read through this list and some of these sound familiar, there’s a good chance you need to work on your mindset! 

You feel like you’re in competition with other agents.

You believe you have to compete with other agents to win listings. You see other agents as competition rather than collaborators. This mindset can lead to underhanded tactics just to get an edge.

How to shift to abundance: Understand there are endless opportunities and ideal clients for those who lead with value. View other agents as potential partners, not threats.

You panic every time you miss a call or respond a couple of days late. 

This used to be big for me. I can still hear my brokerage in my ear telling me, “Every missed call represents $10,000 in lost revenue”. It took me a while to break free from this mindset and remind myself that opportunities are limitless when you know how to attract clients.

How to shift to abundance: Let go of the myth that opportunities are limited. Have faith that you’ll attract ideal clients by consistently providing value and showing up as your authentic self. Any client who expects you to work around the clock and be at their beck and call is not a client you want, anyway.

You find yourself sacrificing your personal and family time for clients and leads. 

This stems from the belief that clients and leads are hard to come by, so you must drop everything for them. You think, “If I don’t get this lead now, who knows when the next one will show up?”. It’s that kind of thinking that has you walking out on your daughter’s dance recital to negotiate a deal. 

How to shift to abundance: Schedule non-negotiable personal time, trusting your marketing will continually attract ideal clients. Delegate tasks to give you the freedom to fully recharge.

You’re working with anyone and everyone. 

You work with anyone and everyone, afraid to niche down and “limit” your client pool. You’re desperate to take ANY client on, so you work with clients who aren’t a good fit because you need the money.

How to shift to abundance: Stop focusing on short-term money and start focusing on the long-term vision for your business. Recognize that working with anyone who will hire you is sabotaging your ability to build a premium brand that attracts clients on autopilot. Focus on who you can help best, and speak to that person and that person only.

You blame your clients or the market for your lack of success. 

If you’re constantly telling yourself things like, “The market is terrible” or “My clients are cheap” – you’ll create those things in your external reality. 

How to shift to abundance: Take full responsibility for the results you create in your business. Look for evidence of what your mindset is telling you is unachievable. For example, even if your market is slow, there ARE agents in your market who are succeeding. How can you focus on being the exception rather than blaming your circumstances? 

You’re doing EVERYTHING yourself. 

Even though you could pay a virtual assistant $15/hour to do your admin tasks, you believe resources are limited so you hold on to your money so tightly and continue to DIY everything. 

How to shift to abundance: You recognize that hiring support isn’t a sunk cost, it’s an investment. You know that when you free up time and energy there are endless opportunities to be seized, and you feel immense gratitude for your team members who allow you to be in your zone of genius

At the end of the day, your mindset determines your reality. Operating from scarcity produces more scarcity – but embracing abundance enables exponential growth.

This mental shift is challenging, but trust me, it’s well worth it. When you let go of your scarcity mindset and limiting behaviors, you’ll be amazed at the opportunities, clients, and success that flow your way.

Focus on delivering consistent value, innovating in your niche, and serving your ideal clients. Know that in the real estate industry, there’s more than enough success to go around. Your abundance is waiting – you simply need to claim it!

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How Real Estate Events Can Be The Game-Changer Your Business Needs

Have you considered attending a real estate event or retreat, but you’re not sure if it’s right for you?

If so, I want to introduce you to Aimee – a successful member of our 7-Figure Agent Collective program who’s been to multiple events that I host.

Aimee just can’t get enough of our retreats and events. She’s been to multiple of our “Palm Trees & Playbooks” retreats that we hold in The Bahamas as well as The Listings Lab Live. 

If you’ve been eyeing our events, you might want to hear from Aimee about why our real estate events are different.

Here’s what she had to say.

Not Your Average Real Estate Coaching Event 

Aimee’s not new to the real estate world – she’s been in the industry for 15 years.

So she isn’t new to real estate coaching and events!

In the past, Aimee invested substantial money in coaching through two different brokerages.

However, the experience always felt distant and transactional.

As she put it, she “never felt a closeness or a bond with her coaches or her trainers that she paid many thousands of dollars for.”

At previous events, Aimee always felt like she was being spoken at. But at our events, she’s spoken with. 

It’s why she keeps coming back for more. She recognizes that the intimacy and camaraderie of TLL events are rare!

The Magic of Proximity

There’s nothing quite like being in a room with your mentors. It’s exactly why when I first started The Listings Lab, the first thing I did was move to L.A. for six months so I could be closer to my mentor. I wanted to soak up all of his knowledge in person in a way that I just couldn’t do on Zoom.

Aimee feels similarly. She loves the intimacy of being in a room together face-to-face.” She said the conversations reach a depth that virtual sessions can’t quite match.

Our live events aren’t your typical real estate events where 1000 agents are crammed into one room for a seminar.

Instead, they feel intimate. We laugh together, we share our struggles, and we build our visions. Our attendees leave with friends. 

Mastermind With The Right People

Our events aren’t just about the talks my team and I have lined up. Yes, there’s the value and education you get from us.

But what’s just as magical is how you get to learn from the other agents at the events.

Especially for smaller events like our Bahamas retreats, agents must apply. This means everyone who attends is a high-performing, growth-oriented agent with a ton of valuable knowledge and experience to share with the other participants.

No Gatekeeping 

We also have an ‘open book’ policy at our events. There’s absolutely no gatekeeping.

People share everything that’s working in their businesses. From systems to marketing strategies to processes. Nothing is ‘proprietary’ or kept hidden.

This means the group dynamic is one of sharing and supporting, not ego and competition.

A Little Bit Of Business, A Little Bit Of Fun

Another thing that Aimee loves about our events? We’re not all business.

Yes, there’s a ton of business development and value taking place. But we also don’t take ourselves too seriously.

We make time to laugh, to take a break from being real estate agents and entrepreneurs and just be humans. 

Whether it’s bonding over dinners in paradise or even taking a break from business to swim with piggies…we have some serious fun! 

Picture of Jess Retreat Crew Smiling at the Camera While Swimming with Pigs at the Beach | Real Estate Events | The Listings Lab

Our weekends always end with loads of inside jokes.

Real Estate Events Give You The Space To Center Your Business & Personal Growth 

Part of the reason why Aimee keeps coming back to our events is because she feels like we’ve created a space where she just gets to focus on herself. She gets to block out the noise of the every day and tune into self-development.

As a CEO, you must create this space for yourself.

Whether it’s your family, your clients, or your team… there will always be people who need something from you.

But it’s up to you to carve out time where you put your needs first.

Where you focus on your vision, not just the endless demands of the day.

You Can’t Put A Price On Transformation

While investing in these events may seem steep, Aimee feels what she gets is truly priceless.

She believes the ROI from these deep connections and conversations can’t be quantified.

Not only do you get the breakthroughs to take your business to its next level, but you become a stronger leader in the process.

It’s an opportunity to grow as both a CEO and a human being.

If you want to experience the life-changing magic of our events, there’s still time to sign up for my next event in Austin, Texas from November 13-15th.

Here’s what you need to know… 👇🏾

Dates: November 13, 14, 15, 2023

Times: ALL DAY 10am to 5pm each day

Location: Lakeway Resort and Spa

➡️ Join TLL Live In Austin Here

Don’t miss out on your chance to transform your real estate business and life. Secure your spot at The Listings Lab LIVE in Austin from November 13-15!  You’ll get a proven process to scale your business to 7-figures, without the need for a huge team or being a slave to your calendar.

But there’s only a few spots left…

After those 3 days together, you’ll walk away with a customized roadmap so you know exactly what to do to make 2024 your best year yet.

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How This Agent Embraced Her Authentic Self On Social Media (And Massively Increase Her Engagement)

Let’s be honest – most real estate marketing is dry as dust.

As agents, we mistakenly think we need to put on this uber-professional, corporate persona.

But guess what? Clients don’t want to work with a generic “realtor robot”.

They want to work with a real human being.

So if you’re struggling to capture attention and connect with your audience, listen up.

I sat down with Pam Orzan, an agent with over 20 years of experience, who went through a total marketing transformation after joining The Listings Lab.

Pam used to create polished marketing that barely got any engagement.

Now, she’s creating content that her audience is absolutely EATING up. And it’s resulting in more leads, appointments booked, and aligned clients.

Screenshot of Pam Orzan Facebook Post Inside the Listings Lab Membership Where She Says: "Just Got a Call, $2M-$3m baby! That's How We Do It In The Listings Lab!"
Here’s what you can learn from Pam’s journey when it comes to creating marketing that truly resonates 👇🏼

Marketing Mindshift

Early on in the program, Pam had a huge lightbulb moment…

One of the things we try to drill down is the mental shift from being merely an agent to a marketer. 

When she heard me say, “You’re a marketer first” – Pam totally shifted the way she approached her business. 

Before joining The Listings Lab, marketing always felt secondary to Pam. Sure, she might have been putting herself out there. But she wasn’t doing it strategically. 

Instead, she was overly focused on the logistical side of real estate – like contracts, transactions, and offers – while letting her marketing fall to the wayside.

The Listings Lab was Pam’s wake-up call…

It didn’t matter how great she was on the operational side, if she couldn’t get clients in the door, her real estate expertise would be useless. 

This shifted Pam’s whole perspective and gave her the kick in the butt to implement the marketing strategies we teach in the program! 

Get Personal

Previously, Pam would create very polished, overly professional marketing videos. 

She’d film in her office with her logo displayed prominently behind her.

Now, Pam films quick, casual videos from her couch or car. These raw, personal videos resonate so much more than the overly corporate ones she used to create – and she’s getting a ton more engagement.

For example, during the COVID-19 Pandemic, Pam reached out to her online audience with a heartfelt message from her couch, checking in with everyone saying she hoped they were holding up okay.

She didn’t worry about fancy editing techniques, or having perfect hair and makeup.

She just hit record and shared from her heart.

The result?

This simple video from Pam’s living room led to an old client reaching out saying how much he appreciated her genuineness.

Even though they hadn’t spoken in years, the client said Pam authenticity shined through –  that she was now his go-to agent when he was ready to buy in Florida.

The lesson?

Stop overthinking your content. You don’t need a script to connect with other humans. The best content is the kind that comes straight from the heart.

Embrace Humor

Think about YOUR average day on social media.

Most of the time, when you’re opening up Instagram you’re usually looking to be entertained! 

That’s why in The Listings Lab, we teach you how to craft compelling personal stories that help you connect with your audience. 

These stories don’t always have to be deep. Sometimes they can be silly, humorous, or even just relatable.

Pam watched this module and ran with it.

So while lots of agents choose to flash their lifestyle, or talk about how many deals they have on their plate – Pam decided one day to show an entirely different side of real estate. 

She told a hilarious story about showing properties on a hot day in a breezy sundress. A little girl became enamored, thinking Pam looked like Cinderella. The girl proceeded to lift Pam’s skirt up in front of everyone, including other realtors!

And guess what?

This funny, personal story drove WAY more engagement than generic real estate tips or market updates.

Find The Enjoyment In Content Creation 

Early on in the program, Pam would plan social media posts weeks in advance. She’d stress about graphics looking perfect and posts being optimized. She had a complicated spreadsheet to track everything that she’d dread filling out. 

But by trying to be overly systematized with her content, she was blocking her creative flow. 

Since joining The Listings Lab, Pam’s confidence in her marketing abilities has skyrocketed. Because of this, she no longer has to plan her posts weeks in advance or stress about having a perfectly organized content calendar.

Now, Pam’s able to find so much more inspiration – she’s always brimming with ideas. 

She’s also been able to get over her fear of not being a good enough writer. 

During one of our weekly coaching calls, Pam was explaining her block around content, telling us she didn’t think her posts were written well enough.

The advice we gave her?

Write how you talk. 

It really gets to be that simple! 

After getting support and coaching in The Listings Lab, Pam no longer worries about being a wordsmith. She speaks from the heart, shares her wisdom, and has so much more fun doing it!

She went from stressed and unsure to clear and confident – and her audience can FEEL her new, infectious energy.

The Bottom Line

If you want to create marketing that genuinely connects with clients, take Pam’s lessons to heart! Don’t be afraid to show your real self on social media and have genuine conversations. Share funny stories that give people a peek into your world.

Ditch the overly professional, corporate persona. 

Get personal and let your personality shine through in your content. Marketing is about starting real conversations, not just promoting yourself.

Want to see more success stories from past and current members of The Listings Lab?

Check out our Success Stories page filled with client testimonials or take a peek at our Client Interviews Playlist on YouTube!